PSO2: Friend Partners

With the Friend Partner system, you can convert your own character into an NPC that your friends can take you along in missions.

The Visiphone

Visiphone 450x253

  • マイショップ My Shop
  • フレンドパートナー Friend Partner
  • 自分のアークスカード編集 My Arks Card
  • アークスサーチ Arks Search [Search Players and Teams]
  • 図鑑を見る View Collection (Weapon/Unit/Story Summary)
  • プレイ実績 Gameplay Achievements
  • ランキング Ranking
  • アイテムコード Item Code
  • キャンペーンアイテム受取 Campaign Item Receipt
  • メンバー募集中チーム表示 Teams Recruiting Members

 Friend Partner Menu

  • フレンドパートナー登録 Register a Friend Partner
  • フレンドパートナー確認 Friend Partner Details


Friend Partner Manual

In the registration menu you can set your character's personality, biorhythm, and potential. Notice the three drop down menus, you can select from the list inside to set a specific character personality. Some information below are observations from the Japanese wiki.

キャラクター性 Character Traits

  • 勇者気質 Hero Spirit
  • 目立ちたがり Showoff
  • 引っ込み思案 Reserved
  • リーダーシップ Leadership
  • ドジっこ Clumsy
  • 先輩肌 Senior
  • 病弱 Weakly
  • 命知らず Recklessness / Daredevil
  • 天真爛漫 Naive
  • 天然 Natural
  • 理知的 Intellectual

特性 Special Trait

  • 朝型 Early Bird (↑Activity from 6AM ~ 6PM)
  • 夜型 Night Owl (↑Activity from 6PM ~ 6AM)
  • 晴れ好き Prefers Clear Skies (↑Activity during Clear Skies)
  • 曇り好き Prefers Cloudy Skies (↑Activity during Cloudy Skies. May apply to all weather conditions?)
  • 大型狙い Aims for Large Enemies
    (↑Activity/Accuracy during Boss/Mini Boss Fights)
  • 小型狙い Aims for Small Enemies
    (↑Activity/Accuracy when battling small enemies)
  • 逆境好き Likes Adverse Conditions
    (↑Activity/Accuracy when HP is low)
  • スロースターター Slow Starter
    (↑Activity/Accuracy after fighting a certain number of enemies)
  • さびしがり屋 Lonely
      (↑Activity/Accuracy when two or more characters are close by)
  • ダーカー狙い Aims for Darkers
    (↑Activity/Accuracy when fighting Darkers)
  • 原生狙い Aims for Natives
    (↑Activity/Accuracy when fighting Nab. Natives)
  • メカ狙い Aims for Mechs
    (↑Activity/Accuracy when fighting Mechs)
  • 龍種狙い Aims for Dragons
    (↑Activity/Accuracy when fighting Dragons)
  • ツンデレ Tsundere
    (↑Activity/Accuracy partner affection is high. Their affection increases when you take them out on quests. They'll use star atomizers more and cast Resta when your HP is low.)
  • 海王種 Aims for Oceanids
    (↑Activity/Accuracy when fighting Oceanids)

特殊補正 Special Modifier

  • 起死回生 Revive
    (May revive instantly upon death.)
  • 臨戦態勢 Battle Ready
    (Weapons set up in advance, may use Shifta?)
  • 徹底防御 Complete Defense
    (May use Deband?)
  • 激昂 Exasperated
    (Will automatically use Shifta and Deband when a party member dies.)
  • 復活支援 Revival Support
    (There's an extremely rare chance it will use a moon atomizer when a party member dies.)
  • ヒューマン好き Prefers Humans
    (Will use Shifta and Deband at fixed intervals around human characters)
  • ニューマン好き Prefers Newmans
    (Will use Shifta and Deband at fixed intervals around Newmans)
  • キャスト好き Prefers Casts
    (Will use Shifta and Deband at fixed intervals around Casts)
  • オトコ好き Prefers Males
    (Will use Shifta and Deband at fixed intervals around male characters)
  • オンナ好き Prefers Females
    (Will use Shifta and Deband at fixed intervals around female characters)
  • コンディション マスター Condition Master
    (Increased use of Resta and Star Atomizers. Adds random status effects to its attacks.)

フレンド以外のプレイヤーにも公開する Enable Free Partner

  • Ticking this radio button will allow players not on your friend's list to use your NPC.

You can press the last button to confirm.





You may invite an NPC from the Partner Terminal in the campship.



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