Vita Visiphone

Vita Visiphone

Vita Visiphone

The visiphone menu allows you to register your character as an NPC, search for players, and insert item codes. Unlike the PC version, the Vita's Visiphone has an additional menu where you can save characters for the augmented reality (character portrait) feature.

The Visiphone is also where you can purchase items from other players' shops. However, this aspect will be covered in another guide.

Visiphone Menu

  • マイショップ My Shop (Purchase Items from Player Shops)
  • フレンドパートナー Friend Partner Menu
  • アークスサーチ Arks Search
  • 図鑑リスト Weapon/Unit Log
  • プレイ実績 Play Records
  • ランキング Ranking
  • アイテムコード Item Code (Insert codes to receive items)
  • キャンペーンアイテム受け取り Campaign Items
  • ポートレート用データ保存 Save Portrait Data


Friend Partner Menu in the Visiphone

Vita Visiphone

In this menu you can register your character as an NPC for others to use in their parties.

Friend Partner Menu

  • フレンドパートナーの登録 Register Friend Partner
  • フレンドパートナー確認 Confirm Friend Partner


Inserting Item Codes

Item Codes Vita

Enclosed in the Vita Special Package version comes several item codes for various items. You can redeem these items by typing in the code at the Visiphone. Of particular note, the Special Package item codes will not give you the PSPo2 outfits directly. Instead you will receive several ARKS Badges which you must trade in at the ARKS Badge Shop. You can choose up to two fleshie outfits or eight Cast parts.


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