Arkuma Slots Bring High Risk Casino Gameplay to PSO2

~ July 20th, 2016 ~


Arkuma Slots

Arkuma Slots is a game of high risk and high reward! You'll have to cough up high amounts of casino coins to play, and travel through space defeating Falz Arms along the way. When engaged in a battle, choosing the correct enemy will earn you bonus coins. Choosing poorly will result in losing not only the game, but all of your accumulated earnings for that session too.


Alto Arkuma Slots

Head over to Alto for a selection of new client orders covering the Black Nyack and Arkuma Slots casino games.


Star Gems Casino

Exchange your Casino Coins for new prizes, like SG Tickets worth 5 or 10 Star Gems.


PSO2 The Animation NPCs (Part Three)

PSO2 The Animation's Yumiko and Last Samurai will take residence in the Shop Area lobby for a limited time. By clearing their client orders, players can receive their partner cards too! The happy couple can also appear together in Emergency Trials.


Summer Lobby

Summer Lobby 2016

Let's soak up the sun with the debut of this year's Summer event! Slip and slide your way down wacky water slides in the revived Summer Lobby.


Beach Wars 2016

The Beach Wars Emergency Quest returns with a brand new format! Players can utilize Dash Panels like those seen in Tokyo as they rush towards the enemy spawn points. The mighty Gal Gryphon and a Chrome Dragon with a special prefix in its name will swoop down on players as the quest nears its end. Gold Weapon Badges will be awarded after clearing the quest.

Similar to last year, player characters wearing swimwear will receive a special PSE bonus that slightly boosts both the EXP and Rare Drop rates.


レッツゴーシャイニーLet's Go Shiny
レッツゴーシャイニー (Let's Go Shiny)

This quest will also feature a special prefix named Empe Rappy, who has the chance to drop the new ★13 Wired Lance, "Let's Go Shiny!"


The totally tubular Summer variations of Nyau and the Rappies are surfing into PSO2 with gnarly new weapon drops.


Summer 2016 Bingo

*バナンチャー (Banancher)

The Summer 2016 Bingo will task players with defeating enemies appearing in Beach Wars 2016. Other objectives will target the Casino and Story Board. Those who progress through the Bingo Card will earn a new Launcher weapon camo!


Shiny Summer Days (AC Scratch)

Stay cool this Summer with breezy shorts and hot pants, or stylish Gunner themed combat uniforms and parts.



Steel Prestige Trigger Quest

Triggered Unleashed Prestige

Take down the Battleship Yamato on your own time with the addition of the [Steel Prestige] Trigger Quest! While this quest remains roughly the same as its Emergency Quest counterpart, the triggered version does not generate a completion boost effect. However, you can still take advantage of this if you time your Trigger Quest to begin after the Emergency Quest activates its completion boost.

Additionally, utilizing the Trigger Quest while the Emergency Quest is active will not increase the annihilation rate for the EQ.


4th Anniversary Revival Scratch

Sporty Short Hair Revival

~ July 27th, 2016 ~

For two weeks, popular items from previous scratches will return in a new 4th Anniversary revival scratch. Split up into two categories, the scratch will feature a wide variety of both cosmetic and support items.


40 thoughts to “Arkuma Slots Bring High Risk Casino Gameplay to PSO2”

    1. Soon after they stop putting them on GIANT MECHA, I'd imagine. (Because fuck structural engineering and ground pressures amirite?)

    2. *takes a drink* hey random, uh. you begin saying that the moment you have human-shaped giant robots, so… yes. that exactly.

    3. I kind of like it. I mean females often have to have high heels or stick legs in here, so I think it's fair.

    4. Besides, do recall that high heels started out as part of *male* attire – specifically riding boots. They first migrated into male courtly wear (being associated with the warrior aristocracy) and only later to female dress.

    5. Yeah, plus makeup also was that way, from what my cosmetology teacher told us about ancient Egyptians.
      Though it was supposedly more of a functional use for makeup. It was either to help against insects or sun, I forgot which.

    6. IIRC the dark eyeliner helped shield the eyes from the sun or smth, but eh – decorating the body is universal and goes back well into the Stone Age. But more (relatively) recently it wasn't too unusual for warrior aristocracies to insist on going into battle properly made up and coiffured if at all possible – "leave a good looking corpse" kind of deal in part, but more about going into the afterlife at your best appearance AFAIK. (Some also favored hairstyles that'd make their severed heads convenient to carry, in a rather grim sort of consideration towards worthy enemies…)

    7. Oh yeah, I heard of that with Samurai in Japan. I remember it because there was a television program where 2 hosts talked about Touken Ranbu, and showed one character "Kashuu Kiyomitsu", with one of the hosts saying that about Samurai dressing their best. Even though that wasn't 100% of the reason for this character in particular, it still makes sense in general. XD

    8. Yeah, that funny topknot was specifically for that purpose. Standard battlefield kit also included a net bag for carrying heads… "The samurai were essentially a head cult," wrote one historian on the topic recently. 😛

      The Ottoman Janissaries apparently also had their hair in a distinctive scalp lock so their enemies (including the Central European nobility) could hang their severed heads from saddles as trophies without having to cut holes in the ears for cords… 'course, the "new soldiers" were no aristocrats (but then neither were most samurai) but definitely a warrior class.

      Warrior cultures commonly had a funny preoccupation with dying in certain amount of style. :/

    9. You know most if not all mecha designs have "Heels" on the feet, look at any and all gundams (weird mook suits, Bu-CUE and Ball doesnt count) afaik is for them to adjust mechanically to uneven terrains, makes sense imo.

    10. This makes sense actually. Like, there are mountain hikers in Japan that instead of hiking shoes, use "Tengu" Geta that only has one tooth.
      I imagine for PSO2's setting, since they have hovering movement, they do not even need the balance of flat feet. Which also explains the cast females with pointed foot-less legs.

    11. This doesn't explain how CASTs are able to stand upright while being still. Sure the hovering technology kicks in when mobile, but there is no explanation as to how they're able to stand up without "feet".

    12. We're here talking about a Sufficiently Advanced culture that casually applies antigravity to *fashion accessories* you know… (And probably bras, too; would explain a LOT.)

      Besides, the CAST thrusters clearly only provide more-or-less lateral thrust rather than lift anyway.

    13. That's a very weak argument. Can't really use fashion customization mechanics to assume how advanced the ARKs truly are. This a game where fashion has no impact on performance. Cosmetics aren't a sufficient point at all.

    14. (つД⊂)
      …the *point* is that Fleet technology is advanced enough that all-but-magical tech like anti/contragravity can be casually used for cosmetic trifles, implying it's been refined to the point where little things like "expense" and "energy consumption" are trivial details. (Same gadgetry is presumably what keeps Mags and units afloat around you, too…)

      It duly follows that for legitimately practical uses (ie. making overly flamboyant designs functionally useful), nevermind now in an essentially military context, the relevant systems can be integrated where necessary without a second thought.

    15. That's engineering nonsense and would create serious problems with ground pressure. There's a reason tanks are built with broad tracks you know… and the literal footprint of a biped is much smaller relative to its total volume to begin with.

      Here's a little known curio about high heels: when the narrower types became popular after WW2, passenger aircraft cabin floors had to be reinforced because the things kept punching holes in them when women walked around…

    16. How did you forget Dom, the most common "mook suit" to not have heels (they even hover around, which probably inspired the Legendary Ninja Cats'/Samurai Pizza Cats' primary movement mode, as well as the cast hover mode) and Zeong?

      Though Zeong isn't a "mook suit"…

    17. I'm going through a library of cast costumes, and theres like five or six cast models with heels, out of 42, that is if you include everything that doesn't stand with its entire toe and everything that has just a distinct heel. Damn japanese, when will they stop, eh!?

      They never make sense, it doesn't matter that they don't. The whole reason that its being made is because it doesn't matter, so you could actually play as a shiny goddamn robot with lion helmet on the chest and thrusters in the ass and won't fear that superior tank will shoot you in the exposed vitals, or you will fall through floor in WW2 plane.
      I'd leave this diving into history, culture and physics for dissecting 80s action movies.

  1. must yawn at another casino game; even in the broadcast it looked like more trouble than it was worth.
    SG in the casino's probably gonna be rationed hard and also rigged to devour one's coins; I'd be more thrilled if walking away from a casino game with an actual profit was more likely. tut tut.

    yamato triggers… make me think that they're planning to basically drop it out of the schedule like they mostly did with base defense; if it wasn't schedule-only to begin with I might look more favorably on it; the cost of triggers is too high to be useful for people who aren't whaling. in a sense, of course, it's a corner sega painted themself into – the only way they can stop having to schedule things that they decided won't occur randomly is to provide another way to activate it… but since this is ep4 and the directors are trying to rig things like a mobage, they've got something I'm left thinking people haven't been making much use of.

    with exception for the pedobait outfits (sakai, stop. just bloody stop. we get that you beat off to school uniforms but you're going to far.), [shiny summer days] is looking like a fairly good scratch. hopefully the alt colors for the basewears will be good. the one ERF FASHUN thing will do well for one of my characters because summer demands minimal heat trappage n' she flaunts to live, lives to flaunt… the alledgedly "casual gunner" F base might be a good replacement for frontier lead for my purposes if it comes in white, 'cause goddamn has white frontier lead become expensive on my ship.
    aaand the samurai couple showing up, again, reminds me I need to save up to snag yumiko's red duman lines off the market if at all possible. so many things to burn money on… thankfully my gear is pretty much set for now. while I -do- have some ranger stuff to upgrade… sega's been flipping rangers the bird for a while now, so I don't feel motivated to do it anyway. whatev's.

    1. The Pedobait is probably because so many player splay as little anime girls, unfortunately. They're willing to spend a ton of AC trying to get the outfits for their loli waifus, so they seem money in making all the school outfits.

    2. I think it's not only the lolicon, but moe/slice of life anime fans in general that buy the uniforms.
      It does get annoying though, because there's not as much variety in just making uniforms, especially for males where it's usually just a boring recolor of a gakuran or blazer. I'd rather they release a school themed field than more uniforms. Or different military uniforms instead. Or occupational uniforms. I think they're still missing a proper labcoat (the Shion/Xion one gives men boobs).

    3. Agreed, I'd love to see better male outfits if they're gonna keep going with the school uniforms.

      My guy character really doesn't have much going for him because there's not much to choose from.

    4. Yeah. Like if they make another Gakuran, it had better be something actually differently shaped, like with the coat worn as a cape or something…
      I hope they can add more interesting layered male outfits too. Like long coats (that aren't knitted) and proper Hakama pants. I liked the Kabuki Gufuu outfit, but not much goes with it.

  2. Uh, more "The Animation" characters…

    Well, this new Casino game is welcome. Didn't even play in there for long and this place is way to huge for only four games…

    And I hope the BGM of Summer Wars will be the same as year 😀

    1. … Sorry for these additionnal letters, don't know what they're doing here.

      Anyway, now I'm here… I totally forgot about this stupid bothersome Nyau……. If only he could stay on his "we don't know where" location.

      Saa saaa, motto shôbusuru nyaaau! (Or something like that)

  3. Just what the community wants, bug-eyed children in school uniforms to appease the lolicons. Congrats on the female parts, there isn't any skin showing. The male parts look pretty meh to be honest.

  4. Does anybody here by chance know if it's possible to get exclusive mag actions from mag evo devices obtained from ray weapon collection files?
    I tried using the mag evo device from a ray weapon CF, i even made sure there was a free slot for a trigger action, but all i did was change the mag appearence and nothing else. I'm trying to get the trigger action PP Restore H exclusive to the orion mag.
    Again just wondering if it's possible.

    1. Hahaha, sorry more laughing at myself, I don't even remember the stats since I have like 30~ Mags, but Orion was the first Mag I ever level maxed, and I didn't even know it had something that awesomely exclusive to it! [If it still /actually/ is exclusive, either way, I can't help but also be interested in this "PP Restore H".

    2. The difference between the CF evo device and all the other evo devices is: the evo device changes your mag into another one of the default lv100+ mag evolutions. Thats why i thought it might be possible. Lv100+ default mag evolutions come with a trigger action some evolutions (i.e. orion, corvus, cygnus) get exclusive mag trigger actions. On my newman character i have PP restore B, E, AND J. PP restore H is the only one i do not have and id like to have all 4 pp restore trigger actions if possible.

      P.S. Sorry for the late reply; i couldnt find where i posted this because new comments keep coming in.

    3. Yes they are. That still doesn't tell me whether i can get the trigger action skill or not after bringing my mag to lv200.

    4. Yes ik that already. Every default lv100 evolution gives a trigger action. Again I was just wondering if it was possible for the device to give w.e mag action it came with by default but I guess that isn't possible. No pp regen at start of EQs for me …

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