Arkuma Slots Bring High Risk Casino Gameplay to PSO2

~ July 20th, 2016 ~


Arkuma Slots

Arkuma Slots is a game of high risk and high reward! You'll have to cough up high amounts of casino coins to play, and travel through space defeating Falz Arms along the way. When engaged in a battle, choosing the correct enemy will earn you bonus coins. Choosing poorly will result in losing not only the game, but all of your accumulated earnings for that session too.


Alto Arkuma Slots

Head over to Alto for a selection of new client orders covering the Black Nyack and Arkuma Slots casino games.


Star Gems Casino

Exchange your Casino Coins for new prizes, like SG Tickets worth 5 or 10 Star Gems.


PSO2 The Animation NPCs (Part Three)

PSO2 The Animation's Yumiko and Last Samurai will take residence in the Shop Area lobby for a limited time. By clearing their client orders, players can receive their partner cards too! The happy couple can also appear together in Emergency Trials.


Summer Lobby

Summer Lobby 2016

Let's soak up the sun with the debut of this year's Summer event! Slip and slide your way down wacky water slides in the revived Summer Lobby.


Beach Wars 2016

The Beach Wars Emergency Quest returns with a brand new format! Players can utilize Dash Panels like those seen in Tokyo as they rush towards the enemy spawn points. The mighty Gal Gryphon and a Chrome Dragon with a special prefix in its name will swoop down on players as the quest nears its end. Gold Weapon Badges will be awarded after clearing the quest.

Similar to last year, player characters wearing swimwear will receive a special PSE bonus that slightly boosts both the EXP and Rare Drop rates.


レッツゴーシャイニーLet's Go Shiny
レッツゴーシャイニー (Let's Go Shiny)

This quest will also feature a special prefix named Empe Rappy, who has the chance to drop the new ★13 Wired Lance, "Let's Go Shiny!"


The totally tubular Summer variations of Nyau and the Rappies are surfing into PSO2 with gnarly new weapon drops.


Summer 2016 Bingo

*バナンチャー (Banancher)

The Summer 2016 Bingo will task players with defeating enemies appearing in Beach Wars 2016. Other objectives will target the Casino and Story Board. Those who progress through the Bingo Card will earn a new Launcher weapon camo!


Shiny Summer Days (AC Scratch)

Stay cool this Summer with breezy shorts and hot pants, or stylish Gunner themed combat uniforms and parts.



Steel Prestige Trigger Quest

Triggered Unleashed Prestige

Take down the Battleship Yamato on your own time with the addition of the [Steel Prestige] Trigger Quest! While this quest remains roughly the same as its Emergency Quest counterpart, the triggered version does not generate a completion boost effect. However, you can still take advantage of this if you time your Trigger Quest to begin after the Emergency Quest activates its completion boost.

Additionally, utilizing the Trigger Quest while the Emergency Quest is active will not increase the annihilation rate for the EQ.


4th Anniversary Revival Scratch

Sporty Short Hair Revival

~ July 27th, 2016 ~

For two weeks, popular items from previous scratches will return in a new 4th Anniversary revival scratch. Split up into two categories, the scratch will feature a wide variety of both cosmetic and support items.


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