Battle the 6th Angel 'Ramiel' in PSO2 and Evangelion Collaboration

~ November 20th, 2019 ~


Evangelion Quest

The legendary Evangelion anime is collaborating with PSO2 in grand fashion by introducing a new limited-time Emergency Quest! Ramiel, the 6th Angel, has materialized inside of an ARKS Ship. Join a squadron of A.I.S Vega and confront the latest threat to public safety.


The 6th Angel is protected by an A.T. Field and will take on various shapes with their own attack patterns. Penetrating its shield and striking at the core is the key to victory.


The Orb series will drop during this quest, comprised of several ★15 weapons a ★13 unit.


Complete new ARKS Missions for prizes, such as the [*Caliente Orb Megis ] weapon camo!


Evangelion Lobby

Head to the Shop Area and feast your eyes on a towering figure of the Evangelion Unit-01!


Ludmilla is stepping out of the lab for a bit to run a Cobalt Medal Exchange Shop! The line-up includes the Orb weapons and unit, a couple accessories, and more. Cobalt Medals can be obtained via the Evangelion Emergency Quest and as a Featured Quest reward.


Level Cap Progress Improvement

Koffie's level cap unlocking client orders for Lv.75 and Lv.80 will be removed from the game.


Evangelion Scratch (AC Scratch)

Slip into the iconic plugsuits of Eva pilots Shinji, Asuka, and Rei, or even become the Eva Unit-01, with an assortment of collaborative scratch items! Apart from the collaboration cosmetics, you can expect to see fantastical animal themed layered wear and CAST parts!



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