PSO2 JP: Subclasses For October

Sakai revealed some new information in the interview with the latest Dengeki Playstation Magazine. A new subclass system will be added to the game sometime in October.  This system will allow you to main as a Hunter and sub as a Force so you can use technics despite being a Hunter.

  • A subclass system will be added. For example, when a Hunter uses Force as their subclass, they'll be able to use Technics.

Sakai last hinted about subclasses through his thinly veiled fill in the blank, where he mentioned it would be a good for you to level up multiple classes for the October update.

Before that, subclasses were shown in a screenshot before the Alpha Test started, however, they were mysteriously removed from the menu.


Plans for October

Yes, Subclasses are now officially official for the October update which is titled "The Call of Mortality."  Here's what you should expect in this update.

Class and Weapon Update

  • New Photon Arts / New Technics
  • Class Level 50
  • Subclasses

Field Update

  • Very Hard Difficulty
  • A great number of Rare Enemies and Rare Bosses added
  • More Client Orders
  • New Scratch Contents
  • Event Lobby (Limited Time)

The Event Lobby is just a visual change like the Summer Lobby with the surfing Rappy.

This Dapper thingmabob is coming too.


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