Bruno and Gene Stop by in PSO2's Early Spring Update

Class Level 80 Unleashed!

~ March 22nd, 2017 ~

Obtain even more power with the Class Level 80 Cap! In order to access the new cap for your class, you'll need to acquire two distinct Titles. The first Title requires you to have a ★13 weapon natively equipped by your class, with a grind value of +35.

The second Title requests that you clear [The Perfect <Class> IV] from your class trainer NPC. You can learn more on the specifics required for each class by reading the Class Level 80 Unlocking Guide!

※ Due to the above changes, an All-Skill Tree Reset Pass will be distributed!


Mining Base Defense Training: VR

Necky's Challenge, the notorious quest released as part of the Famitsu Cup, will be updated into a new pre-scheduled Emergency Quest. This time, the quest will add ESCA Darkers among the enemy lineup. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the [Esmoth], a new ESCA iteration of the Damoth enemy. They'll swarm the base to unleash a suicide strike. 

In order to access this quest on [Extra Hard], you'll need to have main and subclass level of 70+.


Spring 2017 Bingo Reverse

The [Reverse] side of the Spring 2017 Bingo will be added. This side of the card includes objectives targeting the new Emergency Quest, and rewards such as the [Evo. Device / Sakura Nyau]. Let's wrap up the [Front] side in time for the update!


Sakura Nyau Returns!

*ブロッサムローゼ | Blossom Rose

The spring incarnation of Nyau will return with a new Partisan weapon camo drop!


Two Weapon Series Revivals

The highly popular Orbit series will be revived through a Collection File through May 24th. This time, the collection will feature a ★13 egg for Summoners.


The Aura series will also be revived through its own Collection File. You can even unlock a different potential thanks to the release of Arena Boosters from the Battle Coin Exchange Shop.


Zieg's Emblem Exchange Shop

Pick up the [*Clarissa III] by trading in one [Creator's Emblem] at Zieg's Exchange Shop.


Weapon Design General Election

The winners of the [Weapon Design General Election] will be released as weapon camos on March 22nd. Don't forget to take them to the Item Lab to change their photon colors!


New Quest Trigger

Now you can play [Racing the Phantom Mother] on your own schedule with the release of the [Phantom Mother] Trigger.


New Weaponoid Potentials

New weaponoid potentials will be released for [Avenger], [Vraolet], and [Volcano Mace]. These potentials can be unlocked by collecting Weaponoid Boosters from PSO2es.

Avenger: Lv.1: Critical Power: +13% & Critical Rate: +50%
Vraolet: Increases JA PWR, increases the amount of PP recovered with non-JA normal attacks.
Volcano Mace: Increases Fire technic damage.


PSO2es 3rd Anniversary

PSO2es is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary! As part of the festivities, Bruno and Gene will appear in the ARKS Lobby for a limited time. The two will be offering up new client orders, with their Partner Cards and [Chip Fragments 2017] as rewards.


For her third PSO2 appearance, Gene will be sporting her original, more modest costume. Gene and Bruno will also pop up in Emergency Trials across Free Exploration Quests.


On top of that, Gene will be hosting a new exchange shop. Here you can trade in your [Chip Fragments 2017] for Weapon Camos and Weapono! style room items.

But that's not all in store. On March 29th, PSO2es will be launching a new Web Event with plans of a Chip Illustration Contest and a Boost Event!


Support Item Selection (AC Scratch)

A support item Scratch will be running from March 15th ~ March 22nd



Galaxy Star Heroine (AC Scratch)

ステライノセント | Stella Innocent

Varsity jackets, a maid uniform, and an elegant dress will be available in a new AC Scratch! Gene and Bruno's outfits will also make an appearance.

スケアードフィッシュ | Scared Fish
スタジアムジャンパーF [Ou] | Varsity Jacket F
タンクトップデニム[Ba] | Tanktop Denim
スタジアムジャンパーM[Ou] | Varsity Jacket M
ピュアグレース[Ba] | Pure Grace
292 「立ち乗り二輪車」| 292 [Upright Scooter]
進化デバイス/モア | Evo. Device / More

Some sections contributed by wowowpenguins

22 thoughts to “Bruno and Gene Stop by in PSO2's Early Spring Update”

  1. Being level 80 is like walking around with a certificate that states: "I have no life outside this game". I used to love this game, but it has worn out its welcome with me. I just see it for what it is now… a boring, repetitive grind-fest. The only thing to strive for is to be an elitist jerk, and not just have fun playing with others online.

    1. I feel that way sometimes too. I've played since Oct. of 2012 and have taken so many breaks away from pso2. It is a grind fest, but it's also a lot more if you broaden your experience. Also what MMORPG isn't as grind fest? Like one, name just one.

    2. Saying the only thing to strive for is to be an elitist jerk is so ignorant i'm so dumb founded. 13* 35+ is not hard to get since the revolucio collection sheets came out. What it seems like is you want shit to be hand fed to you and not actually work and strive to be max level. Most everyone damn mmo out there is a grind fest for gear and that's what you have to do in pso2 as well. If that post honestly isn't bait like the cutie posted before me then man you need to get watch your self before you wreck your self even more than you already have.

    3. I came back to the game about 2 months ago, barely any 13*s, missing a bunch of class cubes. Just doing EQs casually with CFs and doing stuff like my TAs with all appropriate boosts on, I've completed all the +35 reqs and class cubes.

      Its really very easy as long as you enjoy the game. If you don't? Then yeah it probably seems pretty damn hard but then again why would you still be playing anyway?

    4. Level 80 requires one 13* weapon grinded to +35.
      I've gotten several Fornis Diene (sword) through the White day event as random drops, one of which was +34 natively. It took me less than a few days to make a +35 sword.

      Level 80 also requires class excubes. The kind that existed for literal years.
      And today you can earn a literal 4 million exp by running one Tokyo gold bonus key, and feasibly level once in 3-5 Limited quests (such as Vegas). You need only 21 class cubes to get the final title.

      Granted this isn't even "expert block" tier levels of elitism. You gain the requirements to be level 80 by simply playing the game and doing the EQs. There are ridiculously easy to get Revolucio 13*s through the collection files if you need them as well.

      Point being, if you consider level-cap to be "elitism", something tells me you're a regular in blocks 1-15.

    5. Fael is right – unlocking lvl 80 cap is easy. If you can't meet these requirements – you can still play the game – but I think it shows just the opposite of what you do – it will show us just who is unwilling to do these minimal objectives to have a decent character which can reach lvl 80 – and anyone who can't/won't – isn't even putting in what I would call minimal effort – and as such you'll be relegated to blocks with others who play like you – aka not really trying – which sounds good to me. See the rest of yall in the lvl 80 blocks! 🙂

    6. The only way it could look suspicious, if the post expressed joy or excitement in regards to the game. You know its a red flag when someone tries to display some sort of amusement in a swamp of wrath, disappointment and dissatisfaction.

    7. Forgive me for biting on "low quality bait" as random put it, but srsly alot of ppl in game crying about this cap raise. I just look at em puzzled and even guided em how go about it. If you think this game is a grind fest then lol….this game is cake compared to most MMOs I have played in terms of grind. That is unless your one of the many players who can't balance upgrading your stuff and more they type to say "Fashion is the true end game."

    8. YEAH tbh, I mean I personally find the grind cap stuff kind of weird but the requirements are things we've had plenty of time to do, and we've certainly been waiting for a cap raise for a LONG time. And this is coming from me, a lazyass who didn't cap her subclass until it was absolutely necessary.

      I do feel that the requirements will take some time for newer players, but at the same time, with collect files and stuff… it's not like you have to be level 75 to get a +35 13* weapon. They're pretty generous with the collect files and events. Especially with how long the Revolucio series is gonna be around this time.

      Personally I say just let people complain because people will complain about ANY patch.

  2. Do you get one Skill Tree Reset Pass for each character that you have? Cause I need to fix a few of them.

    1. According to everytime it has happened you do get one per character. If you have spare character slots I suggest you create throwaway characters to profit.

  3. Does Anyone know what HairStyle that is at 2:29 of the video? It looks like some side ponytail, or has it not come out yet?

  4. Hold on, is that the biggest Crit Rate bonus granted by a Potential to date? That Potential would be bonkers if it wasn't stuck on a 10*.

  5. Undocumented update information: Another Genesis Weapon Camo is coming along with Clarissa III, confirmed by PSO2es. Presuambly Double Saber appeared in PSO2es story.

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