Win the Hitsugi Figurine in the PSO2 × 7-Eleven Collaboration

Participating 7-Eleven stores across Japan will be collaborating with PSO2 through five different campaigns. Two of particular note will offer codes for brand new items.


Sega Lucky Lottery

Participants must purchase the right to draw a ticket from the Sega Lucky Lottery. Each ticket contains a letter that corresponds to a particular prize.

Premium Figure
Hitsugi: Awakened Ver.
Lillipan Soft Vinyl Piggybank Sprawled Rappy
Plush Toy
Melamine Plates
Rubber Chain
Mini Drama CDs
Clear File
& Mini Book Set
Premium Figure
Hitsugi Sheathed Ver.

Item Codes

エンぺTシャツM[Ba] エンぺTシャツF[Ba] 322「ヒツギポーズ」
Empe T Shirt M [Ba] Empe T Shirt F [Ba] 322 [Hitsugi Pose]
女性共通ヒツギ覚醒ボイス PSO2 イベント「クール」 PSO2 イベント「ヒツギ」
Female Hitsugi Awakening Voice PSO2 Event [Cool] PSO2 Event [Hitsugi]
FUN711獲得チケット エンペ・ラッピーチェーン  
711 FUN Ticket Empe Rappy Chain  

Each letter prize comes attached with a different combination of item codes.


Ice Cream × PSO2 Collaboration

Players can earn points by purchasing specific ice cream from 7-Eleven stores across Japan. These points can be traded in for prizes such as lobby actions and accessories.

328「アイスを食べる」 328 [Eat Ice Cream]
275「雪遊び」 275 [Playing in the Snow]
ダイヤモンドダスト Diamond Dust

Pick Up Gettemhart and Melphonsina Costumes with Episode 0 Memories

PSO2 Episode Zero Comic

Players who purchase the PSO2 Episode Zero Comic will receive four Episode Zero memories. These can be traded in at the Badge & Memory Exchange shop for the following items.

フラメガッシュ[Ba] Flammegash [Ba]
フラメガッシュネック Flammegash Neck
ゲッテムハルトヘアー Gettemhart Hair
ネイバークォーツ[Ou] Neighbor Quartz [Ou]
ネイバークォーツ[Ba] Neighbor Quartz [Ba]
シーナインナー[In] Sina Inner [In]
メルフォンシーナヘアー Melphonsina Hair
PSO2EP0ポスターA PSO2EP0ポスターB
PSO2 EP Zero Poster A PSO2 EP Zero Poster B

※The digital version does not include the item codes.


Shonen Ace: September Issue

Grab a copy of the September issue of Shonen Ace to receive the White Disaster weapon camo. This issue also includes one Episode Zero memory. Trade this in at the Badge & Memory Exchange Shop for the items listed in the above section.

Shonen Ace: September Issue Item Codes

  • *ホワイトディザスター | *White Disaster
  • EX獲得経験値+75% | EX  +75% EXP Booster
  • EPISODE0メモリ | Episode 0 Memory

※The digital version does not include the item codes.

Get the Tasty Lobby Action with Weapono! Memories

Internet mangas "Weapono!" and "Weapono! Tasty," will be released as a comic through publisher Kadokawa. Those who purchase a copy will receive an item code for 4 [Weapono! Memories]. These can be traded in at the Badge & Memory Exchange Shop for Weapono! themed room items and lobby action.

Rate: One Weapono Memory

サマーセラフィマット Summer Seraphy Mat
サマーアネットマット Summer Annette Mat
サマージェネマット Summer Gene Mat
うえぽのSPマットA Weapono SP Mat A
うえぽのセラフィマット Weapono Seraphy Mat
うえぽのジェネマット Weapono Gene Mat
うえぽのモアマット Weapono More Mat
うえぽのブルーノマット Weapono Bruno Mat
うえぽのアネットマット Weapono Annette Mat
うえぽの!壁シール Weapono! Wall Seal

Rate: 3 Weapono Memories

304「テイスティ」 304 [Tasty]