Casino Voloyal: How to Get there?

jay2.jpgThe easiest way to get to any place in Phantasy Star Universe is to ask a friend to pay for a special flight to a certain lobby.  Once you visit the lobby once, you'll be able to pay for a special flight there any time you want. Just make sure you have enough money because the further away the lobby is from the city, the more money you will have to pay.


Ask someone to pay for a special flight to the Casino Voloyal Lobby.

If you don't have any friends you'll just have to work your way there. It should take you less than 45 minutes to get there from Moatoob. So here are the missions you can do in order to quickly reach:

  1. Valley Of Carnage
  2. Mine Defense
  3. Tunnel Recapture -Vio Tongo Lobby-
  4. Caves of Ice
  5. Awoken Serpent
  6. Casino Voloyal


Phew you finally made it! Read More Tips of Casino Voloyal.

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