Phantasy Star Portable 2 Official Site Adds World and Characters

phantasy star Portable 2 up

The official site updated with a beautiful teaser image of the box art. We finally know the official spelling of the main character names, Emilia and Yuto. Also we learn that Yuto is actually a newman! The site opened up some new details about the story and the functions of the internet multi-mode. We can see how these changes are almost mirroring Phantasy Star Zero in design.

Yuto : I'll defend everyone in the village!

Emilia: What? We are partners…??

Clad 6: Space Resort

Clad 6 Central

Instead of the Guardians Colony, the game takes place on Clad 6, a space resort colony where anyone can go to chill and relax. Clad 6 is described as a beautiful colony with  its big screen TVs and other gorgeous electrical spectaculars! Even in dark space, this colony shines particularly bright.


Little Wing


Within Clad 6, is a private military group known as "Little Wing".  It was formed by it's parent company, "Sky Clad".  Sky Clad was a general trading company that focused on  clothing and the resort business. Up until now, the company had no involvement with military affairs.

"Little Wing" was formed as an unexpected business expansion. It very quickly became a heated topic within the main headquarters of Sky Clad. Apparently, one of the more powerful executives strongly pushed for Little Wing's existence.

You could say, working as a member of Little Wing is not so much different than that of a "handyman". They will accept any type of  work whenever it is available. Sometimes amongst the confusion, they could accept a job that could be considered a crime. Though, the accuracy of their work is not so bad, and at least their reputation is rising…


Internet Multi Mode

internet multi mode

One of the major complaints with Phantasy Star Portable is how each planet was set up as a 2D map, as you click on which area you want to go to. In Phantasy Star Portable 2, " Little Wing Control Center" is your 3D city, (or lobby) and will act as a replacement for all 2D maps. Little Wing can only accommodate up to 4 players. It appears you will be doing all your shopping throughout Clad 6, whereas mission selection will take place conveniently at one counter.

Another change compared to Phantasy Star Universe, the character you create in story mode can also participate in multi mode and internet multi mode.

  • Some tidbits about multi mode
    • Mission selection at one counter.
    • You can chat during battle and in the lobby.
    • You can type with an integrated simple keyboard within the game.
    • Chat Shortcuts are now available to save time.
    • Lobby Actions can be done within the city.
    • You can perform a limited amount of lobby actions within a mission.

New Screenshots

GameWatch has posted their own article with some new screenshots. It pretty much sums up everything that was said in the Famitsu article.

charge shot
Sonic is using Charge Shot against ubakrada (aka annoying boat.)


In PSU we normally see the Goldolva during Fire SEED contamination.


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Phantasy Star Portable 2: Famitsu Adds More Info

Famitsu added a whole slew of new screenshots in a very clear format. What's surprising of these screenshots is how it confirms two very familiar (but annoying) PSU cast members will be included in Story Mode.


It's been 3 years since the SEED invaded Gurhal. Now that all four races defeated and sealed off the SEED, a new issue takes center stage. The resources in Gurhal are quickly diminishing. Because of this, a "Sub-space sailing theory" was set in place, where Gurhalians migrate to outer space. The player will participate in a private military group known as "Little Wing" on Clad 6, a space colony resort.

amelia again

Emilia Percival is described to be innocent but somewhat lazy. There isn't much talk at all about her past and no record of it has been kept either.


Yuto, a newman, lives in a very protected and cultured area on Moatoob. He is from the Kersch/Karsh? family. He seems to excel in utilizing the mysterious "photon" energy. Since he was secluded from civilized society, he lacks a bit of common sense. He will share duties with Amelia.

These main characters will act as the center stage for the story. Your character will develop the story around their adventure.


Notable Screenshots


Tonnio and Liina Sukaya appears in story mode. Tonnio is the dark skinned beast with the orange hair. Liina is the white beast in pig tails. They may look like teenagers but they are actually adults. By now, Liina is 25 years old and Tonnio is 29 years old.


evil shark

This is a very notable screenshot, why? Well, remember when PSO had an enemy called the Evil Shark in the "Caves" sections?


shortcut pspo2

Lobby actions again! As you can see, all characters are sitting down and showing off their new chat symbols. Chat shortcuts are back once again! Take a closer look at the icons underneath each of the players' names. Notice how it changes to from a lock to a sword when they are currently in a mission.


amelia on clad 6

The space colony, Clad 6, has 5 rooms encircling a larger center room. The center appears to contain a teleporter, but where does it teleport to? This room looks strikingly similar to the one in Phantasy Star Zero.


Las tSurvivor

In this new Relics area, Sonic is wielding the PSO weapon, Last Survivor.

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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Box Art and Screenshots

phantasy star Portable boxart

Phantasy Star Portable 2 boxart is now on Amazon also added a few official screenshots so you can have a clearer look at the new lobby, emoticons in chat, shields, and a new photon art known as Infinite Storm.

amelia percival

Emelia Percival looks pissed.


de ragan

You can't have a Phantasy Star Universe game without the De Ragan.
Note the PP is based on character not weapons!



Emoticons in the lobby! Amy is showing her delicious cake emoticon.
Players seem to have a different icon in the lobby.


photon art infinite storm

Sonic has his new photon art Infinite Storm!
Note the shield icon on the R trigger.
The enemy is called Dakamazri.


cast girl

The cast girl on the right seems to be Maya's spiritual replacement.
Story Mode will also include choices similar to the first game.



Yuto looks quite odd as a main character.
He's a Newman from Moatoob.



Chain attack, a concept from Phantasy Star Zero!
A level 30 Svaltia.

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