Dengeki Playstation gets the scoop on Phantasy Star Portable 2

Shougai PSO updated information that was released by Dengeki Playstation. We're still under the confusion of bullet attributes, but at least this time we have a magazine source confirming elemental photon art bullets are gone!

  • Story Mode
    • Story is advanced through chapters, it will also contain a side story.
    • Like PSP1, ALL your characters will share an illustrative database record:
      monsters defeated, weapons, and clothing.
  • Multi mode
    • Internet Multi Mode is free!
    • Before a party is initiated:
      1) You will choose a room from a list of rooms.
      2) You can write a recruitment message for others to see
      3) Players can enter your room and join your party.
      4) However, they can not join your party if you are in a mission!
  • Ranged Weapon Details
    • Elemental PA bullets are no more!
    • A ranged weapon will drop with an element attached to it.
    • The attack power of the gun is affected by the elemental attribute percentage:
      For example
      Gun ATP of 500 (x) 50% elemental (=) ATP of 750 .
      Gun ATP of 100 (x) 50% elemental (=) ATP of 150.
    • A bullet was added that can increase the percentage of the element.
      (*note: It will not change the element attached to the gun.)
      (side note: may be possible this bullet is of "power" type)
    • Based on the type of gun you have, the charge shot's range and power will change. (see: charge shot animations)
    • "Accuracy" can alter the amount of damage given from the gun. 
  • Combat (Chain System) 
    • When you perform normal attacks, the number of attacks is tallied up.
      The higher the number, the higher the amount of damage your photon arts will do.
    • You can even perform chain combos as a solo player.
  • Combat (Just Guard and Guarding and Urgent Evasion)
    • Stated in a previous post, Just Guard can only be done through shields.
    • You can still guard with two handed weapons, except it will only reduce the damage recieved.
    • Guarding can cancel your attack animation. The time it takes to cancel will differ with Photon Arts.
    • While you are using Urgent Evasion (rolling) you will be invincible for a certain amount of time.
    • Once you complete the animation, you will not be able to move for a certain amount of time.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The amount of classes you can choose from is reduced.
      Sakai says the reason for this is for "player enjoyment."
    • Some data will be stored on the Memory Stick Duo for cache access.

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Blog Updates 09/09/09

  • Rappy Kid made a poll asking if he's needed at the blog.
    991 Voters say he is needed
    64 Voters say they don't want him there.
    341 Voters say they don't know who the Rappy Kid is.
  • Rappy kid makes a comment about the collaboration.
  • He says we of course expect to see a collaboration with an in house SEGA character…
  • So he asks what  if there was a collaboration that is not from SEGA.
  • Something to be seen at Tokyo Game Show…

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Phantasy Star Portable Transfer to Phantasy Star Portable 2 + UMD Video

Are you ready to transfer your character from Phantasy Star Portable? Well here's the official list of what transfers over!

The following features transfer over:

  • Race
  • Sex
  • Underwear color
  • Eye color
  • Lip color
  • Skin color
  • Body shape
  • PM name
  • PM type
  • The parts/clothes you are wearing


The following features DO NOT transfer over:

  • Level
  • Voice type
  • Voice pitch
  • Anything besides body type, skin color, and lip color that is appearance related
  • Accessories
  • Items in your inventory
  • Meseta
  • Type levels
  • Photon arts
  • Stored items
  • Titles
  • Item collection

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Item Get!


Clear the table, The exam starts now!
Igzam (Exam)

When you transfer your save file you will receive the Exam Saber. Based on the type you choose after importing your character, you will receive one of four auras.


UMD Video

We previously mentioned the UMD Video from the Fun! Fan! post. If you didn't catch the information, read below:

psp the best

"Phantasy Star Portable [PSP: The Best]" will include a 63 minute movie UMD disc. The movie, titled "Phantasy Star Universe Chronicle", will sum up the Phantasy Star Universe series starting with: Chapter 1: The SEED Invasion; Chapter 2: Ambition of Illuminus; and ends with Chapter 3: Seal of Rykros. The video is a collection of event scenes throughout the history of the game and is reorganized to create a fluid storyline. Ethan, Lumia, and Laia, will provide narration for the movie.

The website particularly mentions how Episode 3 is a must see because it features excellent voice work from all the original voice actors. The UMD disc also contains the opening movie for Phantasy Star Portable 2. They say this is a must-have item for all fans! They urge you to watch this video before enjoying Phantasy Star Portable 2.


Official Blog Update 9/04 – 9/05/09

  • Producer Sakai says there are still some secret bonus elements when you transfer.
    (May be in reference to the weapon)
  • He won't say what it is at this time.
  • The Rappy Kid will release the Opening Movie with English subtitles in two weeks.
  • The Rappy Kid is starting a new blog project  called "The Little Wing Information Section Questionnaire"

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Phantasy Star Portable 2: Updates Battle, Field, and Enemies

Phantasy Star Portable 2 site updated with some new information regarding the battle, field, and enemy aspects. Shougai PSO also updated and this post will change to reflect what's stated there.


New Fields! New Enemies!

seabed relics

Phantasy Star Portable 2 will feature brand new original fields as well as others from the previous games. The field shown in the screenshot is called, "Seabed Relics."

big daddy

This new area contains a brand new enemy known as "Svaltia", as well as Phantasy Star Online's "Evil Shark".


Remixed Versions of Old Fields!

Phantasy Star Portable 2 will feature old fields from the previous games with a new twist! There will be differences towards the  length of the mission as well as the the enemy spawns.

You would not expect to see a Goldova appear right before the boss!?


Be prepared for changes to all your favorite missions. You might even see a new enemy appear out of nowhere!


Urgent Evasion

rollin rollin

Urgent Evasion has your character swiftly rolling on the ground to avoid enemy attacks. You will consume Photon Points each time you roll!



the new shield
Note how the shield has it's own icon on the right hand slot.

The shield is now a new weapon category. The shield takes up the left arms slot which is normally used by guns or mags. You can use the shield by pressing the R button.

While the shield is in use you will not be able to attack, your PP will be consumed , and the damage you receive will be greatly reduced. 


just gaurdo

Fortunately, you can attack an enemy by using your shield at the right moment. This is known as the "Just Guard". If you successfully pull off a "Just Guard", the damage you receive will be reduced to zero and your Photon Points will not be consumed.

Guarding is also possible with two handed weapons (ex. the spear), however, you can not guard with the rod.


Photon Points

dont spam photon arts
Sorry time attackers… You can't spam Photon Arts anymore.

Photon Points (PP) have changed considerably since PSU. Now, PP are attached to your character and not your weapons. To increase strategy, Sega has removed photon charges from the game. This is to prevent us from relying too heavily on Photon Arts. Sega wants players to mix up their attacks instead. (Note: We are unsure how this will apply to Forces.)

  • In order to regain PP, you can do either of the following:
    • Wait for natural regeneration of Photon Points.
    • Use normal attacks against an enemy.

As a side note, we do not know if PP Cubes will return before each boss at this time. Although it has not been confirmed for this game, in Phantasy Star Universe, you can regenerate a larger amount of Photon Points by performing "Just Attacks", (where you time the button presses of each normal attack.)


Charge Shots

charge shot 1charge shot 2

Note the gigantic sparkle!

Charge shots is a new feature for ranged weapons, it allows you to shoot a more powerful bullet. Charge Shots will use a considerable amount of PP, so it's best not to use it over and over. This action will also change the shooting animation as you can see in the screenshot above. The player tends to jump backwards from the recoil.

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