PSO2 The Animation Comes to Hulu and ANO

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Sentai Filmworks has revealed that Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation will begin airing on Hulu and ANO on February 9th!

They'll have some catching up to do, with the show having just aired its fifth episode this week. The series can also be viewed with English subtitles via Crunchyroll, which offers simulcasting as well.


PSO2 Anime Patty and Tiea



Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation DVD / Blu-ray + Crunchyroll Premiere

DVD / Blu-Ray Vol. 1 Announcement

Itsuki Seiga Academy Uniform

A Blu-ray / DVD release of the first volume of the anime is coming to Japan on March 16th, 2016. Aside from the standard release, there will also be a limited first edition. While both versions include item codes for several in-game goodies, the limited edition is packaged with extra bonuses like a visual book, bonus disc, and a special outer case.

First-Press Limited Edition

  • Price: ¥6,500 (Blu-ray) / ¥5,600 (DVD)
  • Details: 2 Episodes, Illustrated Outer Case, Visual Book, Bonus DISC

Standard Edition

  • Price: ¥4,700 (Blu-ray) / ¥3,800 (DVD)
  • Details: 2 Episodes

Item Codes

Itsuki and Rina

Name Type
清雅学園冬制服F [Ba]
Seiga Academy Winter Uniform F [Ba]
Female Basewear
清雅学園冬制服M [Ba]
Seiga Academy Winter Uniform M [Ba]
Male Basewear
清雅学園制服リボン 青
Blue Seiga Academy Uniform Ribbon
Itsuki Hair
Rina Hair
PSO2アニメ瞳 A 大
PSO2 Anime Eyes A Large
Eye Pattern
PSO2アニメ瞳 A 小
PSO2 Anime Eyes A Small
Eye Pattern
PSO2アニメまつげ A 黒
PSO2 Anime Eyelashes A Black
PSO2アニメまつげ B 黒
PSO2 Anime Eyelashes B Black
PSO2アニメまゆ A
PSO2 Anime Eyebrows A
Seiga Academy Uniform Tights
Female Body Paint
Male Voice – Itsuki
Female Voice – Rina
PSO2アニメ 1巻ポスター
PSO2 Anime Volume 1 Poster
Room Item

※Both editions will release with Item Codes.

The subsequent volumes are reportedly scheduled for release at the following dates:

  • Volume 2: April 20th
  • Volume 3: May 18th
  • Volume 4: June 15th
  • Volume 5: July 20th
  • Volume 6: August 17th

※Details, release dates, and bonuses for these titles may be subject to change.
※ The Crunchyroll announcement is unrelated to the DVD/Blu-ray announcement.

Crunchyroll Announcement

PSO2 Animation Logo

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation has officially began airing in Japan. We previously reported that Sentai Filmworks had licensed the series for North American release. Now streaming site Crunchyroll has picked it up for their early 2016 lineup. The show will be available to the site's members and will broadcast every Saturday, starting January 9th @ 1:00 AM EST.




PSO2 The Animation's New Promo and Theme Song

A new trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation is now available, showcasing action sequences of the main cast battling the encroaching Darker threat. The show will begin airing on January 7th, 2016.

PSO2 Animation Title Artwork Card

Also present is the anime's opening theme "Peerless Stargate", performed by none other than Shouta Aoi. Fans can purchase a limited edition release of the theme through Broccoli's online store to receive a code for in-game room items and voice tickets.

Shouta Aoi's 5th Single [Peerless Stargate]

  • Release Date: February 3, 2016
  • Price: ¥2,200 (Limited Edition)
  • Details: CD + DVD
  • Availability: Broccoli

The package includes a CD containing four tracks and an extra DVD with a music video featuring a "sexy dance number" and an inside look at how it was made.

Name Type
Peerless Stargate
Music Disc
Peerless Stargate Poster
Room Item
Male [EX] Voice E01
Voice Ticket
(CV: Shouta Aoi)
Male [EX] Voice C E01
Voice Ticket
(CV: Shouta Aoi)
Room Item

※The regular edition will not include an item code for the aforementioned items.