PSO2 JP: Where Darkness Gathers: Dark Falz and Vita Info

The December update is split up into multiple parts, the first half arrives December 5th, however Dark Falz himself is coming December 12th.



In this new Emergency quest you will battle Falz' Arms. As you repel his many arms and succeed in lowering his strength, you will then proceed in facing Dark Falz Elder himself.

Upd: This emergency quest is kind of different, basically everyone on the ship will participate in a combined effort to weaken Dark Falz in his first form. The ship as a whole has 30 minutes to weaken Dark Falz by defeating his arms. Announcements will be made every so often about his status. If Dark Falz is weak enough, then you can proceed onwards to Phase 2, Dark Falz Elder! Everyone can participate in the phase 1 battle, from Level 1 in Normal Mode up to level 50 in Very Hard Mode.


Dark Falz' true form was sealed on Planet Naberius. This time he's massive with many arms and said to be like the size of a planet. Defeating him will be an extremely difficult task if we do not concentrate all of our power!


His many arms that sprout from his body can attack with overwhelming power. With the bonds of power and friendship we can overcome this formidable opponent.


Latent Ability System

In the item lab, there's now a new menu where you can unlock abilities hidden within certain weapons when you grind them to +10. 


DuDu will have a new menu that you can select: "潜在能力解放" where you can spend Meseta and Photon Spheres to unlock your weapon's hidden ability. When it's unleashed, your weapon's grind value will return to zero. You may once again grind that weapon back up to +10. If you choose that same menu, you can increase the level of your weapon's hidden ability.

Upd: Since grinder prices in the player shop have increased, starting from December 5th, there will be several ways to get more grinders. Firstly, you would be able to exchange for Grinders in the Recycle shop, and the chance of receiving a Grinder in the FUN Scratch will increase. They'll have even more plans to make it easier to receive grinders, one of them will be in an upcoming campaign later on.


When you unlock a weapon's hidden ability, the ability's name and icon area will turn yellow. You'll see a yellowish effect applied as you equip the weapon.


Parallel Areas (Parallel Universe)

During a regular quest, under certain conditions, you may see a special transfer device that will transport you to 1 of 3 kinds of random Parallel Areas. In this place, you'll see a higher chance of rare enemies.


Parallel Area: Forest


Parallel Area: City


See Parties in Other Blocks

On the quest counter screen there is now a new menu option to see other parties in different blocks. When you choose a party in another block, you'll automatically move to the quest counter in that block.


Soloable Time Attack Quests

Now you can do Time Attack Quests solo!


Premium Set Features Expanded

They've expanded the contents of the Premium Set.

  • You can accept up to 40 Client Orders at a time.
  • Increased effects of Medical Center Drinks.
  • Increased the amount of FUN points you can acquire.


Christmas Event!

From December 5th through December 26th, 2012, Christmas themed client orders, rare enemies, and emergency quests. During that time the Lobby will be transformed into the Christmas lobby with a large Christmas tree in the center.  On the outer edges you can see Santa boots stuffed with presents!


Normal rappies will be transformed into (Saint) "Sent Rappies" with the chance to drop an exclusive item.


Shii (Xie) is back giving out new client orders in time for Christmas. If you clear them all, you'll receive a special item!


Merry Christmas on Ice

Now there's a Christmas themed Naura Cake Shop. The Cake sisters will wear Santa themed outfits and sell special Christmas treats! In addition, the Naura Cake Shop will also appear in a new limited time Emergency Quest called "Merry Christmas on Ice!"


A White Snow Christmas Scratch

Santa Suit + Santa Beard w/ Hat


Santa Dress + Santa Hat

The next scratch is titled "White Snow Christmas" where special costumes and accessories like the Santa Dress, Santa Suit, and Santa Hat will make their debut!


Freux Neige + Freux Head


Funny Traitor + Firm Earmuffs


ヒュリオン Hurion


ケルビナ Cherubina
aka The Snow Queen


Pyroxene Shop

Upd: On 12/12, there will be a 輝石錬成ショップ  Pyroxene Shop. You can collect items called "Pyroxenes" to trade for 10 star weapons here. For example if you collect 20 Red Iritista Stones  紅輝石イリティスタ, you can use them to trade for 10 star weapons at this shop like Ruins Gloam. The process in which you obtain Pyroxenes is not made clear however, only that you can obtain them at a certain place.



Toro and Kuro (Vita Version News)

A while ago it was announced that Toro and Kuro (Playstation mascots) will be appearing in the Vita version of the game. If you clear a specific client order, you can acquire them as partner characters. Unfortunately, this client order is EXCLUSIVE to the Playstation Vita version. However, after clearing this client order, you can call on them on the PC version as well.


Some information about the Vita version.

  • The item codes you receive in the Vita Version's Special Package also work on the PC version. You can use these items on both systems. However, they do not have plans to make any of these items appear in the PC version's scratch.
  • You can play the same character on the PC and Vita versions, however you can not log in using the same SEGA ID on both of them at the same time. 
  • The SEN ID supports only ONE Sega ID. If other family members want to play and they have their own separate SEGA ID, please note that only ONE Sega ID is attached with the SEN ID.  (Add to the fact that this SEN ID needs to connect to the Japanese PlayStation Network.)
  • Playstation Vita and PC players can play together on special blocks designated for shared use. Depending on the situation, he may also consider adding PlayStation Vita exclusive blocks.
  • Upd: The mag in the Special Package version that's supposed to represent Emilia is called "Clarita" クラーリタ.


Upcoming System Changes

Currently updating:

  • Parties in other blocks can be seen from the Quest Counter
  • Time Attack Quests are soloable
  • Premium Set features expanded.
  • Upd: Items added to the Recycle Shop. All ten star rarity weapons and units are targeted for exchange.  (The process of what this is referring to isn't made clear yet) (Recycle a 10 star weapon and get a bunch of grinders?)
  • You can follow party members in quests. Players you have blocked will not be able to follow you.
  • Only actively registered friends can call upon each other as NPCs. (If you removed the friend then you can no longer friend partner them.)
  • There's now a function to see an item at market price when listing it at the player shop.
  • You can sort my shop search results similarly to the item pack.
  • A new checkbox will allow you to see shop search results of which you can currently equip.
  • A setting which lets you disable people from calling upon you as a NPC.
  • A setting on the quest counter to disable NPCs from being summoned.
  • Matter Board: In addition to acquiring the matter board drop item by chance, if you defeat a certain number of enemies targeted for that Matter, the item will drop regardless.
  • A new chat shortcut <sk> for skill will be added to the game.
  • You can adjust the brightness when a cut in chat is displayed. You can also control this brightness by typing t1 ~ t5  after the cut in chat command. t5 is the brightest.
  • In the symbol art editor "others" menu, there is now a new function to "Copy Color" or "Apply Color." Transparency is also included in that information.
  • Removed the sort function and added a tab function when displaying a list of client orders.
  • A "rarity" sort function was added to the item pack' item list menu.
  • Placed the default cursor position when you throw away an item to "No." You can now confirm a list of items you are about to throw away. After throwing away items, you'll also see a message about it.
  • There will be three options for taking screenshots with the interface. (Interface On / Off / Off  (but with Speech Bubbles). You can choose whether you want to take screenshots with Printscreen, Ctrl+Printscreen, or Ctrl+Shift+Printscreen.
  • For Mr. Umblla, you can no longer fail the trial if the mag attacks him.
  • Optimized the collision detection system to reduce the processing within the whole game. Collision areas in some maps will be changed.
  • Items with rarities 7 star and up will now always have an attribute attached at the time they drop.
  • Reduce the amount of meseta needed for the tekker.
  • You won't consume photon water if you log out while receiving an effect from the tree.
  • For NPC Klotho's Time Attack Client Orders (OH NO!) changed the requirements you need to clear as long as you A rank the TA quest.
  • Team Level 4 added
  • Team Storage now holds up to 200 items.
  • You can raise the effects of the photon tree up to level 6.

PSO2 Vita Releases Feb 28th, 2013; Closed Beta Test in January; December Update

Sakai updated with some more information about the PSO2 Vita package and PSO2 PC's December update.

Today SEGA has officially announced they will be releasing the Japanese Vita version of Phantasy Star Online 2 on February 28th, 2013. In addition, there will be a Closed Beta Test starting mid January 2013.

Along with the release, PSO2 Vita will also be sold separately in a "SPECIAL PACKAGE" which includes several bonuses players can redeem. Just like the Windows PC version, PSO2 Vita will be Free to Play and Free to Download. The game will be supported through "Cash Items" players can optionally purchase. The PSVita version can play on the same servers as the PC version and will also share the same play data.

In mid January, the Vita version will have its own Closed Beta Test where players will be selected to participate. Those that make it will also receive special gifts for participating. Recruitment will take place through the PlayStation Store from your PlayStation Vita. Signups will start sometime early December. More details about the signup process will be revealed in the future.

Players participating in the Closed Beta Test will have to raise their characters from scratch. However, in the official version, those that play the PC version can use their same characters on the Vita version. Anyone that starts from the Vita version can switchover to the PC version at anytime.


PSVita Special Package

On February 28th, 2013, players can optionally purchase the PSO2 Vita Special Package version which includes several bonuses as listed below.

Playstation Vita Card + Item Codes

Item Codes

  • 8 Special Costumes (Choose only 2 out of the 8)
  • 3 Special Weapons
  • Original Mag Device
  • Little Wing Sticker
  • 2 Music Disks
  • 30 Day Premium Set
  • 1000 FUN ticket


  • 5229 Yen

Details about these Item Codes:

  • You can choose 2 out of the 8 default costumes from Phantasy Star Portable 2.
  • The three weapons represent the images of the Little Wing logo and Clad 6 colony.
  • The Mag Device is a depiction of "Emilia."
  • You can use Little Wing stickers on your PSO2 character.
  • The music disks contains music from Phantasy Star Portable 


Screenshot of the lobby.


Party Screenshot.


PSO2 in December!

Our next update scheduled for December is titled "The Place Where Darkness Gathers" (or we can shorten it to"Where Darkness Gathers").

Since this update is 4GB in size, starting next week it will be split up. (You may have noticed there was a PSO2 Pre-downloader in the main installation directory.) Next week expect to see new information from news magazines regarding PSO2 es, PSO2 Vita, and PSO2 PC's update in December.


Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita Closed Beta Set for January 2013

Just a brief update, today we learned that the Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita version comes out on February 28th, 2013. The latest Famitsu magazine revealed that the Vita version will also have its own Closed Beta Test starting sometime in January. We should expect to hear official details about this soon and this post will update accordingly.