Summer 2009 Hotspots: Where is everyone on PSU?

As graduation and school commences, Phantasy Star Universe sees a small increase of casual and non-event players. Unfortunately for the Pc/Ps2 server, everyone is scattered across all three planets. It becomes increasingly difficult to find a party or much less chat with someone.


We present to you the usual hotspots people play during this time. If your a new player, read closely as it will shed some light as to why players are in this particular spot.


 Cylez City 5th Floor


Recommended Level 1-50

Percentage of Locked Party: 50%

Reason: Carriguine, Mission Points, Gaozoran Rod

Guardians Colony 5th Floor is the home to story mode and Maximum Attack G. If your a newbie here, it's your chance to gain some levels pretty quickly but you will need a full party or higher level player to survive the C rank.

Higher level players usually hunt the Carriguine as it can be used to synth the Carriguine Rucar. Other players tend to complete chapters in story mode. It will make it easier to solo missions as you receive partner cards from NPCs.


Cylez City 4th Floor


Recommended Level: 1-10, 50+

Percentage of Locked Parties: 20%

Reason: PA Fragments

Guardians Colony 4th floor is usually the chatting district of the Ps2/PC  servers. There currently hasn't been much chatting on this floor like previous years but it's usually a good spot to ask someone a question. Low level players usually start off in Linear Line and work there way through.

Once you play at S rank you may see some PA fragment parties. PA Fragments are used to purchase special photon arts that are available in the Guardians Branch on each planet.

The enemies here will throw Megid. It can become very expensive to new players who do not have shops and can't afford scape dolls.


Pavilion of Air: Top


Recommended Level: 1+

Percentage of Locked Parties: 40%

Reason: Diads, Serafi Senba, Mission Points

Pavilion of Air: Top is home to the popular mission, White Beast. It's probably the first place someone would recommend you to visit. It's a very easy mission that gives out a good amount of mission points very quickly.

For higher level players it also gives them the chance to receive Diad and Serafi-senba. Its a pretty good place to chat with players.


 Kugo Hot Springs


Recommended Level: 75+

Percentage of Locked Parties: 80%

Reason:  Technic Leveling, Milla

Kugo Hot Springs is a pretty cool place to relax.  We've seen more and more players hunt here, and it's beginning to look like a spot to hang out in. It is not very fond to open parties since most groups are hunting for Milla.

Forces usually come here for Technic leveling because most of the enemies are clustered together. Sakura Blast is special in that it has a few safe spots within the crevices against the walls or behind the tree roots. You can easily level Ra-class technics here without getting hit.


Paracabana Coast


Recommended Level: 60+

Percentage of Locked Parties: 70%

Reason: Armas Line

Paracabana Coast is a good hangout and chat spot for players. Many high level players will stick around here so they can get their hands on the Armas Line. There may be some low level parties here, however, Megid is thrown very often here and will use up scape dolls pretty quickly.

Mother Brain is another major problem as it requires a two step process that needs to be dealt with as quickly and efficient as possible.

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