Character File: Coa

Coa Repca

Character Information

Role Limited NPC
Race Deuman Male
Class bouncer_iconhunter_icon
JP Name †コア†
EN Name †Coa†
Voice Actor Nobunaga Shimazaki
Location Shop Area

†Coa† is the narcissistic PSO2 character created by Kota Kayano, a close friend of Itsuki and a member of Seiga Academy's karate club.

※†Coa† was introduced to PSO2 as a temporary NPC in an update on June 22nd, 2016.

Unlocking His Partner Card

  • Clear his 「人心魅了する至宝とは?」 client order.
  • Accept his 「共に終わりなき冒険へ」 client order. (Old Method)



  Coa Face
Costume †コア†・レプカ
†Coa† Repca
Accessory ワイルドマフラー
Wild Scarf
Voice 男性共通†コア†ボイス
Male Voice – †Coa†

※Coa's cosmetics are included with the Vol. 4 Blu-ray/DVD of the PSO2 anime.


Client Orders

February 22nd ~ March 22nd, 2017

Client Order Objective
The Way to One's Heart?
Deliver [漆黒のサンゴ] x1
Drops from Dragonkin in the Skyscape field.
Extreme Skill and Spirit
Defeat 300 Lv.61+ Mechs
Reward: Millioblight-NT

June 22nd ~ July 20th, 2016

Client Order Objective
To An Endless Adventure!
Clear [Subdue De Malmoth]
with only Coa in your party.
I Want to Unfasten the Darkness!
Clear [Ruins Infestation Survey]
with only Coa and Lilika in your party.
Reward: Photon Sphere
Three Arrows Through An Ocean!
Clear [Skyscape Exploration]
with only Coa, Lilika, and Musashi.
Reward: +50% Tribooster


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