Character File: Orga Cats


Character Information

Role Limited NPC
Race Human Female
Class fighter_iconhunter_icon
JP Name オーガキャッツ
EN Name Orga Cats
Voice Actor Haruko Momoi
Location Shop Area

The PSO2 character of one of a pair of construction workers. Her name is derived from her feline persona and the creator's passion for organic foods.

※Orga was introduced to PSO2 as a temporary NPC in an update on Sept. 21st, 2016.

Unlocking Her Partner Card

  • Accept her 「砂漠でニャンダフル!」 client order.



Costume オ―ガキャッツ・レプカ
Orga Cats Repca
Eyes オ―ガキャッツアイ 小
Orga Cats Eyes Small
Face Paint 泣きぼくろA
Tragic Mark A
Accessory 1 オーガキャッツイヤー
Orga Cats Ears
Accessory 2 オーガキャッツテイル
Orga Cats Tail
Accessory 3 ネコのひげ
Cat’s Whiskers
Voice 女性共通オ―ガキャッツボイス
Female Voice – Orga Cats
Weapon 流星棍-NT
Meteor Cudgel-NT

※Orga Cats' cosmetics are included with the Vol. 2 Blu-ray/DVD of the PSO2 anime.


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Nyanderful Desert!
Clear [Mech Power Survey: Desert] with
only Orga Cats in your party.
Great Adventure of the
Cat & Mouse
Clear [Facility Exploration] with only
Orga Cats and Master Nezumi in your party.
Reward: 10 Star Gems (Once per account)
Nyanderful Present?
Defeat Lv. 61+ [Dragonkin] x 300
Reward: Meteor Cudgel-NT



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