Character File: Oudo

Ao Onibou Oudo

Character Information

Role Limited NPC
Race CAST Male
Class braver_iconhunter_icon / braver_iconranger_icon
JP Name 朱鬼坊オウド / 藍鬼坊オウド
EN Name Aka Onibou Oudo / Ao Onibou Oudo
Voice Actor Kazuhiko Inoue
Location Shop Area

Oudo is one of two CAST characters designed by Masaki APSY. He comes in red (Aka) and blue (Ao) variations, differing in their class combination and equipment. Each appeared on separate occasions with Shiki, his female counterpart.

Unlocking His Partner Card

  • Aka Onibou Oudo: Accept his 「黒ノ領域での特訓依頼」 client order.
  • Ao Onibou Oudo: Accept his 「採掘場跡での特訓依頼」 client order.



  Oudo Face Oudo Face 2
Costume 朱鬼坊オウド・レプカ
Aka Onibou Oudo Repca
Ao Onibou Oudo Repca
Head セイタカ・ヘッド
Seitaka Head
Kongara Head
Body タカガラ・ボディ
Takagara Body
Arms セイタカ・アーム
Seitaka Arms
Kongara Arms
Legs セイタカ・レッグ
Seitaka Legs
Kongara Legs
Sticker 往来々不動尊
Orakuru Fudouson
Voice 男性共通オウドボイス
Male Voice – Oudo
Weapon 阿鼻

※Oudo's items are contained across purchases of both Shiki figures. [1] [2]
※His parts were released in the Sacred Witchcraft and Devil Wars History AC Scratches.


Client Orders

Aka Onibou Oudo

Client Order Objective
A Kuron Special Request
Complete [Kuron Exploration] on VH+ with only Oudo.

Ao Onibou Oudo

Client Order Objective
Quarry Training Request
Complete [Quarry Exploration] w/ Shiki and Oudo only.


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