Chogokin Racaseal Black Version (2013)

But before we start, Sakai mentioned that he will discuss areas considered for future adjustments in the upcoming days. For now we're left with the announcement of the new Chogokin Racaseal Black Ver.


The Chogokin Racaseal Black Version

  • Release Date: March 2013
  • Pre-Orders: Begin 10/25/2012
  • Price: 6825 Yen
  • Materials: Die-Cast, PVC, ABS
  • Size: 155cm
  • Switchable Head Shino
  • Switchable Wrists
  • Madame Brella
  • Madame Brella (Attack)
  • 2 Guns
  • Agito
  • Sato
  • Text Stickers
  • Section ID stickers
  • Pedestal
  • Speech Balloon parts

With these new switchable parts, the Elenor version will have new parts to play with.


3D Printing Hits a Wall?

Early on in the game's development, Sakai was exploring with the idea of having your PSO2 characters 3D printed. You can see evidence of this within the Character Creation contest where the second place winner received a 3D physical model of their character. Back then, Sakai was thinking about the costs of such a service since it would be quite expensive for the average person to afford. (Like 30,000 Yen)

At the Arks Party Shougai attended, Sakai mentioned he has no plans to put into production the Viola Magica 3D printed figure that was shown in the background of a picture in a blog post. As for 3D printing your characters, it appears they would have to set up a production line to take on build-to-order models and for this to become a reality is quite difficult.



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