Collect Oodles of Past Content with the Introduction of Permanent Scratches


Quest Redistribution

March 31st, 2021

The [Cradle of Darkness] Emergency Quest and its Trigger counterpart, plus the [Special Training: Episode 1] Limited Quest, are available again with an added Ultra Hard difficulty.


Oracle Renew Collection 2 (AC Scratch)

March 24th, 2021

Popular past costumes are revitalized with improved graphics and finger motion support!



Hyperdimension Game (AC Scratch)

March 17th, 2021

The Gameindustri gals are back with the return of Hyperdimension Neptunia scratch items! Sega Hard Girls collaboration content will be included among the scratch bonus.



Shining Collection (AC Scratch)

March 31st, 2021

A collection of radiant cosmetic items from Sega's Shining series will reappear again!



PSO2 M & F Collections (AC Scratch)

March 31st, 2021

A myriad of masculine and feminine apparel from throughout PSO2's history will be split across two permanent scratches!


11 thoughts to “Collect Oodles of Past Content with the Introduction of Permanent Scratches”

    1. Good lord… I tell you, the more they show about this new BGS models the more I stay away from them….

  1. Yeah.. Seems OG PSO2 is on to its last legs before NGS drops. Just going to assume a bit here. I don't think, but still kinda hope, we will go a higher star ranking like in psp2i's 16star to really finish off our time in og pso2. Speaking of the weapons tho, hopefully all of the types in PSO2 will be back so all we have to do is "grow" back to being able to use them again. Except tacts, since I personally found summoner very boring, lol

    1. You're not the only one who wishes SU not having "high rarity" weapons, can't even affix S-class abilities or get a SAF from them, unless they actually do. I still have PTSD of grinding hard back in EP5 for Lumiere in case they were used for future purposes only to get hit by jutus tact bamboozles every other 2 rainbow drops. It was truly a horrendous experience.

  2. "Permanent scratches"?

    So in other words: "We know our pre-NGS outfits won't sell well anymore so we're no longer rotating them to artificially increase their rarity"?

    1. I mean mind, the fact they're in a gacha is inflating their rarity needlessly still of course. They could have just tossed them into the cash shop but nooooo….

    2. Putting them in the Cash Shop would've still made them more rare for F2P players, since now different things wouldn't be getting pulled and then sold on the market. You'd have to ask a paying player to buy it for you, which then turns into buying AC from players in game with meseta and that stuff can get MESSY, as I've seen from literally every Korean MMO that does this. I'd rather them be in scratches.

    3. Just like Kumakaia says, putting them in the cash shop is an awful idea.
      The only reason anything is cheap at all is because players are scratching many times and gaining a surplus of items they don't want. If players were allowed to choose whatever they wanted, there would virtually be no surplus, and unpopular items wouldn't even be readily available on the market.

    4. Fair points are made but I'd rather have cosmetics in a cash shop than a form of legalized gambling, then I might actually spend money on this game.

      I guess everyone loses no matter what huh?

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