PSO2 New Genesis JP Closed Beta Test 2 Period

Battle Power Campaign Relaxed

Closed Beta Schedule

Due to March 19th's cancellation, Sega has decided to extend the beta test period for March 21st. Details will be announced in the future. March 21st's Emergency Maintenance is to implement countermeasures against party matchmaking bugs.

This time we were selected to participate for the second Closed Beta! Hope to see you there!



Campaigns and Prizes

NGS: Boss Suppression Campaign


Players who defeat the Boss: Nagrus (ナグルス) will receive:

  • Biting Rappy Earring (Accessory)
  • Baton Handoff (Stamp)

Both items are tradeable.


Battle Power of 1050+ Campaign

Players who achieve a battle power of 1100 1050 on will receive:

  • "100 Star Gem" Ticket x1


NGS Player Shop Utilization Campaign

Players who sell and purchase at least once using the Player Shops:

  • "50 Star Gem" Ticket x1


NGS Material Storage Campaign

Players who deposit and take out an item from the Material Storage OR utilize the Material Storage through the Item Lab, Quick Food, or Region Mag, would receive:

  • "50 Star Gem" Ticket x1


Player Survey Campaign

Completing the survey for either the 1st Closed Beta or 2nd Closed Beta will net you:

  • "100 Star Gem" Ticket x1


Distribution Period

Prizes for all campaigns will be distributed some time after New Genesis officially launches.

24 thoughts to “PSO2 New Genesis JP Closed Beta Test 2 Period”

  1. I just got a long ass mail bassically saying "2nd cbt winner" with a link to the cbt site but then the site tells me i didnt win when i try to log in. aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!1!!!1111!

    1. Ran into the same issue, but yesterday's news update on the CBT site mentions "* Some logins on this player's site will be available at a later date. (Added at 14:20 on March 12, 2021)" (machine tl tho, so take it as you may)

      Hopefully it's just a waiting game till later this week!

    2. It seems they doublecheck your identity – the data you registered with. I did get a mail on the first cbt but it backfired. …and no, I did use kinda believable names etc.

  2. Kinda pisses me off how many PSOEN/GLOBAL players, who do not play PSO2 and actively refuse and brag about how they would never touch PSO2JP with a ten foot pole, are now celebrating that they got in with their throwaway accounts they made en-masse just to try and hope for a beta invite.

    1. Let's just hope they do not influence the Battle Power reqt and have it watered down for the Stamina-meta loving NA players.

  3. I didnt get invited … okay, my first name was hentai in hiragana the second … some katakana idk copy and paste- please. I play this game singe 2012 and this is whar I get pff

  4. Seems like I still haven't received any emails as well even from CBT1 and now, even though I have registered and applied, oh well guess we still need to wait until OBT.

  5. Me and my friends waited signed..nobody got in lol It seems they approve only Japanese.. or there is something very wrong with the "lottery" they set up

    1. In case you and your friends are NA-only players, thanks for further diluting the lottery pool for foreigners who actually play in JP servers.

      Otherwise, ignore this post.

  6. Do I need a VPN to participate or is it fine logging in like usual? I remember one of the requirements for beta participation is to "Live in Japan.". I definitely don't lols. I received the cbt participation notif and I kinda wanna be prepared in advance.

    1. If you read Japanese its easily found in the application screen.
      Then after checking, the same clause is on the End User Agreement also.

      Anyone who participated in first beta can confirm?

  7. For those who tested the Beta, what is the most efficient way to obtain N-Meseta? what I have been observing are the red boxes give 5000 of N-Meseta the other is mining. Which one do you recommend?

    1. I forgot the exact name of it but there are "Golden Cubes" that usually half buried in the floor that you can pick up and sell to shops for 3,500 N-Meseta. There's also a weekly quest which is to do 15 daily quests that pays out 100,00 N-Meseta, it wasn't possible during the beta given the time frame but that's probably your best bet in terms of easy money.

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