PSO2 New Genesis JP Closed Beta Test 2 Period

Battle Power Campaign Relaxed

Closed Beta Schedule

Due to March 19th's cancellation, Sega has decided to extend the beta test period for March 21st. Details will be announced in the future. March 21st's Emergency Maintenance is to implement countermeasures against party matchmaking bugs.

This time we were selected to participate for the second Closed Beta! Hope to see you there!



Campaigns and Prizes

NGS: Boss Suppression Campaign


Players who defeat the Boss: Nagrus (ナグルス) will receive:

  • Biting Rappy Earring (Accessory)
  • Baton Handoff (Stamp)

Both items are tradeable.


Battle Power of 1050+ Campaign

Players who achieve a battle power of 1100 1050 on will receive:

  • "100 Star Gem" Ticket x1


NGS Player Shop Utilization Campaign

Players who sell and purchase at least once using the Player Shops:

  • "50 Star Gem" Ticket x1


NGS Material Storage Campaign

Players who deposit and take out an item from the Material Storage OR utilize the Material Storage through the Item Lab, Quick Food, or Region Mag, would receive:

  • "50 Star Gem" Ticket x1


Player Survey Campaign

Completing the survey for either the 1st Closed Beta or 2nd Closed Beta will net you:

  • "100 Star Gem" Ticket x1


Distribution Period

Prizes for all campaigns will be distributed some time after New Genesis officially launches.

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