Concerning the Drop System of the New Dark Falz…

Dark Falz

Today, Sakai wanted to answer some questions concerning the new Dark Falz! You may have noticed that the annihilation rate—shown at the top part of the screen—increases after defeating Apos Dorios. This system is set up in a way so that the percentage counts towards the rare drop rate.  In other words, if the annihilation rate is 145%, then the second phase will apply a [+145% Rare Drop Rate]. The highest annihilation rate you can achieve is 200%, and as of May 16th, 2014, none of the ships so far have made it to that number. He thinks they may have judged the annihilation rate too harshly, so they're thinking about ways to address it.

In addition, players have noticed another hidden mechanic in the drop system. Based on the number of times you defeat Apos Dorios, increases the number of drops in the second phase. However, you just have to defeat four of them to attain that drop number cap. Please take note of this because it increases the burden on the servers when high level players defeat them several times over on low difficulty settings.

In the future, they plan to not only examine the situation with the annihilation rate, but to take small steps in reducing the server load during a pre-scheduled emergency quest.

In other news, the next PSO2 Live Broadcast is scheduled for May 27th. Details will be posted on the official site in the future.

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40 thoughts to “Concerning the Drop System of the New Dark Falz…”

  1. The New Drop system sounds neat however I never got anything useful out of DF Luther. Maybe it's just my luck.

  2. They need to think about how melee players feel when fighting bosses.I really hate fighting this guy up close just to get killed by a mean ass AOE attack.I know we melee players hate it when he suddenly rains down balls on darkness directly in front of himself while we're attacking his clock.I only fight this guy for the exp and 10*s that can be traded for Excubes.

    It's nice to have a challenge in video games but this game is only a challenge for melee players since we have to avoid every FKing attack since enemies can all hit something in front of them.And this seriously sucks for Dewmans.

    And for any smartasses:I can't dodge in the middle of an attack nor can I block during so.And if I focus on evading I won't be able to dish out healthy (for us not them) amounts of damage.Yes Race does matter you ignorant tards.Dewmans have a low amount of HP around 900 along with shit ranked defense.Units can only do so much to let you know.I also use Bullet Bows so I know how easy it is to fight from far away."Why don't you use them more if so?" Why should I if I'm built for melee damage?

  3. I feel your pain Xero this is exactly the reason why I'm a HU/FO and BR/FO, and Im a HUnewm. I love being Melee but this game is too extreme to Melee characters as enemies have to be a challenge to far range characters too! Definately Melee characters are the Hard mode, Rangers are Normal mode and Forces are Easy mode. I used to be pure melee I HATED IT! you had to have so many mates on you and they wasted fast! and of course it wasted meseta and time too! It was a nightmare! but being part force now and NEVER needing stupid mates is really a blessing! not only that but you can survive ALOT longer and help others, really being pure melee in this game is not only hard but pointless.

  4. I don't know about you guys, but as a cast knuckle fighter with @860hp and @2300satk I find Luther a fun and challenging boss. Sure I use a lot of mates during the fight, but at least I don't die often like others, thanks to Iron Will <3

  5. If I didn't have a 10* Bullet Bow for my Hu I'd die every few sefonds against guys like this had I decided to use melee attacks.I hate playing melee mainly due to Dewmans being dumbass weak on the survival side.I'm tired of enemies getting in 2+ hits from one attack due to some dumb bug that Dewmans have (like a double attack) and to make it all worse:Dewmans have the most aggro on here.

    I would use some other class,but I grew up playing classes on games where I had to choose to do so.The onlynon-melee class I "would" use is Gunner,but due tome being built for melee damage (as said before) I'd rather stick w/ Br/Hu and Hu/Br for decent damage.

  6. @Xero: A lv 70 Hu/Br male Cast only has 11 points less S-ATK than a lv 70 Hu/Br male Dewman. The cast will also have 79 more HP. While the dewman will have more T-Def than the cast, the cast will have better S-Def and equal R-Def. I'm sure the Cast's higher Dex will make up for the 11 points lost in S-ATK regardless.

  7. It's really funny to read about the complains here about melee class, I'm a main katana BR/HU and FI/HU and I don't have problems at all to block/parry or evade attacks, I just play carefully and not going full tard knowing that I can deal dmg and then wait for the next attack to evade.

    I find it harder to be a range class like Ranger than any melee class in the game, If you die a lot then look first the boss pattern and then think about when or not attack, is not hard guys.

    AND i wonder what will be in the broadcast *o* (I'm hoping for an EP3 teaser or something like that)

  8. To the people complaining about melee classes vs Loser, as a melee class, I have only one unfortunate thing to say about this:

    git gud

  9. @Multiple"I know it all"people-Oh so you find it easy to be nice and generious enough to revive people while also fighting up close against Luther?Oh sorry morons I didn'tmakemyself clear or you just happen to be stupid.Getting caught in the middle of a moon animation is the main thing that kills me during Luther fights so think about that the next time you wanna say stuff like "git gud" (spell it right next time).

  10. Oh I'm sorry I die four times max against Luther (when not reviving people) when I've ony fought him three times to this day.Elitists I swear.This isn't some slow paced game that goes by the name of "Monster Hunter".So tell me why I should take my time in between attacks.

    @Singhri-Oh shut up.I already know what Br/Hu Katana using people do:spam Shunka and call the game easy.Play Hunter with slow weapons while in the middle of an attack animation and see if you can always block and evade!Here's reality:you can't.A slight slip up can cost a Dewman their life so saying people aren't good at dodging and evading just because they die is beyond stupid.

  11. It'sonlylogical forsomeone to die once their hp hits 0 so why judge people about that when you all die yourselves?I'ma solo player so comparing my death ratee to those that play with others is pretty damn stupid.

    I never said Luther was hard.I said I hate fighting him,which is due to his attacks covering up most of the area while I'm dealing with Symbol Arts and stupid/pointless auto wordsflying all over the place on my Vita's screen.

    @Chrono:I never said anything about hating Bullet Bows.And idk what point you were trying to make,but you just proved that casts are a better race than Dewmans regardless.Neitherofmy classes are at Lv.70 (mainly becauseI hardly play) so that part was pointless "if" you tried to uee it against me.

  12. Takes 2 hits for you to die, that must be nice. Thank god I'm an Fo with Mirage escape. As a Female newman, pretty much every single attack can OHKO me. There's a difference in playstyle when you HAVE to dodge every attack and when you can get hit once and have a chance to live.

    But more to the point, I also have a Dewman hunter. And while you don't want to hear this, you are going to have to slow your DPS to live longer. You deal more damage when you aren't healing or dead, so if you have to stop attacking a bit to dodge/block, then do so. You don;t have Shunka, don't act like you do. Pace yourself and take your time. If you don't want to do that, switch to braver and hop on the Shunka train.

    Hunter Weapons and PAs (namely swords) are just plain underpowered compared to Katana. So deal with your class handicap and change your style. If you aren't willing to do that, then you deserve these people telling you to "git gud" because they are right.

  13. I wasn't complaining.Just stating a simple fact that melee users have it hard compared to other classes.I never said that it sucks to use melee classes.I said it sucked that we get punished so damn badly if compared to others.Meaning that I would like all classes to get the same treatmenr instead of some people needing less skills when other people suffer in the worst moments.Those of us that played PSP2 know that Hunter was OP when compared to Ranger,Force,and Vanguard.Just as much as you wanted your class to be stronger is just as much as I want equal treatment.

    Think of it like racism (not literally you tards).

  14. Part of being melee is being in the danger zone (call Kenny Loggins). That's just a fact of the play style. For them to be equal would be that melee classes would have to be a powerhouse as a trade-off, which Shunka currently does. But you see all the QQ about that. Add on the fact that you intentionally picked a frail race, not much to say there.

  15. I've fought him as a Hunter/Braver plenty of times leveling both classes from 66-70. It's not so bad if you put HP on your armor sets, and know how to block. With a guts drink I'm sitting at around 1680 HP and can take everything but the time freeze attack, if we somehow fail to break the swords. I'd normally take a shifta, but I find the extra HP wins in the long run, especially when you're being a team player, and reviving others.

    That 170 PP isn't doing a damn thing when you're dead on the ground.

  16. I don't have much problem fighting Luther with my melee! Yea you can die sometimes from those balls while you attack but does not happen often! The real problem for me is Apos! He really is a pain in the @ss for melee! He moves around a lot and his animations suk and on the other hand most FO and TE haven't figured out yet that Ilgrants is the best tech they can use to stun him and help the rest of us take care of him! D: I'm a BR/HU and use katana if someone is wondering! Katana combat as well and yes i went to full Fury tree unlike some other people who go half Fury and full Iron Will!

  17. Since when does melee get more punished than ranged. Last I checked, if you're playing melee it's a given (Or at least should be) that you have more defense than that of ranged classes, meaning, you can take hits a little better.
    Attacks that 2 shot you, more than likely one shot ranged classes, so stop complaining about melee getting more punished than ranged.

  18. the problem is that sega finally provided something where being tanky is in the player's favor… but you still need high damage. and the trees do not allow for doing both well. they need to collapse a lot of skills into eachother and improve the per-point benefit, because as it is you have to fully invest in a number of things to get any percievable benefit from them, meaning you either do the "crippling overspecialization" thing or you can't do anything even decently, much less well.


    it's funny how sakai says in one breath "you guys aren't killing enough owls to get the full benefit" and then he says "plz kill fewer owls, muh server load!" in the next. unless adjustments are made posthaste to ensure that a minimum of 100% is reached within the halfhour without people spamming normal mode with capped characters, it's gonna happen. (for the record, the highest I saw on ship9 was 145%, but that was peak .jp hours and I tend to miss most of these scheduled EQs because timezones and RealLife schedules.)

    the changes made with base defense make it clear that reward crystals disgorging their payload is a large strain on the servers; maybe they need to make it so that your rewards from these loot pinata EQs are automatically sent to the "system storage" they used to use for campaign items before they added a special function for them; not like it gets much use otherwise. or even add a dedicated rewards storage box that can handle a stupid amount of stuff since a stupid amount gets dropped.

    for the DF stuff, it'd probably also help if they'd make pyroxenes drop stacked instead of individually. ditto grinders, synths, and all similar identical-items loot.

    and for the love of god, just automatically add the meseta drops to our characters' totals like with e-trials. show us how much we got on the quest clear screen folded into the quest's base clear reward.

    this'd also please all the OMG EFFICIENCY! types who try to get more runs than they're probably intended to get, because they wouldn't have to go finagling the pickup cursor to get the stuff they want out of the drop piles and having to go discard all the stuff they don't that gets picked up by accident because the cursor goes where it wants when it wants.

    me? I'd just like to get hit with fewer giant lagspikes. my connection doesn't suck, but I had a loser fight where I didn't "feel" the first timestop untill well after the second; that's just bloody ridiculous; I've never had that much lag with elder.

  19. This Boss is awesome and I hope we start to see more harder bosses than this on the future.

    I hope that Sakai make it so that if you kill SH Dorios the gauge fills more than killing normal Dorios. It would be fair this way.

    Some really experienced players that I had talked too are disappoint with it and say that although it's harder than Elder is not hard enough because they've killed it in 6 minutes and that the mirage weakness should not even be there in the 1rst place…

  20. I agree with LordKaiser. I think the Loser fight is entertaining and enjoyable. I'd like to see content even more difficult, but also more rewarding as far as 11* and 12* drop rates.

  21. As for being tanky, for me I still prefer to hu sub with iron will +never give up, and all of fury tree except fury up 2.

    You won't really lose any damage output since never give up would give 300 s-atk for 60 sec which is more than furyup2 or all the other s atk up in hu tree.

    And you still have the same amount of chance to be kept alive with 1 hp, no matter what race or class you are. And 5 sec of invincibility on triggering gives u enough time to drink a mate, use a moon or simply outlast any continuous damage.

    Its not a full tank build, but it gets the job done for both melee and ranged classes. You don't lose out on damage and you don't die (as much).

  22. that's a good info to know about that annnihilation rate, at ship 10 when managed to go to 160-ish % some days but others we barely make it to 110, its kinda stressfull but i love that , really ^^

    i do hope that they wont nerf the % rate or the bosses , their fun to fight and while they are hard, its a "fair" battle, i'm Br/Hu 66/70 human male with 1297 HP under guts drink, using mainly a katana with some parts of the fight with the bow and i can say that i tend to die a few times even with automate halfline , iron will + never give up and the just recover, but i really enjoy the fight.

    i heard that for fighters its quite an harsh fight, but i guess i'll have to try out ;p

    anyway, i really do hope to see more hard boss like those two in the near future !

  23. Oh god this comment section's gonna be like that Post I talked about how to use Hu to 100K/hit without WB. if this keyboard battle keeps on -most of the comments were deleted –

    I don't have problem fighting Loser with Hu/Fi or Gu/Hu though and I go full Fury tree(and put all Step Attack line on Fi lol) I even think fighting him without WB spam is really fun.

    Seriously, use Just Guard+Just Counter! succeed to use Just Guard you'll block 100% of the damage, don't cost any PP, and become invincible from the blocked attack e.g. blocking DragonX's beam cannon allows you to walk and attack freely while inside of the beam and with this you can go melee berserk on Bleu Ringuarder without a single scratch. Forget about being fragile on non-tank style.

    but I died a lot with Bullet Bow though lol. because well ugh I use Banish Arrow on breakable parts and use Last Nemesis headshot with friend's WB, at least 200K/hit on the head and another duplicated damage from Banish on the breakable part such as Cape crystals, worth it. If you can use Kamikaze with Chain, you may see 999,999 from Banish.

    conclusion: fighting Loser is fun and every Hu should try Just Guard

  24. With all the complaints about Loser as a melee, I actually have a lot less problems melee'ing against Loser than I do against Apos Dorios.

    I strongly suspect my problems with Apos Dorios are due to lag, though… something about that quest always causes me to have massive lag, and then the lag goes away when it ends (i.e. I don't lag during Loser). Probably the server strain Sakai was talking about?

    The biggest problem I have with Loser is people bailing out on the quest because someone in the MPA isn't doing it exactly the way they want. Some people want to zerg the clock, some people want to break stuff… here's a hint, guys. If you care that much about doing it the way you think is right? Make your own damn multiparty and don't bail out on a bunch of other folks caught between your demands and someone else's!

  25. I rarely die at the Loser, and I play Fighter. Just use Bloody Sarabande and that new Ninja PA. You're fully invincible the whole attack and deal some decent DPS.

  26. I'm amazed of how much HP some ppl have here… o.o

    Im a newman with almost all classes maxed so i can swap through everything. My Br/Hu HP is fully equipped 782 and as Hu/br 822… xD

    I still survive at least 1 hit without having just guard or iron will, even with my low HP. I rarely get hit because i study the enemy attack patterns and just release a load of attacks in the right time. I think i fought loser with every class now and I have to say it's challenging with every class. Just check how he is going to attack, it's not hard. I recommend watching the floor because you can see how and in what region he will attack. Also, play with sound because he forecasts almost every attack with a phrase or sound.

  27. Interesting to find out what the annihilation rate represents, but I don't think it'll make a noticable difference to his 11 and 12* drops when the rates are so low in the first place. Never had an 11* from Elder or Base Defense either and that's not about to change here!

  28. Yesterday or before yesterday we fought Luther, there was a guy screaming for mirage but everyone went for the breaking arm method as they wanted to break all it's parts before killing it so he dropped from the quest in a rage-quit so we went from 12 to 11 but we destroyed him in time and I didn't got any 11* but a bunch of 10* to trade for Xcubes.

    It's his loss.

  29. Well, its strange that getting to 100% most of the time except night time is considered harsh.

  30. FemaleCast HU/TE (70/70)
    HP 1031 (Weapon 70HP + Armor 200HP + NaturalHP 761)
    Main Weapon : Sword
    Sub Weapon : WireLance, Spear, Gunslash
    No KATANA for me, it's a money source.

    If you know about that EGG(apos) attack pattern and beware for it's next move, you can OE them with out receiving any damage.

    So please stop whining ,you just need to practice as MELEE class. All other RANGE class just die in 1 hit, you take 2-3 hit. Please take it as an advantage.

  31. Female Dewman RA 70/BR 39
    HP goes up to around 770ish with armor (two excube units, one cougar/ability III unit, 2 at ex5, 1 at ex4)

    Weapon: new falz pyroxene 11* rifle

    I die a lot, honestly. However, I do survive one hit. If you're using an excube set, extend it. Defense does make a difference, if not much. For the merry go round of death, try bouncing off the center a bit. I think it helps get you around him a bit quicker.

  32. I just want to give a BIG slap in the faces of all those people who left me to fight loser alone all for all four days.

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