Dec 20th 2017 – Balance Changes

Episode 5: Balance Adjustments

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2018 Feb 21st Oct 10th    


Balance Adjustments

Step Jump Adjustments

  • Adjusted the Step Jump cancel timing for the following weapons:
    • Sword, Wired Lance, Partizan, Twin Dagger, Double Saber, Knuckles, Gunslash, Katana, Bullet Bow, Wand, Dual Blade, Jet Boots, Hero: Sword, Hero: Twin Machine Gun, Hero: Talis, Barehanded.
  • Relaxed the Step Jump cancel timing for Dive Rolls
    • Assault Rifle, Launcher, Twin Machine Gun.

Normal Attacks

  • Adjusted the travel distance of Normal Attacks while on the ground based on the distance from the enemy.
    • Sword, Wired Lance, Partizan, Double Saber, Gunslash, Katana, Dual Blade, Wand
  • Increased Sword's Normal Attack range
    ※Normal Attack range during the effect of [Sacrifice Bite Type-0] is not affected
  • Increased Gunslash's 1st & 2nd Normal Attack, and Step Attack range
  • Increased Katana's 3rd Normal Attack range
  • Increased Dual Blade's Normal Attack and Step Attack range
  • Increased Wand's Step Attack range


  • Grim Barrage: Enabled vertical tracking
  • Shift Period: Increased attack range


  • Photon Blades will cast even if the Gear is empty.
  • Buffed the power values of photon arts based on the Gear Gauge.
    ※The power value at max gear will not be changed.


  • Buffed the power of [All Attack Bonus 1] and [All Attack Bonus 2].
  • Improved the recast times and effect duration of [Point Assist].
  • Increased the Pet's HP
  • Increased the approaching speed when normal attacking with the following pets:
    • Wanda, Zinga, Torim, Aero, Viola, Maron, Mellon, Rappy, Synchro
  • Improved the normal attack range with the following pets:
    • Wanda, Zinga, Torim, Aero, Viola, Maron, Mellon, Rappy, Synchro
  • Maron Shield: Reduced the damage Maron receives during it
  • Melon Shield: Reduced the damage Melon receives during it
  • Viola Slicer: Increased attack range
  • Viola Stamp: Increased attack range during mode change
  • Viola Pulsar: Increased attack range
  • Increased defense of Viola during mode change
  • Increased the effectiveness of the following candies:
    • Last Minute Roll, Steadfast Roll, Support Roll, Invincible Roll, Bravado Roll, Finish Roll, Stamina Cookie
  • Relaxed the Meseta Cost of Candy Compression at the Pet Lab
  • Relaxed the number of Synthesizers needed for the following items at the Pet Shop:
    • One Layer Pancake, Two Layer Pancake, Three Layer Pancake
  • Added the following items to the Pet Shop:
    • EXP Egg ★06
    • EXP Egg ★12

※All Skill Tree Reset Passes will be distributed due to the above changes


Battle Arena Adjustments

Battle Arena Twin Machine Guns

  • Adjusted Hit Stops for Satellite Aim
    • 1st Shot: 0.50.01 seconds
    • 2nd Shot: 0.10.01 seconds
  • Changed the Hit Reaction for Satellite Aim
    • 1st Shot: KnockbackKnockback
    • 2nd Shot: KnockbackNone
  • Passive PP Recovery no longer takes effect during Stylish Roll

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