Dive into the Ultra Hard Fields of Planet Wopal

~ August 21st, 2019 ~


Ultra Exploration: Wopal

The Ultra Hard difficulty spreads to the watery world of Wopal! Two new Ultralized bosses have surfaced across the Coast, Seabed, and Floating Facility fields.


An additional ★15 Anacates series weapon, Yasminkov 5000S, and a new weapon camo are among the drops available from the Ultra Hard Wopal fields.


Puso Ni Comic Partners

Tetra, Mitarashi, and §Ichika§ are visiting the lobby for the summer! Collect their partner cards and [Puso Comic Memory 2] exchange items by helping them out with client orders.


Check out their exchange shop for Puso Ni Comic themed items.


New-Type Weapon Crafting

Players can now weapon extend ★13 and lower New-Type Weapons with the new recipes released. The end result will raise the performance close to a ★14~15 weapon.


Desynthing ★14 & ★15 Weapons

It is now possible to desynth ★14 and higher weapons for new Craft Materials. These materials can be even be sold on the Player Market or Traded.

※Players cannot desynth the ★14 [Atlas] Series, ★15 [Atlas EX] Series, nor the ★15 [Lightstream] Series.


General Additions & Improvements

Party Info Display Settings

The Party Information menu now comes in two formats. Through the Options menu, you can select whether you want the party menu to display in a more streamlined format or in its regular format.


Hide Accessories

Hide the potentially distracting character accessories of other players from the Options menu and have your view obstructed no longer!


Auto-Pickup Expansion

The auto-pickup feature has been expanded to include additional categories:

  • ★13 or higher Items
  • ★12 or higher Units
  • All Order Items / Materials

A list of items you've picked up can be displayed next to your character. Gathered materials will automatically be sent to your Material Storage if it is currently active.


Featured Quest Expansion

Featured Quests have been updated to include past Emergency and Limited Quests. The item drops for these quests have also been adjusted.


Fashion Icon Update

The icon used in a fashion ticket's detail window will show an actual visual of the item.


Group Chat Support

Shared Ships and Challenge Blocks now support the Group Chat feature.


Collection File Display

The Collection File reward list will display an item's Special Ability Factor and Potential.


Zieg Categorized Menu

Zieg's menu has undergone an overhaul that has you browsing his wares by category.


Balance Adjustments

More Balance Adjustments make way to PSO2. See the full list of them below!


August 21st - Balance Adjustments


Brilliant Performance (AC Scratch)

Deck out your character in a cool sci-fi getup or rock the visual kei style of a Japanese band with the latest assortment of premium cosmetics!



5 thoughts to “Dive into the Ultra Hard Fields of Planet Wopal”

  1. I doubt it will ever happen but I hope Specter and the erebos drops are in the Featured rotation. It will make grinding for Lightstream way less tedious.

    1. well..I've never even bothered with those weapons..not even doing persona anymore unless it's on weekly order.
      Thus got 15* Armada sword+30/Armada talis+35/Armada tmg+31/2x Armada (br) katanas+35/2x ph katanas+35/2x ph rifles+35/2x rain WL+35/Armada WL+35/Armada DS+31/Armada DB+35…

      Still hoping for Ph rod Y_Y……..rng is such rng.

      P.S. wish those erebos stones were sell-able….would gladly get rid of those 3 they gave us for free earlier.

  2. New-Type Weapon can crafting to similar power of 14-15* weapon, so Zeinesis/Qliphad will be the strongest 13* crafted weapon in game, due the weapon potential x2 affix. Or go crafting Basilis series for a cheap phantom weapon if unlucky got Resonant series. Some unique weapon like Union, Ceres or special potential weapon can craft

    Is it including old type weapon? You know… crafting Elder Pain Chainsawd…

    1. There are Campaigns, and the final Client Order from the Puso Ni Characters gives one.

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