PSO2 Station #35 Recap

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Secret Phrase

  • Say エピソードオラクル10月7日放送開始 in chat before August 28th's Maintenance to receive:
    • Male [EX] Voice A24
    • Male C [EX] Voice A24
    • Male [EX] Voice A25
    • Male C [EX] Voice A25
    • Female [EX] Voice A29
    • Female C [EX] Voice A29
    • Female [EX] Voice A32
    • Female C [EX] Voice A32
    • 7th Anniversary Badges (x20)


Emergency Quest & Boost Poll

  • Beach Wars 2019
  • Rare Drop +150% and EXP +100%
  • +10% Live Boost If You Attend The Dance Festival
  • Aug 17th @ 23:00 JST (Arks Dance Festival First)


Early September Update

  • Otsukimi Lobby (~10/2)
  • Otsukimi Mission (~10/2)
    • Mission Reward: Evo Device / Kaguya


Early September Update

  • Seasonal Emergency Quest: Regiment 2019
  • Ultra Hard Supported
  • E-Trials with Weaponoids
  • Get Weaponoid Weapon Camos


Early September Update

  • New Ultralized Enemy: Deos Gryphon
  • Regiment '19 Weapon / Egg Collection
    • Added a new weapon in Special Collection
  • Quest Drop: Dark Rappy Suit Mini
  • New Weapons!
    • Serpen Blenzer (Pot: Changes Attack Range of Vinto Gigue)


Early September Update

  • New Sword PA: Imperial Cleave (Hunters Only)
  • You can learn it by clearing Koffie's Client Order.
  • It uses a special gauge. By consuming it, you can unleash a powerful attack.
  • This generates a giant sword of photons that mows down enemies and releases a shockwave.



Early September Update

  • Agito, Eldetross, Yasminkov 8000C, Fornis Physis and Space Tuna appear in the lobby.
  • Clear their Client Orders to receive the Partner Cards.



Early September Update

  • Ein Project (AC Scratch)
  • Uniforms from Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These
  • The spaceship Brünhild will appear in the Gate Area


Early September Update

  • Ein Project (AC Scratch)
  • Sorcerer Costumes and Aika & Itsuki (Japanese & Western Fusion) layered wear!
  • Rod Pose Lobby Action


Late September Update

  • Material Weaponoid (AC Scratch)
  • Agito, Eldetross, Y8000C, Fornis Physis [Ou], and Space Tuna Outfits.


Late September Update

  • Material Weaponoid (AC Scratch)
  • Lobby Action Poses for each Weaponoid
  • Maron and Mellon accessories!


Late September Update

  • We head to Amduscia with Sara
  • Quna appears in a new outfit and you can also receive her partner card.


Late September Update

  • Damage Tally Practice: Rockbear
  • Can be played Solo or Up To 4 Players.
  • Comes with Two Modes: Free Mode (Unlimited Time) or 20 Second Mode.


Late September Update

  • Anime Commemoration! Oracle Collection
  • Contains outfits from Anime characters plus Quna Pose and Lisa Pose


New Class: Étoile

~ New Class: Etoile ~
Double Saber, Wand, Dual Blades
Releasing This Winter
Try It Out October 5th At Sega's Office



PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 3 Chapter 6 (8/21)
  • Special Investigation: Mining Base added to Quick Search
    • 14* Weapons [Quelle Scarlette] and [Rykros Staff] along with [King's Crests] as reward
  • Other Updates and System Changes
    • Chip Bag Expansion limit from 800>900
    • Login bonus Meseta amount changed to 10,000 Meseta per day
    • Auto battle AI tweaked
    • UI fixes
    • Bug fixes


PSO2es New Chip

  • Mitarashi (8/28)
  • Tetra (8/28)
  • Ichika (8/28)
  • Kasuga Ichiban (9/11)
  • Kamuroppu (9/11)


PSO2es New Chip

  • Agito [Moon Banquet] (9/4)
  • Assassin Quna [TCG] (8/28)
  • Casra [TCG] (9/11)


PSO2es New Chip

  • Divine Tsukuyomi (8/21)
  • Smash Harisen (8/28)
  • Grandia (9/11)
  • Ares Talis (9/11)


PSO2es Update

  • Tower Quest Event (9/4~9/18)
    • Puso Ni Comi collab chip [Mitarashi]
    • 14* Aculd Sword 
    • 14* Aculd Rod
  • Special Quest to get [PSO2 TCG] Chips (9/11~10/2)



IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • Sigmund will appear in his exclusive class: "Emperor"
  • The Strongest Fire ATK


IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga

  • Luther will appear in his exclusive class: "Photoner"
  • A certain man finally arrives in the World of Idola.
  • Coming September.



Phantasy Star Festival 2019

  • Merchandise from the Phantasy Star Festival will also be sold from the Sega Store.


Wally x PSO2 Smartphone Case

  • Wally teams up with PSO2 to bring original Smartphone Cases.
  • Begins August 17th for 2,980 Yen each.


PSO2 Character Song CD

  • PSO2 Character Song CD ~Song Festival~ V
  • Item Codes include
    • CD Package Mat 15
    • Stratos Pose (LA)
  • Date: August 23rd, 2019
  • Prize: 2,800 Yen


PSO2 Soundtrack Volume 7 & 8

  • Release Date: August 28th
  • Price: 3,980 Yen
  • Volume 7 songs: INVERRUCION, Omega Hunar, Buster Quest, Omega Falz Hunar, etc
  • Volume 8 songs: FINARIA, Apprentice, Dark Falz Persona, Leygender in Omega and Japanese.


PSO2es Gene Stella Innocent Ver.

  • PSO2es Gene Stella Innocent Ver Plastic Model
  • Price: 6,000 Yen
  • Sales Date: December 2019
  • Size: ~160mm


Matoi Figure

  • PSO2 Matoi Nidy-2D-Ver
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Price: TBA
  • Sales Date: 2020


PSO2es Gene Figure

  • PSO2es Gene Bunny Ver.
  • Scale: 1/4
  • Category: B-Style
  • Size: ~350mm
  • Price: TBA
  • Sales Date: 2020


PSO2es Gyu

  • The Phantasy Star Online 2es Gyu comic will be on sale September 27th.


PSO2es Gyu

  • Purchasing the comic gives you access to several items:
    • rtfgyuhkl Suit
    • rtfgyu Akhtar Mat
    • rtfgyuhkl Mat
    • rtfgyu Gene Mat
    • rtfgyu Lien Mat
    • rtfgyu Khorshid Mat
    • rtfgyu Annette Mat
    • rtfgyu More Mat


59 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #35 Recap”

  1. So, quick question: if someone wanted to go about ordering something from the Sega Store and they live in the US, how would they have to go and do it?

  2. Oh come on! They're gonna put Luther in Idola first and meanwhile I'm still waiting for them to add Matoi!

    1. "new class is revealed" this is not a new fucking class this is another phantom/hero. i feel you man i realy do

    2. As a Ranger main and a player focused in Fire arms this is a kick in the left nut, Hero is supposed to be Power, Phantom is Techs, were my Ranged class at then? Also they called it 新後継クラス, which mean New Successor Class, so this isn't a Regular class at all

    3. ah so whoever put the "new class is revealed" for the livestream description lied then.

    4. …wait, were you people unironically expecting the new class *wouldn't* be a Successor?
      I don't even

    5. Someone put the reveal trailer on twitter and it clearly says 新後継クラス, so this is the next Successor they teased back when Phantom was released

    6. just imagine in 2020 they announce another succesor instead of acctualy doing new weapons and adding fan favorite weapons back like claws or laser cannons shot guns actual sabers and handguns and slicers, oh and for good measure the next succesor class is gonna be knuckles Daggers and then jetboots of course! and they will call it footer

    7. IIRC the devs are on record stating they don't want to add new weapons if they can help it – which is understandable given the added workload involved, much of which will in practice be wasted anyway since sub-13* weapons are fodder at best.

      Successors only require devising new PAs and mechanics for existing weapons so you do the math…

    8. well i can only prey for a new mainline phantasy star title that works like zero or online hell even a ported psp2i. hopefully if pso2 takes off in the west they could finaly give the fans something.

    9. New Class is a generic term
      Sega uses the terms Regular Class and Successor Class if they wanna be specific.
      Get your head out of your ass, they haven't promised us any New regular classes.

    10. wow realy cool guys. love your atittudes toward me you didnt see me treating you liked shit. i was just having an opinion of what is being shown and sharing how i feel. but i guess if you guys are jumping on me ill call your guys douchbags. and to get your heads out of your asses. there now we are even

    11. *uses rhetoric that doesn't indicate opinionated comment*
      *gets called out*
      "it's mah opunion!"

    12. i mean it is my opinion but atleast i didnt attack you guys over it. i didnt tell you guys to get your heads out of your ass you know. did you know you can have an opinion and not attack other people? and be nice about things?

    13. "ah so whoever put the “new class is revealed” for the livestream description lied then" sure sounds an awful lot like attacking people to me you know…

      Certainly like entitled prat talk.

      Just because it's "muh opinon" doesn't mean it can't *also* be obnoxious BS.

    14. iam not deeply offended.i honestly didnt think anyone would care enough to reply to me in any form lol.

    15. its realy damn late. when i said lied i wasent making an attack on the person who put it. but its misleading and i wasent aware of the teeny details that people apparently religiiously know about "new classes" apparently just only meaning succesor classes now. its a case of me acctualy being ignorant/not knowing thje information that you guys are just so eager to spew out when a chance comes for you to school somone. when i said lie it was a half serious joke. i didnt think they where lying its just i was mislead. since i wasent aware of them never adding a regular class or weapons to the game ever again. so please explain ho w iam so bad now?

    16. By what token is a new Successor class NOT a "new class" in the first place? And explicitly accusing people of lying is a heavy charge; the kind that not all that long ago could readily lead to serious duels of honor and is still a pretty great way to piss folks off today.
      All the more so when it's plainly obvious you're basing it on nothing more than your own arbitrary assumptions and prejudices.

      Your case is not in the least helped by the generally hostile and rather entitled tone you've been using throughout this article's comment section; exempli gratia immediately below this chain.

    17. ok iam wrong ok? i fucked up ok iam sorry ok? is that better? jesus fucking christ you win. fuck my life

  3. the only 2 things that interest me from this whole entire thing. is litteraly the sword PA and the new ultra enemy. pso2ES litteraly makes me yawn at every waking moment.and idola is a disgrace to the "IDOLA" in phantasy star

  4. New classes are nice and all, but you have to bear in mind that there's only so much you can do in this game right now as is. Sticking a new class in an already tame game wont be enough to maintain interest long term.

    Short term, you can run all the different quests and get a new take on them as Étoile. Long term, it just blends into what we already have: running around in circles waiting for stuff to jump out and mowing down stuff as fast as possible until you reach the crystal at the end.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked for "new content" and Étoile looks killer, its just I personally think SEGA needs to focus on fixing the race track before they add more cars if you get me.

    1. TBF their past attempts to break from the basic multiparty EQ formula you described haven't really panned out. See: Ride Quests and Busters that aren't Perpetual Madness…

    2. Those quests are refreshing to the regular formula, its just a shame how they're all driven by the loot. Because the rewards are meh, people stop running them. Then again, that basically sums up every other quest in the game, EQ or not.

      It would be nice if they added more actual exploration and puzzle elements to quests to help break up the monotony a little. Challenge quests were heading in the right direction but yeah… the whole loot thing.

      I do like how in some of the more recent quests they have been adding forks instead of a simple A to B route. It'll be interesting to see if they ever decide to split the MPA even further in future quests, but now I'm just speculating so I'll stop.

    3. Sums up most content in any MMO* – it takes compelling content indeed to get players to run it with any regularity if the payoff isn't worth the effort. When you get down to it the basic Skinner Box cycle of the entire industry amounts roughly to "clear content as fast as you can for better stuffs so you can clear same content even fasterer for even betterer stuffs…"

      *yes I know SEGAc claims peso2 "isn't an MMO"; they're splitting hairs at best and being full of shit at worst there

    4. I like new classes, but they really ought to at least try and buff the old classes too. My husband really loves the gameplay and combat style of Gunner, but because the damage is so low compared to Phantom he ended up switching to Phantom in order to keep up in EQs and stuff.

    5. *laughs in GU* Yes, it is (possibly the highest or equal to phantom's mark detonation), in fact, GU has been nerfed more times than it has been buffed to stay with the other classes

    6. @Kohagura

      probably ur husband play it wrong.. GU still the best class up till now its even better than advanced class..
      beside ph detonation is very weak compared to gu chain.. even if with lord of thron maxed it takes to much time to fully charge the detonation max damage..

  5. I’m personally a little disappointed that there isn’t a ranger focused class, but hopefully that means the successor class that comes out in the future will end up being a Ranger focused class. I’m hoping for more of a phantom like class – so that it’ll be more assassin like! But I guess we’re going to find out.

    1. You know as well as I do that the likelihood of them ever making a GS-focused class converges somewhere near zero. 😐

  6. Double saber and wand, it was predictable given that until now no Fi weapon had been used for a successor class, it was logical that for the third class this is the case, the Double Saber was the most obvious choice. For the Wand, the same, not surprised at all, however the dual blade …

    1. There was no BO weapon for successors classes yet as well, why it's surprising?
      It had to be Fi, Bo and something else, depending on Bo weapon – ranged if JB or tech if DB.
      So result is predictable.
      And I'm happy that it's DB, so I can finally migrate my kirito build into modern class.
      Though Daggers and JB combo would be fine as well.

  7. upon seeing the gamplay for this new "class" and not judging it by a couple images and the fact that its a succesor i take back everything i said. because holy shit its amazing the movements are beutifull and unique and theres abit more then just "slash all over the place realy quickly for results" so i apologise for my shitty biased opinion before to who it may concern

    1. haha i read the top post.. ppl not hating u because u talk ill of the new class.. but when u acusing ppl lying for releasing new advanced class with saying it is a new class…when turn out new advanced class also can be considered as new class…

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