Dress Up As Seijuro and Sakura in PSO2's Sakura Wars Collaboration

~ April 22nd, 2020 @ 11:00 JST ~


Sakura Lobby

Standing beneath the cherry blossoms are Sakura and Seijuro's mechs from Sakura Wars. You can pose alongside [Koubu Type-3] or [Mugen] depending on which block you enter.


Mining Base Defense: VR (UH)

Challenge Mining Base Defense: VR once again with the addition of Ultra Hard difficulty. Waves of Lv.91 and Lv.96 enemies will attack each base and deploy even sturdier walls to hinder your progress. Ultralized Bosses will be joining the fray to pose an even greater threat.


This update brings along the ★15 [Nova] weapon series, and new ★13 [Nova] and [Mirage] leg units. Additionally, the long awaited weapon camos for [Orbit], [Mirage], and even [Nova], will also be available.


A Storm of Romance! Imperial Combat Revue (AC Scratch)

Seijuro and Sakura, members of the Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division, brings costumes, hairstyles, weapon camos, and lobby actions from Sega's newest installment of Sakura Wars. Alongside the collaboration is an Arabian belly dancer outfit, as well as, the sci-fi punk inspired Oscurita series.




Golden Week Support Item Selection (AC Scratch)

~ May 1st, 2020 ~

With the arrival of Golden Week comes another Support Item selection scratch. Here you can receive items that can assist in strengthening your equipment and raising your mag.

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