Dress Up Like Phaleg in PSO2's September 21st Update

~ September 21st, 2016 ~


PSO2 The Animation NPCs (Part Five)

The final two members of Itsuki's crew arrive in the Shop Area with the addition of Orga Cats and Master Nezumi! Apart from offering players their partner cards and client orders, they will also appear in Emergency Trials.

By clearing their client orders, players can obtain the ★13 [Imperial Pick-NT] Partisan and [Meteor Cudgel-NT] Double Saber. These orders are repeatable, meaning you can obtain the rewards several times and grind the weapons to the limit. You can even customize their photon color over at the Item Lab.



Legacy Parts Collection G 2016

Sega is showing CAST players some love with a two-week long revival scratch that exclusively features CAST parts. The scratch will officially run from September 14th through the 28th.


Treasure Shop Limited Revival


For a limited time, the Meseta side of the Treasure Shop will be selling Music Discs previously obtainable only through Item Codes. In addition, past Lobby Actions and Accessories from the FUN Scratch will also appear. These items will be available from September 14th through October 19th.


Marathon Practice: Tokyo

Our newest Time Attack Quest has players running through the streets of Tokyo. Utilizing the dash panels, they must rush to the end avoiding the constant deluge of missile strikes. Along the way, they'll encounter a series of scaffolds requiring quick reflexes to cross the gaps at high speed. At the end awaits the Train Ghidoran, defeat it to clear the Time Attack quest.


Earth Grace Coordination (AC Scratch)

ディバインスーツ (Divine Suit)
ディバインスーツ[Ou] (Divine Suit)
ディバインベスト[Ba] (Divine Vest)
ディバインインナー[In] (Divine Inner)

Phaleg and Erdem's costumes and accessories will grace the lineup of the latest AC Scratch! Players can even receive the unique "Squinting Eyes Face" facial variation as a scratch bonus.

フォージドレス[Ou] (Forge Dress)
フォージライン[Ba] (Forge Line)
フォージビスチェ[In] (Forge Bustier)
デニムジャケット[Ou] (Denim Jacket)
デニムジャケット[Ou] (Denim Jacket)
ベルトミニスカート[Ba] (Belt Mini-skirt)
チェックシャツ[Ou] (Checkered Shirt)カーゴパンツ Cargo Pants
チェックシャツ[Ou] (Checkered Shirt)
カーゴパンツ[Ba] Cargo Pants)
カールエクステ (Curl Extensions)
カールエクステ (Curl Extensions)
スコープガジェット (Scope Gadget)
スコープガジェット (Scopes Gadget)
細目顔 (Squinted Eyes Face)
細目顔 (Squinted Eyes Face)


Item Design Contest Nominees

The nominees of the Item Design Contest have finally been revealed. The competition isn't over just yet, so check back later this month to see which items will make the cut!


4th Anniversary Illustration Contest

The results of the Illustration Contest have been posted. The winners will have their artwork displayed as Room Items.


Tokyo Game Show 2016 Presentation

The next live broadcast will be streamed live over Youtube, NicoNico, and Abema TV on September 15th and September 18th.

September 15th Stream

  • Introduction of the new hosts of the next Live Broadcast.
  • Details on the new collaborations coming this Autumn ~ Winter.
  • Youtube Stream | Nico Nico Stream
  • Airs September 15th @ 12:15 ~ 13:15 JST

September 18th Stream

  • Details on the October update.
  • News regarding the new collaborations, merchandising, and PSO2es update.
  • Youtube Stream | Nico Nico Stream
  • Airs September 18th @ 14:30 ~ 15:30 JST


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