Easter Brings A New Advance Quest In PSO2

~ April 25th, 2018 ~


Wild Easter 2018

Wild Easter heads to Las Vegas after a year-long hiatus! Traverse through Sector 3 and defeat the Esca Darkers and Phantoms that block your path. Episode 4 characters such as Aratron and Ophiel will also appear as enemies within the quest. Serving as the boss of the final area is a special prefixed Deus Anges. Don't miss out on your chance to acquire a limited time item!


The Easter 2018 Bingo will focus on simple tasks that can be cleared even by those who've just started PSO2 Cloud. Complete the bingo to receive [Leontina's Certificate], an extra special reward that allows you to receive a ★13 Ray weapon of your choice!


Easter 2018 Collection

This season's collection file is serving up color variations of the Las Vegas weapons. Not only are they red in color, but they'll also support S-Class abilities. The collection will host four new weapons and eight ★13 pets from a variety of species.


Advance Quest: Kuron

Our next Advance Quest takes place in Kuron, home to a medley of Darker and Kuronite enemies. Those who make it to the end will face either Guar Zigmorde or Codotta Idetta. Players can access this quest by paying either one [Advance Capsule B] on Very Hard, or ten [Advance Capsule E] on Super Hard.


Arks Boost Rally

Arks Boost Rally is a special event where players must repeatedly clear a series of Advance Quests to increase the Meseta, EXP, and Rare Drop Rate. The user interface has been slightly modified so that you can individually check the amount contributed to a particular boost.


Leontina's Certificate レオンティーナ証書

Leontina is located at the counter to the left of the Main Gate. Completing certain tasks will net you Leontina's Certificate. You can trade this item in at her shop for a ★13 weapon!


Don Quijote Storefront

Coinciding with PSO2's second collaboration comes the return of the Don Quijote storefront in the Tokyo Field. Why not use this opportunity to take screenshots in front of the store with the latest in Don Quijote fashion! The store will appear for a limited time, vanishing after June 6th's maintenance.


Winners Design 5 Side A (AC Scratch)

The winning entries of the 5th Anniversary Item Design Contest will be released in a two part scratch! Each "side" contains items designed by your fellow ARKS members. Utilize these unique designs to further enhance your creative style.


ジャバウォックチューナー | Jabberwock Tuner
ジャバウォックメット | Jabberwock Helmet
オオクチノマカミ | Ōkuchi-no-Makami
セーラースイムウェア[Ba] | Sailor Swimwear [Ba]
セーラースイムヘアー | Sailor Swim Hair
セイクリッド・メサイア | Sacred Messiah
セイクリッドヘアー | Sacred Hair
零氷散華之衣 M [Ba] | Reihyou Sange M [Ba]
ヒュージTソードユニット | Huge T Sword Unit
*ブルークリスタルソード | Blue Crystal Sword
*ブリッツホライゾン | Blitz Horizon
*アークマスタークリーナー | Arkuma Star Cleaner
タコの尻尾 | Octopus Tail
フロレゾン[In] | Floraison [In]
ゴシック風メイクA | Gothic Style Makeup A
インナー風ペイントF | Inner Style Paint F




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