Episode 3: Farewell to Mother Walkthrough

This new story mission introduces a new character that will extend the Magashi storyline even further, but before you meet this new mysterious person you must fight your way through the depths of AMF Central Command.

Farewell to Mother 1

This mission isn't terribly difficult, but will have different gates to open. Here are some general key points you should remember while playing this mission:

  • If a door has a switch next to it, wait until Maya's cut-in-chat dialogue appears. If it does not appear, move onto the other door switch.
  • If you head in the wrong direction, you will walk yourself into a trap that depletes HP, and Maya will shout.
  • Remember that each time you play this mission, you may go a different path.
  • You will fail the mission if Maya dies. Be sure to have Star Atomizers on hand in case Maya just forgets to heal, generally she will heal as often as possible.

Block 2

In Block 2, walk forward and a conversation will appear, after its over chose the right door by waiting for Maya's cut in chat to appear. If you choose the wrong direction you will see a trap in the room followed by spawns that just slow you down.

If Maya's face appears, your going in the right direction

Block 3

Again, fight the enemies in the room and choose the correct path. If you chose the wrong one, traps will appear on the ground. Depending on the correct door, you will either receive key 1 or key 2. If you receive Key 1, take the portal back to the Key 1 and Key 2 gate and skip this spawn. If you get Key 2, head back to the Key 1 and Key 2 gate and skip the spawn and head to block 4.

Skip this spawn if you are trying to obtain S Rank

Block 4

Choose either right or left depending on whenever Maya's face appears. As you head through just kill the enemies, kill the Seed-Argine, and you will finish the mission and obtain your rank.

After your done, sit back and enjoy this new character!

S Rank Guide: In order to S rank this mission you must complete it in the fastest time possible. You can generally get this by using neutral and light weapons with the highest damage per second possible. If you have Photon Arts that are speedy and quick, you should have no problem. The time to complete this mission is 12:00 minutes. You should try to skip the enemy set that appears next to the Key 1 and Key 2 gate. You should also skip boxes and healing pads as those will waste your time.

= This walkthrough is incomplete and is in progress=

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