Etoile Strikes PSO2 On December 18th!

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Etoile, the third Successor Class, lands in PSO2 on December 18th! This class can equip Double Sabers, Dual Blades, and Wands, but is unable to use Techniques. Deflecting, parrying, and protecting are its specialties.

Unlocking Etoile requires two classes at Level 75.


Main Class Skills

Activate to recover the HP/PP of your Party Members and increase their Maximum PP for a duration.


Quickly approach the enemy for an attack by pressing the weapon action / normal attack button during a certain time frame. (Double Saber Only)

Double Saber Quick Take

Skip the first half of a PA by activating it without any direction input. (D. Saber Only)

Double Saber Skip Arts

Normal Attack will advance you towards a locked-on enemy. (Dual Blades Only)

Dual Blade Lock-On Chase

Hold and release the weapon action to warp in a direction and attack. (Wand Only)

Wand Teleport

Double Saber


Guard while moving with the Double Saber's [Deflect] Weapon Action. It can be used during Normal Attacks and Photon Arts.


Perform a [Deflect Combo] by using the weapon action after deflecting. Aside from the attack it produces, the combo provides a way to move closer to the enemy while guarding. Executing a combo after a successful Just Guard will strengthen its attack. Keep this up and unleash a powerful string of counterattacks.


Etoile Double Saber – Photon Arts

Swiftly approach the enemy, perform a series of slashes, and finish with a sweeping circular strike.


Absolute Quasar

Glide forward, blades spiraling around your character, and follow up with a single slash.

Saber Destruction

Leap into the air, perform a low horizontal slash, and pierce an enemy with several large blades from above.

Shooting Star

After a quick downward strike, kick a large photon blade towards your foe that sends your character flying backwards.

Celestial Collide

Dual Blades


While utilizing Dual Blades, an Etoile can launch [Edge] projectiles during Photon Arts. By activating your weapon action during [Step], you'll carry out a [Step Edge].


[Connect] is an attack that occurs by using the weapon action after performing a Step Edge. It consumes Gear and deals heavy damage to a wide area. Activating the weapon action once more leads to a [Full Connect] that further magnifies the damage.

Furthermore, the weapon action can also [Parry]. Activate your parry to block the enemy's attacks and execute an unabated onslaught.


Etoile Dual Blades – Photon Arts

Plunge your blades into the enemy and slash outwards, accompanied by an Edge pincer attack.

Distortion Pierce
Dart towards the enemy and strike with a series of slashes. Edge mows down a wide area.
Radiant Sting

Sharply ascend and swoop down with a slash. Two large Edge blades pursue the enemy.

Vertical Flow

Hurl forward several shockwaves. Two Edge blades come forth during the final portion.

Light Wave



Wands have a [Charge Protect] weapon action that generates a protective barrier that requires Gear. Consuming a certain portion of the Gear Gauge initiates [Protect Release], delivering a powerful counterattack.

Activating the weapon action at a certain time during a PA will transform it into a [Focus PA], reducing its range but increasing the power.


Etoile Wand – Photon Arts

Hold the PA button to glide forward and release to attack with a far-reaching slash. The focused version reduces the slash distance.

Prism Circular

Become airborne and unleash a meteor shower. Focusing narrows its area of effect.

Glitter Stripe

Emits a black hole that explodes with time. The explosion lasts longer during the focused version, but has a shorter range.

Black Hole Rupture

Casts forward a long beam of light. Focusing shortens the beam.

Luminous Flare

Etoile Class Trainer

Lucotte is waiting to serve up Etoile class Client Orders in the Main Gate area. Obtain her partner card and bring her along for a clean sweep of the battlefield!


Etoile Items

Pick up Etoile [R / Effort Symbol Et] from the Skill Ring Shop, and the [*Etoile's Order] from the 2019 Weapon Badge Shop.


Etoile Training Quest

Familiarize yourself with the unique mechanics of the Etoile class with a new Training Quest.


~ There is more to come with this update, the rest will be posted at a later date ~

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