PSO2 Station! Plus #2 Recap

Secret Phrase

  • Say the Secret Phrase in Chat to receive several prizes
  • スペースマガツデストロイヤーズ
  • You'll receive Bootrappy Hair Accessory and 50 Cobalt Medals
  • You have until December 18th's Maintenance to complete this task.


PSO2 EQ Boost Poll

  • Merry Christmas on Ice
  • Rare Drop +150% / EXP +100%
  • December 10th @ 23:00 JST with Quna Concert First!

New Years

New Year's Event

  • New Year's Lobby
  • Lobby Action: Fortune Slip (Which Plays Monica / Dudu phrases)
  • New Year's begins January 1st at 0:00 JST


New Year's Event

  • New Year's Limited Scratch: January 1st ~ January 8th
    • Accessory Selection : Popular Hairstyles, Accessories, Lobby Actions.
    • Lucky Bag G : Popular Layered Wear, and the "Grand" Special Ability Affixers

Early January

January Update

  • AC Scratch: Luminous Bloom
  • Navy Uniform and Coats
  • New Accessories and Makeup


January Update

  • Luminous Bloom
  • New Year's Style Kimonos and Flower Girl Outfit.
  • D-Saber Pose &  Playing in the Snow 2 Lobby Action


Space Magatsu Destroyers

  • Character Contest Special
    • Dec 25th ~ Jan 22nd
    • Winner will have their character appear as an NPC
  • PSO2 Video Contest
    • Dec 25th ~ Feb 5th
    • Lobby Action Division & Free-Form Division
  • Arks Exam 2020
    • Answer Questions Regarding PSO2
  • Web Panel Event
    • Jan 8th ~ Feb 5th
    • Collect Weapons Badge 2020


Space Magatsu Destroyers

  • Xie New Year's 2020
    • COs and Exchange Shop
  • Limited Exchange Shop
    • New Year's Donuts 2020 (+50% Triboost 60m)
    • Liberate Unlocker (Costs 200 Badges, Limited to 1)
    • Pure Photon
    • Ultimate Booster
    • Multi-Blade Wing L
    • Zonde / Cage Lobby Action


January Update

  • 8 Player Quest: Cosmic Calamity
  • In the First half you'll go through Shironia.
  • Drop: *Possessed Vessel Sangamori and ★15 Floatea Weapon Series


January Update

  • Second half is SPACE MAGATSU!
  • There's also going to be a 4-Player Trigger Quest version.
    • [Liberate Unlocker] can drop.

※「Liberate Unlocker」 is one of the many items needed to upgrade Novel into Liberate series.

Late January

Late January Update

  • AC Scratch: Idola Chaos Creed
  • Chaos Outfits from Idola Phantasy Star Saga
  • New Posters and Weapon Camos


Late January Update

  • More Accessories and Lobby Actions
  • LA: Wand Pose & LA: Snow Watching


Late January Update

  • Space Magatsu Destroyers Part 2
  • Limited Exchange Shop (Updated)
    • Multi-Blade Wing R
    • LA: Barta / Statue


Late January Update

  • Mother & Deus EQ now supports Ultra Hard.
  • The trigger quest version will also support Ultra Hard.



The Ultralized Dragons

~ Lizeth Ghidour ~


~ Ebolion Dragon ~


~ Dragon Ignissimo ~


Releasing Sequentially Starting February 2020

Etoile Tidbits

Double Saber

  • Long-Pressing Normal Attacks makes you execute an additional attack.
    • Your power will rise if there's Gear.
  • Gear can also reduce damage when hit.
  • Deflect is the Weapon Action which can block an enemy's attack.
  • Deflect Combo lets you block and rush towards the enemy and attack.
  • You can skip the first half of a PA by not using the directional input with the skill [Double Saber Skip Arts].
  • The Skill [Double Saber Step Slide] lets you slide if you [Step] again during [Step].
  • With [Double Saber Step Guard] skill, you can block and perform a counterattack if you [Step] forward right at the locked-on enemy's attack.


Dual Blades

  • Parry is the Weapon Action which can be used during attacks and movement.
  • If you parry just as an attack hits you, you can perform a counterattack at the locked-on enemy.
  • If you activate the weapon action during [Step], you'll perform a [Step Edge] attack.
    • This releases swords called [Edge].
  • If you activate the weapon action during [Step Edge], you'll perform a [Connect] attack.
    • This attack does a wide sweeping attack while consuming gear.
  • If you hit the weapon action again during [Connect], you'll perform a [Full Connect].
    • You'll need to have 2 stocks of Gear to perform this.
      • (1 for Connect, then 1 for Full Connect)
    • Full Connect turns your weapon into a giant sword for the finishing blow.
  • The Skill [DB Lock-On Chase] makes you advance towards a locked-on enemy when you do normal attacks.



  • You can move during Normal Attacks and PAs.
  • Charge Protect is the weapon action which makes you guard in all directions.
    • You can extend the guard duration by holding it, but this will consume gear.
  • Consume enough gear to trigger a finishing move called [Protect Release].
    • There's two stages to the finishing move.
    • The 1st stage activates if you release while there's a dark ring around the character.
    • The 2nd stage activates if you release after that dark ring expands.
    • The 2nd stage is a more devastating move and has wider AoE.
  • Wand PAs can be modified when you use the weapon action at a certain time.
    • An effect will display during the PA.
    • Using the Weapon action during this effect will change it to a [Focus PA].
    • Focus PAs have smaller AoE or range, but the attacks are more powerful. '
  • The skill [Wand F Dash] increases your movement ability while performing combos.

PSO2es Update

  • Season 3-7 Story: A Fortified Will
  • New option for Etoile in the linked EXP menu
  • A new challenge mode for emergency quests will be introduced
  • New Quick Search quests


PSO2es Update

  • Bekrew Sabathka (1/1)
  • Serpent Grigoros (1/1)


PSO2es Update

  • Harriet [White Christmas] (12/18)
  • Khorshid [New Year] (1/1)
  • Patty 'n Tia [New Year] (1/4)
  • Shishigami (1/1)


PSO2es Update

  • Rykros Staff (12/18)
  • Glycina Lithos (1/1)
  • Crimson Gunman Clotho [TCG] (12/18)
  • Sukunahime [TCG] (1/8)


PSO2es Update

  • Evleda Anhks (12/11)
  • Quelle Windea (1/8)
  • Heid (1/1)
  • Sorush (12/18)


New Side Stories

  • Steam Knuckle (12/11)
  • Slave Feather (12/25)
  • Shishigami (1/1)
  • Nemesis Caliber (1/8)


PSO2es Event Update

  • New Year and Christmas special quests!
  • Capturing Santa! (12/25 – 12/31)
  • Annual Shrine Visit Hit Parade! (1/1 – 1/8)
  • Sukunahime [TCG] among select PSO2 13 star weapons will make their debut
  • ARKS Training Drill 7 (1/8 – 1/29)


PSO2es Event Update

  • Tower Quests Return! (12/18 – 1/1)
  • 13* [Meteor Cudgel-NT] and 13* Chip [Kazami-no-Tachi] may drop in the Eternal Tower
  • Nightmare Tower can now drop the 14* weapons [Aculd Reng] (Katana), and [Aculd Fahneid] (Jetboots)
  • New Emergency Quest: [Hell Creeping Insect Queen]
  • 14* Weapon [Altia Fleche] (Bullet Bow)


PSO2 Fashion Catalog 2018-2019

  • Contains outfits from EP5~EP6.
  • Goes on Sale December 26th
  • Contains 432 Pages
  • Item Codes
    • Sit 7 LA
    • Esté Closet
    • Phaleg Hair 2
    • Hair Turban


Plastic Model Gene Stella Innocent

  • Gene Stella Innocent Ver
  • Price: 6000 Yen
  • Sales Date: December


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-Ray & DVD Vol 2

  • Volume 2 releases on December 18th
  • Limited Edition
    • Illustrated Case, Booklet, Postcard, and Audio Commentary.
  • Regular / Limited Edition
    • Item Codes for Soldier's Rest Outfits, Arks Beret, and PSO2 Anime Eyes & Eyebrows D.


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