Face Level 80 Enemies in Updated Advance Quests

~May 27th, 2015~


Wedding Lobby

Wedding  Lobby Arch

The Wedding Lobby returns just in time for June with new decor, including a wedding arch and pillars topped with floral arrangements! Ring the wedding bell beneath the arch to see a shower of pink petals fluttering down.


New Team Room

Aquatic Ruins Team Room

Explore the new [Aquatic Ruins] Team Room! Floating above the water's surface, these ruins have become home to overgrown vegetation. Tall trees wind throughout the weathered architecture.


APSY Collaboration Characters

Red Oni-hime Shiki

Red Oni-hime Shiki, a new character created by prototype model designer Masaki APSY, will appear in the lobby for a limited time. Her partner card can be obtained through clearing her client orders.


Red Oni-bō Oudo E-trial

Players may spot her in Emergency Trials as well, along with fellow APSY designed character, Red Oni-bō Oudo.


Advance Quest Update

Pay More Advance Capsules

A new feature will be added to Advance Quests that allows you to manually increase the Advance Risk by paying additional capsules. Doing so increases the enemy level cap, making it possible for enemies to reach level 80.

Players can experience emergency trials with enemies such as [Persona] and doppelganger [Apprentice]! Those who defeat them will gain the chance of acquiring these ★12 weapons!


LIVE Weapon Series and Zieg's Client Orders

Players can also acquire new ★12 weapons by trading in the required Large Pyroxenes at the Pyroxene Exchange Shop. The chances of obtaining these stones can be increased by raising the Advance Risk as high as possible.

Once they obtain enough LIVE weapons in different categories, players can show them off to Zieg to receive a ★12 weapon drop from Dark Falz Elder and Loser.

Lavis Blades, Psycho Wand, Niren Orochi, Magical Piece… these weapons could be yours by showing Zieg the weapons specified in the Client Order.

Other Adjustments

  • Added Extra Hard difficulty to the [Ocean of Death] EQ.


Sacred Witchcraft (AC Scratch)

Seitaka Serieis

Show off those legs in a new wedding dress sporting a partial miniskirt, or cover up with the dark coats and ethnic ceremonial robes included in this scratch. Featured also are Cast parts designed by Masaki APSY, following a warrior monk theme.


ヒメタカガラ・ボディ (Hime Takagara Body)ヒメセイタカ・シリーズ (Hime Takagara Series)
ヒメタカガラ・ボディ (Hime Takagara Body)
ヒメセイタカ・シリーズ (Hime Seitaka Series)
カースドコートM (Cursed Coat M)カースドフードCursed Hood)
カースドコートM (Cursed Coat M)
カースドフード (Cursed Hood)
Cursed Coat F
カースドコートF (Cursed Coat F)
カースドレイヤー (Cursed Layer)
マリアージュドレス(Marriage Dress)
マリアージュドレス (Marriage Dress)
タクリディアローブ (Tacridia Robe)
タクリディアローブ (Tacridia Robe)
カムディラムローブ(Camdilam Robe)
シフォンコサージュ 白(White Chiffon Corsage)
シフォンコサージュ 白 (White Chiffon Corsage)



ARKS Cadet Graduation: Login Presents

login present

Login on the days specified next week to receive three sets of items acquired by the ARKS Cadet through their "FINAL Challenge." Just log into the game on the appointed day to receive your presents from the Visiphone.

Login Day Marika Kouno Item Presents
May 18th 「Casino Coin Pass」 × 3
「Free Salon Pass」 × 1
「1000 FUN Ticket」 × 1
「EXCube」 × 2
「Grind Success (100%)」 × 1


Login Day Riko Kohara Item Presents
May 21st 「+250% Rare Drop Booster」 × 1
「Casino Coin Pass」 × 3
「1000 FUN Ticket」 × 1
「EXCube」 × 2


Login Day Yurika Takagi Item Presents
May 22nd 「+250% Rare Drop Booster」 × 1
「EXCube」 × 2
「Half Doll」 × 1
「Grind Success (100%)」 × 1
「15000 EXP」 × 1
「+100% Tribooster」 × 1

You have until 23:59 on the appointed day to retrieve your items.



3 thoughts to “Face Level 80 Enemies in Updated Advance Quests”

  1. What is written on the observation of Zieg CO? 1 weapon per account? But is it possible to get at least one of each or only one among all the weapons of DF?

    Another thing I do not like about these weapons delivered quest is that the element is very random, will be sad get the weapon on an element that I would not want to pick up.

    1. Yeah, quest is not repeatable. But since those are separate quests, you can potentially get each weapon.
      Similar to slave series and evil weapons exchange, the main intent behind this quest is maybe to let you upgrade the weapon you already got from a boss previously. In this case, they want to keep Falz drops exclusive for some reason.

  2. the way it looks like it'l work is like this : 1 co,per account,not per char. your not trading the weps to ziggy,either…he just wants to see them. and yes,wep(s) its going to take a series of weps to get what you wantt( no the wep isnnt random,u choose) i believe its going to require all ( large vayu) all ( prithi stone) etx, to get the wep u want. so example, lets say to get the df mechs, ziggy wants to see all the LIVE weps that u can make from the forest AQ stage. either that, or hes gonna want allweps of that class type, or perhaps just 2 or 3. you can actually earn larg stones now,and u can trade small ones into large 100:1 , so nobody is going to be forced to run the 50 caps (lol) Aqs.

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