Fate/stay night and Prisma Illya Phantasmic PSO2 Collaboration

Phantasy Star Online 2 will collaborate with Fate/stay Night and Prisma Illya to bring you costumes, weapon camos, and voices from the series.  These will arrive, along with a new Emergency Quest, on November 27th, 2013.

Costumes and Hairstyles

Saber Costume

騎士王の甲冑: King of Knights Armor
セイバーアップスタイル: Saber Up Style


Rin Tohsaka

アブソリュートレイヤー: Absolute Layer
凛ツーサイドアップ: Rin Two Side Up


Archer Costume

赤原礼装: Akahara Reisou


Gilgamesh Armor

英雄王の甲冑: King Of Heroes Armor


Kaleid Ruby

カレイドルビー: Kaleid Ruby
イリヤストレート: Illya Straight


Weapon Camos

Sword of Promised Victory

*約束された勝利の剣: The Sword of Promised Victory
(Sword and Katana)


Jeweled Sword of Zelretch

*宝石剣ゼルレッチ: Jeweled Sword of Zelretch
(Gunslash and Wand)


Fake Spiral Sword

*偽・螺旋剣: Fake Helix Sword (Caladbolg II)
(Bullet Bow)


Ea Sword of Rupture

*乖離剣エア: Ea Sword of Rupture


Kaleid Magical Ruby

*マジカルルビー: Magical Ruby


Voice Tickets

Each character will have a voice ticket. Once set, not only will it change your character's voice, but it also comes with voice commands from /vo13 ~ /vo22 so you can hear lines from the original work.

●「女性セイバーボイス」Saber Voice
●「女性遠坂凛ボイス」Rin Tohsaka Voice
●「男性アーチャーボイス」Archer Voice
●「男性ギルガメッシュボイス」Gilgamesh Voice
●「女性イリヤボイス」Illya Voice

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