Gal Gryphon Makes its PSO2 Debut!

~ July 8th Update ~


Gal Gryphon Limited Quest

Gal Gryphon

We've now reached part 2 of the Third Anniversary Quest, where players will face the fearsome Gal Gryphon from Phantasy Star Online Episode 2!

With its swift movements and powerful attacks, the Gal Gryphon leaps into the air, spreading its wings to charge at the players below.  Watch out for its electrifying attacks and giant tornadoes!


Limited Quest 2

Prior to facing the Gal Gryphon, players must run through a new Limited Quest taking place on Corrupted Naberius. All sorts of creatures, including the mystical Anga Fundarge, could appear along the way.  Players as low as level 8 can start this quest on normal difficulty! So even those that are new to the game can see what Corrupted Naberius has to offer.


Gal Gryphon PSO2

But there's one other thing Since this Limited Quest is not an Ultimate Quest, players utilizing the [Planet Naberius UL] timed abilities will see their effects null and void. In addition, all timed abilities will be ineffective within the Gal Gryphon's boss arena.


A Profound Invasion

Dark Falz Elder Loser 1

In this new pre-scheduled Emergency Quest, players will have to defeat Dark Falz Elder and Loser!

This quest does not appear at random, and will only appear at the times listed in the Emergency Quest calendar.  What new ★13 weapons will await players in this limited-time Emergency Quest?


Dark Falz Luther EQ

This quest can only be cleared once per ship. This even applies to your other characters on the SAME ship.

Both this and the limited quest will qualify for the Maximum Attack event. Their schedules are as follows:

  • Interlocking Web Panel Event: June 8th ~ July 22nd
  • Gal Gryphon Limited Quest: July 8th ~ August 5th
  • Dark Falz Elder / Loser EQ: July 8th ~ August 5th


Pioneer 2 Team Room

Pioneer 2 Team Room

It's finally here! Pioneer II has arrived to PSO2 in the form of a Team Room!  Reminisce in all your favorite locations, like the Medical Center and the Principal's Office. Gaze through the window to see Ragol in all its glory.



Virtual-On Lobby

Virtual-On is back with another collaboration! The lobby will once again be decorated with statues of Temjin 747A and Fei-Yen. Joining them this time, however, are fellow Virtuaroids Myzr Delta and Angelan.


ARKS Ball Kicks Off

ARKS Ball Match

Listen up, sports fans! The ARKS Ball is dropping into the lobby! Score points by knocking the ball into the opposing team's goal, but how you play is up to you.


Suzuhito Yasuda Collaboration

Yasuda Suzuhito Characters

The character designs of Suzuhito Yasuda will appear in the lobby and in emergency trials until August 5th. Score the partner cards of all three by completing the client orders!


Xie Exchange Shop Update

Xie is getting some new items in her 3rd Anniversary Exchange Shop. All-new color variations of popular weapons from throughout the Phantasy Star series will reappear as weapon camos.


In addition to new units, Red Ring Rico, the main heroine of PSO's first episode, will return as a stylized Mag device!


Eccentric Party (AC Scratch)

Virtual-On Costumes

The costumes and weapon camos designed by Suzuhito Yasuda will appear in this scratch. Players may recognize the Edomachi Kurara outfit from PSPo2 Infinity. Accompanying these are items based on Virtual-On's popular Virtuaroid characters.


Kirin Kizika
キリンキジカ (Kirin Kizika)
Edomachi Kurara
エドマチクララ (Edomachi Kurara)
Nix Harten
ニクスハルテン (Nix Harten)
GH 430 Ossoria
GH430オッソリア (GH 430 Ossoria)
Kizika Narukami
*キジカナルカミ (Kizika Narukami)
Kurara Rendan
*クララレンダン (Kurara Rendan)
*ギャランニクス (Galannix)

Virtuaroid Room Statues


★12 Weapon Relief

To allow for the sale of ★12 weapons and ★11 units between players, the following features have been added to the game.

Player Shops will be adjusted to allow ★12 weapons and ★11 units to be placed on the market.

  • ★12 weapons, when purchased, will become bound to owner.

The Recycle Shop will be updated to allow players to receive  [★12 Weapon] and [★11 Unit] purchasing passes.

  • Some ★12 weapons and ★11 units will not qualify for these passes.
  • Active Premium Sets are still necessary to acquire the passes.

In order to make it easier to obtain ★12 weapons, the following features have been added to the game.

[★12 Weapon Purchase Passes] can now be obtained through Title Rewards

  • Players will be able to receive a maximum of three [★12 Weapon Purchase Passes] based on the number of times they've cleared Extra Hard difficulty.

Aside from the above changes, ★12 weapons will also receive some grinding relief. This will be in the form of boosted success rates and partial cost reductions. In addition, players can expect the maximum grind risk for ★12 weapons to be partially relaxed. 

12 thoughts to “Gal Gryphon Makes its PSO2 Debut!”

  1. 12* Weapon Purchase Passes through title rewards? Will non-premium people be able to get them too?

  2. I know it's a gigantic miracle that they're giving free users passes at all… but three is such a dumb number, especially given that if you want to have full element (and thereby 50% more attack power before weaknesses are considered, which is admittedly a comically daft way for sega to have set the whole thing up) you're burning two of them. four or even six would have been smarter. account for the fact that not every class can get away with the "only need one weapon" angle.

    but then again…

    given that they didn't want to make 12*s part of the market for another year, and are doing this because they found that people aren't doing as much damage as expected because they don't have rares…
    I would have thought the smarter response would have been to rework drop rates so that more people would actually get these things. instead it seems like certain people swim in rares the moment they're added, and some… will grind untill their soul bleeds and never get anything of value.

    I think back to one of the last drop boost weeks we had while people still cared about naberius UQ. I watched the item record the whole week in between grinding. now, the item record is across all ships, rather than just for the ship in question. in the course of that week, less than 150 chainsawds dropped even though everyone leveled enough to be in UQ was spamming it. there were more 13*s dropping, and ares weapons only come from anga, while chainsawd drops from the MMA rockbears, both kinds of UQ monkey, and the UQ garongo. statistically speaking chainsawds should be more common for being lower rarity and having more opportunities to drop, shouldn't they…? then again, anga is more common than diabo, the UQ de malmoths, AND the MMA rockbears.

    1. Go Prem and stop whining about free handouts, you guys should fully well know how trade ins wont be allowed for passes etc by now

    2. Can be worse… yay sword from Rockbear! Brb gonna appraise it! *2 minutes after* … 10*. But yes, some people get all so fast, some people take ages to get soemthing and in the end that thing won't be worth a thing because better around. Always been like this. I remember the time I was farming like 6 to 8 hours each day for 7 months like tunnel (AQ most spam) for just Demonik Fork. Well… the first one dropped from the gill was year ago. Now is the same with the Ares Rod. It simply wont drop, and suppose to be on main fo or te doesn't help at all. I found few crap ares but overall I didn't care. Just wanted my ares rod. Amen. Also, Rare boost is just a lie (made exclusively from sega to encourage people to grindfeast), like TH in FFXI …

  3. "Some ★12 weapons and ★11 units will not qualify for these passes. "

    not what i wanted to hear. i was really hoping there was some kind of a flag in the items so the game could tell how it was obtained, so that xq 11* units that were obtained as drops (as opposed to from the exchange counter) could be turned into passes.

    1. Also unfair to those that got 12* from Magatsu that were drops rather than the shop counter. Assuming those 12* are blocked from trading as well.

      Probably the LIVE 12* series are blocked from turning in/selling, but that's no surprise.

  4. so just wondering about the gal gryphon LQ, once this LQ arrives, it's impossible tog ain gold,silve,and bronze medals right?

    1. I wouldn't expect so, after all theyre adding new things to Xie's shop, so unless they roll out an entirely different currency then it'll probably just stick with the medals

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