Grow Your New Genesis Wardrobe with Even More Updated Outfits!


Quest Redistribution

Several Limited and Emergency Quests will be rereleased with an added Ultra Hard difficulty that brings higher quality drops and changes to the enemy lineup.

April 28th

  • Special Training: Episode 5
  • The Underground Nightmare
  • T: The Underground Nightmare / T: The Desert Nightmare

May 5th

  • Special Training: Episode 6

May 12th

  • Mop-Up Operation: Endless Nightmare
  • ARKS Ship Fire Swirl


Oracle Renew Collection 4 (AC Scratch)

May 5th, 2021

Additional costumes will be redistributed with improved graphics and finger motion support.



GW Arrival! Accessory Select 2021 (AC Scratch)

May 5th, 2021

The annual Golden Week revival scratch arrives! An assortment of sought after hairstyles, accessories, and lobby actions from past scratches will make a reappearance.


PSO2 Make Collection (AC Scratch)

May 12th, 2021

A permanent collection of eyes, makeup, and body paint will be released. Note that these items will not work on the New Genesis face types or bodies.


Oracle Renew Collection 5 (AC Scratch)

May 19th, 2021

Several favored story character outfits have been updated with NGS specifications!




22 thoughts to “Grow Your New Genesis Wardrobe with Even More Updated Outfits!”

    1. Yeah it's so frustrating to not be able to use the shop pass. I rather use the AC in other stuff and not to spend it on Premium or the shop.

    1. Most of you people who comment don't even play the game. Go elsewhere with your toxic comments guys.

    2. You know you're commenting on a place made entirely to report and update on everything PSO2 related, right?

  1. PSO2 is still and forever be huge high quality coop action RPG with metric ton of content.
    It has 6 episodes of story and 4 episodes of gameplay ffs, any new player jumping in alone, or with friends will be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things to do, to see and to unlock.
    It's like saying Diablo 2 is dead, just because there was no new content in 20 years after LOD expansion.
    It will only be "dead" when it's physically impossible to play it.

    1. Most people have already been playing PSO2 for 9 years. You obviously haven't spent enough time in it to know all the problems. It is definitely not "high quality". Especially if you consider that PSO2 was SEGA's most profitable source of income. Anybody with eyes and a brain knows that those profits obviously did not go back into PSO2's development budget. The same can be said for NGS. I say this as someone with game development experience.

      Sure, PSO2 is overwhelming and full of content, IF you jump into it now. But SEGA is gradually destroying what's left of PSO2 because they want people to move to NGS. Ever ask yourself why they went to the trouble of connecting NGS to PSO2, instead of simply making PSO3? It's because they know it'd likely flop if they didn't inherit PSO2's existing playerbase. If you consider how much of PSO2 carries over to NGS in a useful or meaningful way, it isn't much.

      No matter how I look at it, NGS is a massive step backward from PSO2. I'm not the only one who feels that way. Both my international and Japanese friends are either hesitant or not at all interested to try NGS. I can't see NGS as offering anything that isn't done better by other games, let alone PSO2.

      I'm sure that prior to NGS' announcement, if you asked most PSO fans what they wanted to see in PSO3, it would not have been what NGS is. Almost all of the official art, fan art and screenshots for PSO series has always favored "anime" style. Yet NGS continues to be semi-realistic, with hideous 3d faces. If SEGA treated PSO as well as they treat the Yakuza series, they could easily have went with a visual style similar to Blue Protocol or Genshin, both of which attract people by visual style alone.

      If you look at the complaints and feedback for the betas, it's obvious they haven't learned much from PSO2. It's normal to not have any confidence in a game that already fails on so many basic points. Again, I'm not the only one who feels this way. Did I want NGS to be a failure? No. But there's something very wrong if a significant amount of people prefer to stay on PSO2 than move to NGS.

      And SEGA continues to treat its longtime loyal fans like garbage. They actively focus almost entirely on attracting new players. I've repeatedly complained about this to them over the years in multiple surveys, but they don't care. The most recent example being that NGS closed beta invitations evidently greatly favored new accounts. They also paid Japanese streamers who don't play PSO2, to play the NGS closed beta.

      Another obvious example is how long PSO2 took to make it to the West. Not to mention how they completely dropped the ball with its Western launch. Are you aware most people immediately quit PSO2 because it kept uninstalling itself? They're lucky they didn't have it erase their HDDs like it did to the Japanese years ago.

      I dunno about you, but I'm not particularly motivated to continue supporting a company who hates its loyal fanbase and customers.

    2. I can't get Bumped to display my text in paragraphs. Anyway, a few examples of PSO2 not being high quality over the years:

      Highly varied texture resolution inconsistency (was common in the first few years of PSO2, amateur mistake). Environment scaling doesn't match character size (eg. tiny cars in the city EQ map). UV seam errors (eg. inner leg of Sakuya Mode C Repca), inverted 3d normal errors (eg. pink parasol mesh is completely inverted), stray verts dragged out of place on some models (Airy Summer Dress has a depressed vertex on the legs that was never fixed), ugly faces (everyone mocks the faces), no finger movement. I'm sure there are a lot more that I've forgotten.

      It took around 3 years to add the My Set feature, despite being a game revolving around changing classes. It took 8 years to add a basic DPS practice quest. It takes them months to make a single new quest or map. I heard it took them 7 months to make the assets for the Re:Zero collab. They obviously never had many staff working on PSO2.

    3. Whatever WHATEVER is projecting on others, telling me I didn't play enough of it is a sure way to stop me from reading the rest of that wall.
      I'm playing since 2014, clocked over 3000 hours on my main character. I think that's plenty enough.
      There are no perfect games and PSO2 is not perfect, but it sure as hell one of the best action RPGs period, online or otherwise, up there with Nioh 2 and your favorite Monster Hunter.

    4. Not going to add much here since we're beating a dead horse, but …

      How long did it take them to add a zoom feature in the shop preview? Five / six years? Before that, you literally COULD NOT SEE some of the makeup items (eyes especially) without actually buying them and then zooming in on them in the salon yourself. These were items Sega put in the scratches for real money, and they couldn't even be bothered to do that.

      For me personally, I never bought a single eye type until after that zoom was added, since I didn't want to waste my money. Same goes for voices – still haven't bought one because, afaik, there's no way to preview them. You'd think they'd be smart enough to add some of this stuff after this long.

  2. Revive the shop pass and allow us to get mission badges in a reasonable way
    And the game can continue for the rest of its time witouth issues

    1. this ^
      Just let us at least to ready our equipment for ngs, is that so much to ask for?

    2. @laharl
      Yeah Shop passes being gone because of NGS' new way to use shop is weird. I wonder how they'll implement it for PSO2 aside from just waiting until the NGS title releases.

      We JUST had a 20% boost week that lasted for 2 weeks.

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