PSO2: New Genesis Prologue 3 Recap

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Launch Date

  • Global and Japanese version will release simultaneously.
  • Launch will begin June 2021!


New Genesis Character Creator Benchmark

  • A benchmark will be released in Late May for both Japan and Global.
  • You can customize and save your character data for use in PSO2:NGS at launch!
  • You'll be able to watch the opening cutscene with your character replacing Ash.


Changes made for Closed Beta Test #2

  • Material Storage was implemented
  • New Face patterns "Snipt face" and "Robust Face" were implemented
  • Adjusted Gathering Material location
  • Excluded Augment Capsules from activating the Rare Drop effect
  • Adjusted the amount of drops form Weapons and Armor
  • Increased EXP to align with the increase in HP of dread Enemies
  • Petta Vera HP was adjusted
  • Extended the spawn duration for Gigantix enemies.


Closed Beta No.2 Survey Results

Positive Feedback

  • New face patterns allowed some to create characters as they had envisioned.
  • Gathering Materials were easier to obtain
  • Inventories has more room to breathe thanks to the Material Storage and the drop amount adjustments

Negative Feedback

  • The mouth on Snipt face looks to realistic.
  • The scratch ticket purchase effect looks too bright.
  • You can't skip the dialogue, so there were requests to skip NPC dialogue related to tutorial tasks.
  • Sometimes materials inside the material storage couldn't be used when affixing special abilities.

Changes to be Made by Launch or Shortly After Launch

  • Adjustments to the "Snipt Face" at the mouth part
  • Adjust Scratch Ticket purchase effects.
  • Add the option to skip NPC dialogue in tutorial tasks.
  • Fix players being unable to use materials from Material Storage for Special Ability affixing.
  • Make more fixes for the matchmaking bugs that was not completely fixed during the test.




New Character: Aina

Aina (CV: Sumire Morohoshi / Amber Lee Conners)

  • Aina is a 15 year old ARKS Trainee. She's the main heroine of the game.
  • She's the first to meet the protagonist who arrived on a pod.


New Character: Mannon

Mannon (CV: Yume Miyamoto / Heather Gonzales)

  • Mannon is a newman and the other main heroine of the game.
  • Mannon arrived on a pod like the protagonist, however, unlike most Meteorn, she can remember some parts of her past.


New Character: Dozer / Bruder

Dozer / Bruder (CV: Tokuyoshi Kawashima / Chris Hackney)

  • Dozer is a veteran Arks who will guide the player as their instructor.
  • He's very strict to himself as well as those he teaches.
  • Dozer will be known as Bruder in the Japanese version


New Character: Garoa

Garoa (CV: Kenta Miyake / Chris Smith)

  • Goroa is Aina's father and the leader of Aelio town.
  • He is one of the five strongest veteran Arks on Planet Halpha.


Story Introduction

The protagonist is a Meteorn who arrives from a pod onto a small island in West Aelio. Guided by Arks locals, the protagonist arrives first at Aelio town, and it is from here where their adventure begins!



New Character Creation Features

Ornament Display Setting

  • Casts will have the option of toggling the display of ornaments for Head, Body, Leg, and Arm Parts.


New Default Cast Parts

  • New default Cast parts will be added to Character Creation
  • These parts were not available during the Closed Beta
  • The left Cast has the design of a Technic class.
  • The right Cast has the design of a Melee class.


Finger Only Lobby Actions (Emotes)

  • Finger lobby actions can be used with other lobby actions for more expressive poses.
  • You can use these Finger Lobby Actions on the older PSO2 Lobby Actions that don't have finger movements.



Expression Customization

  • You can individually customize each of the main expressions.
  • You can adjust the eyelids, eyebrows, the mouth shape (including the use of vowel sounds as the guide), and the tongue.


Starter Package

New Genesis Starter Package Japan Only

  • Title: ファンタシースターオンライン2 ニュージェネシス スターターパッケージ
  • Release Date: August 19th 2021
  • Platforms: PS4 / PC / Cloud
  • Price: 4,990 Yen (Approx $46 USD)
  • Contains Item Codes for 9 In-Game Items

New Genesis Starter Package Limited Edition Japan Only

  • Price: 5,990 Yen (Approx $55 USD)
  • Contains the 9 in-game items AND a mini soundtrack.


Item Codes For the Special Package

Purchasing the Special Package will give you 9 in-game items for the Japanese version.

  • Aelio Badge x12
  • Mo: Swim – Crawl (Motion)
  • St: Aina Ride The Wave (Stamp)
  • 15 Day Premium Set (x2)
  • 15 Day Material Storage (x2)
  • N-Rare Drop Rate +50% (x3)
  • N-EXP +10% (x3)
  • Free Salon Pass
  • N-Half Scape Doll (x5)


DLC Founder's Packs

Since the Starter Package is limited to Japan, players outside of Japan OR on the Global version can purchase a "Founder's Pack" to receive the same items as the Starter Package.

If Playing The Global Version

  • There are two Founders Pack separated for Masculine and Feminine body types.
  • The Packs are available from the Xbox One / Microsoft Store, Steam, and Epic Games.
  • Swimsuit Pack 1 — $41.99
  • Swimsuit Pack 2 — $43.99

If Playing the Japanese Version

  • There are two Founders Packs separated for Masculine and Feminine body types.
  • The Packs are available from the PS Store, Nintendo eShop, and the in-game AC Shop.
  • Swimsuit Pack 1 — 4,300 Yen
  • Swimsuit Pack 2 — 4,500 Yen


Pack Contents


Road to New Genesis Campaign (Begins May 12th & Onward)

  • Pre-PSO2:NGS Twitter RT Campaign
    • Receive Star Gems and a Stamp based on the total amount of retweets of qualifying tweets.
  • Character Item Get Campaign
    • Receive Lobby Actions and Accessories for use in PSO2:NGS when you clear Limited Missions.
  • Pre-PSO2:NGS Count Down Login Bonus
    • A countdown login bonus event begins 7 days before New Genesis launch.
    • Earn [SG 30 Ticket] for each day you login.
  • Level Up Support Boost Event
    • A Boost Event will be held with a +400% EXP Bonus for all Level Up Quests.


Road to New Genesis Campaign

  • Pre-PSO2:NGS Welcome Back Campaign
    • Receive a [SG 50 Ticket] and other useful items when you login during the campaign period.
  • Invite New and Returning Players to your Team for a chance to get Items
    • Team Up With New Players
    • All team members will receive a [50 SG Ticket] and [LA 67 "Kick"] when a new PSO2 player belongs to their team by the end of the campaign.
    • Team Up With Returnees
    • All team members will receive a [50 SG Ticket] and [LA 204 "PyonPyon"] when a returning player belongs to their team by the end of the campaign.


Road to New Genesis Campaign (Begins May 12th)

  • PSO2 NGS Coming Soon! Twitter Retweet & Facebook Campaign
    • Players will receive SG and stamps that can be used in NGS, depending on the total number of retweets of tweets with a special hashtag and Facebook post likes during the campaign.
  • Character Item Giveaway
    • Players can complete Limited Time Missions to receive accessories and emotes they can use in PSO2:NGS!
  • PSO2:NGS Coming Soon! Countdown Login Bonus
    • Countdown login bonus begins 7 days before PSO2:NGS launch! Players will get [SG 30 Ticket] from logging into the game every day.
  • Level-Up Support Boost Event
    • +400% EXP boost will be in effect for all Leveling Quests during the event.


Road to New Genesis Campaign

  • PSO2:NGS Coming Soon! Welcome Back Campaign
    • Players can receive 50 SG Ticket and other userful items for gameplay by logging in every day during the campaign!
  • Players can Invite New Players and & Returning Players to their Alliance for a chance to receive items!
    • Alliance with New Players
    • At the end of the campaign, all members of alliances with new PSO2 players will be given a [SG 50 Ticket] and the [Emote 258: Lean on Hands!]
    • Alliance with Returning Players
    • At the end of the campaign, all members of the alliances with players who have returned to PSO2 will be given an [SG 50 Ticket] and the [Emote 545: Kneel].

34 thoughts to “PSO2: New Genesis Prologue 3 Recap”

    1. They do show it for a split second as he jumps into battle with it. It was the same weapon type that Maria uses. He then has it fade away.

    2. That's my point, though. They show it for a split second and it's gone, unlike other characters, and unlike other characters, not on his character profile art either. As to why… Well, probably plot related.

      About it looking like Maria's Labrys though, i disagree. I mean it looks like giant axe sure, probably a partizan. However, Labrys has a distinct design, and more blue, you know. Try to compare them if you want. It's just a guess. But doesn't it kinda look like Clarissa, you know, the white one? Again, try to compare them if you want.

      Well anyway, I guess we'll have to wait for NGS to come out and see for ourselves. Sure something interesting to think about, though.

  1. Level-Up Support Boost Event
    +400% EXP boost will be in effect for all Leveling Quests during the event.

    a) what the point leveling in PSO2classic before NGS?
    b) who doesn't have at least one lvl100 class? i have maxed all classes without those events :/
    and 2 alts also lv100…
    c) for meseta farm? but meseta is useless in NGS, because NGS items will be sellable only in N-Market for N-Meseta after NGS release (if it stays same as during beta..otherwise idk why they divided it during beta?)
    d) they removed 3day shop passes from game…F2P farm-dudes won't provide everyone with fodder affixes (affix capsules for NGS) anymore..prepare to scratch even more to get enough N-meseta for affixes 😉

    1. This is probably more aimed at Global. lt started a campaign where you get a LOT of star gems for each class you get to level 100. This is aimed at returning players and the mass amount of rainbow keys plus this will ensure a lot of people get several classes to level 100 easily.

    2. I'm still waiting for my SG 😀
      and im too lazy to waste time on those 16 rainbows x)

    1. Eh, really? So just a title and no FUN-scatching (I know there wont be one in NGS) RNG to torture me? That's great!

    2. Hm, so far the only thing I've found that to SEE items I need a title but there was nothing about being able to sell items which is what important. Unless there's a source stating otherwise I guess that NGS shop will be paywalled…

    1. Good Lord… It's fiction… It doesn't exist… (Peter Griffin): That doesn't even make any sense!

    1. I'd rather pay $40 for this than waste money on one of their lousy gachas, honestly. At least you know what you get. And the items are actually nice.

  2. Am I the only one that thinks that the graphics in NGS look like a downgrade, and that the characters in NGS are UGLY as HELL now?
    I mean come on!! Look at Matoi, now look at this Aina character… Now back to Matoi… Now back to Aina… Aina is UGLY as F*CK! Look at that face modeling! Look at the "graphic" itself. Damn! Someone re-create that same character using the PSO2 default engine, show it side by side, and then tell me that NGS is better. I dare you.

    1. Aina looks like tanned Emilia from PSP2.
      What does looks worse is hair. I mean PSO2 hair now looks like trash as well, but back when NGS graphics weren't implemented PSO2 had best hair.

    2. Ugly's going a bit far, but … Yeah. You're not the only one that doesn't really like the new art style. 3D anime styling is really hard to get right, and some of their character designs have been super hit-and-miss. Garoa looks great. Original Ash, Mannon … not so much?

      (It's the lips, btw. They're super hard to work with. Another reason I haven't bothered with NGS face considering the crazy cosmetic prices.)

  3. Does anyone know how PSO2 (legacy characters) will work in NGS? Say, if I brought my legacy character into NGS, would I be able to recreate my character so that they use the new NGS body and face or will I have to use a body pass or something similar?

    If so, wouldn’t it be better to just make a new character and transfer cosmetics from the legacy character onto the new one?

    1. Yes. When you start NGS you trigger the new game where you select your starting class and customize your existing character before starting. At this point, you can customize their NGS body and faces. This is also when you get to select your starter Setwear/Outfit and colors for it.

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