Guilty Gear Rocks Phantasy Star Online 2


~ August 26th Update ~


Challenge Quest 2: [Mission: Determination]

This latest update bring us our second Challenge Quest, taking place on the Tundra, Tunnels, and Skyscape fields. Near the starting area from Mission 2 onwards, players must decide whether they'll pick up objects, such as an Energy Capsule or Mile Crystal. But that's not all, as Challenge Quests are going to receive their own Boost Events. These week-long events target specific Challenge Quests, boosting the amount of Challenge Miles you can earn. Here's a peek of the upcoming events coming late August through September.

Challenge Quest Boost Week

  • Challenge Quest #2 [Determination]
    • After 8/26 Maintenance ~ September 1st @ 23:59 JST
  • Challenge Quest #1 [Start]
    • September 2nd ~ September 8th @ 23:59 JST

※ Boost details will be posted at the official site.

Don't forget to visit the Title Counter, as there will be even more Titles to acquire.


 Ideal Units

Ideal Units

Players can dress for success, by matching the style of their Ideal weapons with "Ideal Units." Just like their weapon counterparts, you can even change the unit's photon color at the Item Lab. Their set effects come in two distinct flavors, the [weapon + arm unit] set, and the [rear + leg unit] set. Equip them all to receive both set effects.

Once you collect all 3 units, you can show them off to Zieg to receive Challenge Miles as a reward.


Photon Boosters

Photon Booster Cost

Photon Boosters are items that unlock hidden potentials for ★12 weapons. However, they may also be used on certain other weapons. These boosters can be acquired by trading in Challenge Miles at the Challenge Mile Exchange Counter.


Hidden Potentials

Hidden Potentials

  • Psycho Wand
    • Reduces PP consumption and increases power when using Technics.
  • Red Sword
    • Increases power when wielding an extended weapon.
  • Blitz Fender
    • Increases critical rate and critical damage.


Login Stamp and Other Improvements

Login Stamp Revamp

In case you needed extra incentive to log in every day, the login stamp system is being reworked. Now you'll receive an item each day you log in, rather than after several days. The item rewards themselves will thus be adjusted as well.

Time Attack Solo Rankings

  •  Depend on party members no longer! The game will now feature solo rankings in addition to the normal rankings for Time Attack quests.

Recycle Shop: AC Scratch Item UI tweaks

  • For AC Scratch Items, there will be UI improvements (icons) making it easier to distinguish the items eligible for trading in at the Recycle Shop.


Class Boost

Now there's a new incentive for leveling up your classes! When you reach level 75 in a particular class, you'll earn its "Class Boost" as a Title Reward. This unlocks an effect that boosts certain stats. The effect is account-wide, applying to all the characters on the account.

There's a class boost for each class, raising stats from the list below:

Class Boosts
Hunter 50     15   40      
Ranger       20 15   40    
Force       15 20     40  
Fighter   2 50   15     10  
Gunner   2 15 50    10      
Techer   2 15   50   10    
Braver   2 20 20         30
Bouncer   2 20   20       30


Daily Crafts Expansion

PA Cust Daily Crafts

The Daily Crafts menu will now include requests for PA Customization. In addition, there will also be crafting days specifically aimed at "Veteran" or "Entry Level" crafters. Their schedules are as follows:

  • Entry Level Days: The 14th & 25th of every month.
  • Veteran Days: The 15th & 31st of every month.
  • PA Customization Only Days: The 30th of every month.


Versus Guilty (AC Scratch)

Sol Repca
ソル・レプカ (Sol Repca)

Following a successful BlazBlue collaboration, we have a selection of costumes, weapons, and voices from the cast of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-. Let's rock as popular characters like Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, or newcomer Elphelt Valentine!


Ky Repca M
カイ・レプカM (Ky Repca M)
カイ・レプカF (Ky Repca F)
Elphelt Repca
エルフェルト・レプカ (Elphelt Repca)
May Repca
メイ・レプカ (May Repca)
Millia Repca
ミリア・レプカ (Millia Repca)
ミリアアサルトヘアー (Millia Assault Hair)
Magnolia Eclair 2
*マグノリアエクレール2 (Magnolia Eclair 2)
Miss Traviller
*Missトラヴァイエ (Miss Traviller)
Junkyard Dog
*ジャンクヤード・ドッグ (Junkyard Dog)
*錨 (Anchor)




45 thoughts to “Guilty Gear Rocks Phantasy Star Online 2”

  1. Kinda a missed opportunity to not include Bridgette in this selection of Guilty Gear outfits. Considering it would work both males and females then we could continue the meme for him \(^.^)/

    1. These aren't from Guilty Gear, it wouldn't make much sense to add her. (same company, different series)

    2. Can not wait for Elphelt to arrive. I have designed a husbando crazed Caseal rifle user. I am disappointed that her weapon camo is her shotgun mode and not her musket rifle
      How am i going to Magum Wedding my future husbando ? Oh well shotgun wedding it is hehe.

    3. Your vocabulary is deplorably limited, "husbando" is a widely used term for the male equivalent of "waifu".

      And if you don't know what THAT means, what are you even doing in Waifu Star Online 2? :/

    4. Yea u dont hear that word much bc your probly a guy, and know of waifu lol. ハズバンドhusbando~ its just the kata spelling for husband, same was waifu.

    5. As far as I'm concerned, there is only Waifu. That word, stupid as it is, sounds good. Husbando sounds awful; looks like it's Spanish and is one syllable too many. Husbando is like a desperate attempt to get in on Waifu bandwagon… Come up with something that sounds better. And before you assume anything, I play as male characters and largely hate this Waifu stuff, so don't assume I'm trying to protect the whole Waifu social identity on the Internet.

      But you're right, PSO2 basically is Waifu Star Online; seems like anyone that plays as a *in spanish voice* … 'husbando' are the types who only play in Block 01.

    6. Bizarre and misplaced purism isn't much of an argument. Neither are non-sequitur hostile insinuations.

    7. The bandwagon… of using a jp word. You might be the stupudest person ive encountered here. Its a friggin jp word, its not some made up shit. Neither is waifu. But your too narrow minded to realize theres more than ur language. Its not a term, its a word (albeit, spelling it in kata bc using the foreign version) doesnt change the fact its not some clever thing she made up on the spot. Actually done with this… not worth it to get irritated with a child u. u

    8. Gotta agree that "Husbando" sounds stupid and awkward and too long. I wish we'd find another word for it.

    9. what did you just say about me?
      I'll let you know that i have many years as a gary stu character.
      I can kick your ass in 25 different martial arts, including ninjustu, magic arts and killing with sexy eyes
      you better take care from now on, or I'm gonna be sure that all my fan girls go after you and hit you with dakimakuras with my face printed on them

    10. Guys, relax. I can settle this for you!

      None of you sound even remotely intelligent as you sit there pretending you have amazing vocabularies. Can't even use proper grammar, for ****'s sake.

      Either way, saying waifu or husbando is pathetic. It's not funny or cute; and who gives a rat's *** if they are real words to your sad little minds? The bottom line is that you are seriously sad and pathetic if you're one of these freaks that lives on PSO2 and design your chars with "waifu" and "husbando" thoughts in mind. I mean, really?! You deserve to be forever alone.

      You plebs are why this game has 10 female chars for every male char. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

    11. Nhisso, I totally agree, and Random, I'm sorry you feel that way, didn't mean to offend. And Uguu, I could barely understand what you typed. but If you're going to call me the stupidest person you've met, at least spell the word right.

      Isn't the word for husband in Japanese, Otto? Why not just use that?

      But anyway, the word 'Husbando' does not break the word down to Japanese syllables; the word should actually be more akin to: Hasubando (Ha-Su-Ba-N-Do), not Husbando. So all of you lecturing me about 'Husbando' being a legit JP word actually got that wrong. It wouldn't be broken down like that in Katakana, so it's not legit; you got it wrong and I was right.

      At least Waifu is spelt with the Japanese syllables of 'Wa-I-Fu'. It's pronounced incorrectly, but it's a more appropriate term than 'Husbando', so I was also right about that.

      It's quite ironic that Uguu would lecture me about being narrow minded, when he/she is using the word 'Husbando' – a word probably created by narrow minded English speakers on the Internet.

    12. Someome's trying FAR too hard now.

      Also quite positive that the Japanese word for "husband" isn't "Otto", which is a German name. IIRC you usually see them termed something like "oku-sama" in animu.

      You're also utterly missing the point of the joke. Would a map help you find it?

    13. Random: "Also quite positive that the Japanese word for “husband” isn’t “Otto”, which is a German name."

      With a little bit of common sense and Google:

      One’s Own Husband
      夫 – おっと – Otto (Casual)

      Otto is similar to “tsuma” (wife). It’s a completely neutral, natural, and very common way to say husband, yet is often use in formal situations such as documentation or paperwork. This word is highly recommended for those referring to their own husband. Note that you do not need to say “My” at the beginning of the word. Just like its wife counterpart, “tsuma”, the “my” is implied.

      And continue to not care. I was more directing my last comment at Uguu, anyway.

    14. I stand corrected then, though can't say I recall encountering either of those in Japanese popular media (read: animu) at least.

      You're no less wildly off the point for that however.

      Just to check, but… you DO actually know where the "waifu" joke comes from right?

    15. 'Waifu' is the katakana spelling of 'Wife' (Wa-I-Fu), that's probably where the word came from.

      My point is that 'Husbando' isn't the Katakana spelling of 'Husband'; it should actually be something like 'Hasubando' or 'Hazubando'. If 'Husbando' really has been adopted by the Internet like 'Waifu' has then it's wrong, because it's a misnomer.

    16. 'Bout what I figured – you don't. Because as far as I am aware its popular usage originates from this legendary Anglism by Great Teacher Kimura.

      Starting to see *now* why you're so far off the point you're not even on the map?

    17. Random, so because I don't know the meme's origin, I can't find it annoying today? Uh, sure. For the record, I've seen that anime way back when, but didn't know about the meme.

      Here, I'll quote the article you probably googled yourself:

      "Waifu is an Engrish term primarily used by Asian men to refer to one’s own wife. While the colloquial use of the word in East Asian cultures predates its online popularity, the term has been since adopted by Otaku circles and anime fans to refer to one’s favorite female manga or anime character."

      Fact of the matter is, the term predates the western popular meme, and IS the Katakana pronunciation of 'Wife', and was used by asian men before the Internet adopted it.

    18. You must be the regional champion of point-missing or something. Because we're neither Azn men not Japanese-speakers nor talking about such, and the whole waifu/husbando running gag is a deliberately awkward Anglism; as such persnickety quibbling about "proper katakana spelling" and junk is not only completely beside the point but downright obnoxious and preachy.

    19. Random, you're trying too hard to sound smart, and it's just embarrassing now.

      I've been done with you the moment you were wrong about the whole 'Otto not meaning husband' thing.

      And, Uguu and Vierra never replied, so… whatever; I'm right and you all were wrong 😛

    20. Often times with -su letters in words, the U is silent or really soft. Desu is said as des. The U sound can be added but it's not uncommon for it not to be. Just as suki desu often sounds like ski-des. It's not because it's said quickly, the U sounds are actually omitted. Japan uses tons of borrowed words sometimes even for words they already have; In a game like PSO2 where most of the interface, PA names, item names are English even though there are already Japanese counter-parts for them, it's not odd for someone to use words like "waifu" or "husbando". Saying Husbando is lame and unused is like saying the same for "howdy". Some people really don't think howdy is actually commonly used in some parts and just believe it to be a movie/media generated term.

    21. Thing is, Vierra, when a Japanese person pronounces 'Husband' you do hear the 'Ha-zu' sound; it's a light 'zu' but you do hear it, especially when they say the word slower.

      Also, the word is written as ハズバンド Ha-Zu-Ba-N-Do. They actually start the word with a 'Ha' syllable sound, not a 'Hu', then use a 'Zu' syllable, not a 'Su'; so this 'Hus' part should be 'Hazu', really…

      It just gets back to my point, it really is a dumb english-invented internet meme. It's like a group of people tried to jump on the Waifu bandwagon, failed, and completely disregarded the Japanese language and how the word would actually be said in the process.

    22. As if the Wapanese ranguage had jack all to do with it. Doubly so as the meme is primarily used in *writing*.

      I'd also point out that the phonetic pronounciation of the English word "husband" is more or less "hasband" anyway (spec. \ˈhəz-bənd\, sez Merriam-Webster)…

      I'm kind of starting to suspect someone here is fundamentally clueless about the internal logic of online memes.

    23. Random, just stop replying. Everything you come out with has nothing to do with the discussion. We get it… you're a teenager who watches too much anime, and thinks online memes are cool. I'm actually proud to not the etymology of every stupid Internet meme.

      Now, go away, and if Vierra or Uguu want to reply to me, they don't need you to white knight for them.

    24. Well Random, I'm from London, and I certainly don't pronounce the word Husband, like HASband. But even if you're right, and in America, the word is closer to 'Hasband', why is the meme still spelt as Husbando with a U? It could have been spelt closer to how it's pronounced in JP and the US – in addition to being closer to the Katakana spelling. You only helped justify my point the meme is dumb in ways I didn't realise, thanks!

      At least 'Waifu' is spelt correctly and adheres to the Katakana alphabet; they didn't just write it as 'Wifeu', which is why I said I think Waifu is a better term than Husbando. I've looked on the Internet, and there's even debates about how Husbando should be 'Hazu' or 'Hazubando' as well. So your own people are at war with eachother on the name, and it's not just me.

    25. You "get" exactly nothing beyond you bizarre purist crusade against people having fun incompatible with your terribly narrow definitions of acceptability.

      You also make quite the pile of grossly false assumptions, and would appear to have a remarkably poor ear for the actual pronounciation of the English language. I guess it's that certain degree of sloppiness about detail that often bedevils native speakers…

    26. No we don't pronounce Husband as “hasband” over here in London, Random. But my country has a diverse set of dialects, and not everyone pronounces everything the same. Can you differentiate between a Geordie accent and a Scouser accent by any chance, let alone what they are – without Googling them? Point is, England is home to many different dialects and not everything is pronounced the same. The closest I can explain, is I pronounce the first syllable of 'Husband' akin to the first syllable of 'Husk'. But again, you only strengthened my point that 'Husbando' is a weaker term, since you're saying the pronunciation is akin to 'Hasband' – or at least the American one is.

    1. No you were right just not in the sense you were expecting. Bridget isn't in Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- so adding his costume as a choice for PSO2 wouldn't make much sense.

  2. Okaaaay disregard all those replies with the same message, this site doesn't like showing you your next replies until later, though there was a limit enforced .-.

    In closing yeah disregard that, I suck c**ks.

  3. What's the point of an English community if they're all the same? So many identical people. The swearing, the throwing around of weaboo words (signature words used by weaboos/practically all they can say) the weaboo IGNs, even the elitist attitude, and any other ilk they may have. Sure, it's just about every other MMO, but we're already in a Japanese MMO. You can't possibly be any more racist than that. Weaboos are one thing in other games, but in a Japanese game?

    I mean…people may complain, but PSO2 has a universal goal. Slaughter, kill, protect, revive, heal. Most people in EQs understand that and don't need to say much. In MPA, it's the same deal.

    Meanwhile, the lobby-folk, much like the people here (if not, the very same people), either go on about how the game is too easy, too hard, or some stupid crap about their lives or their online "friends".

    Also, not everything is about wives, not everyone is shallow enough to simply think that. That's how America's hate towards gays were born. People grew up thinking it was wrong, and can't answer why, in a logical way, why it is wrong.
    Most people make someone ideal, others have the mob mentality of "just because", which isn't that far from the first one, and then you get the rare "just because" thoughts, usually most respectable people who don't have an online obsession. The "for the lulz" types/branch is the unrespectable variant.

    But, eh. One stops caring about all this crap after a while. Seeing someone parade around as a girl for years in MapleStory until the lie got to a point where people even fawned over that fake existence, even living for it…. If that isn't enough, a high school in this city has a cross dressing day. Some prepubescent boys even go the distance to use a bra.

    Not like Japan's any better off, they are the ones with a high F to M ratio, we gaijins have no real bearings towards it, but it doesn't mean we need to contribute to their (mental) problems.
    Doesn't really help that SEGA is the one promoting feminine boys and masculine girls,

    1. Doesn't the word "weaboo" originate from 4chan? I'm not saying it does for 100% certain but, if it does it's no better than any words a so called "weaboo" would use. It's actually a very hypocritical word for the fact that it's part of an internet culture that includes people who too believe they are above many others; even for the very reason of using the word "weaboo". Though, I do understand the idea that, if one is in a culture (being in a Japanese game is a simulation of being in the culture.) that one should at least attempt to actually learn and meld with said culture. I see many people still use "hai" as a greeting, improperly using "desu" and many other things that are very common. It does kind of hurt every time I see it but what bothers me more is when people use things like waz, ur, meh (instead of "me" or "my"), writing in third person, and other things. I know these are personal pet peeves and can't be forced on anyone though. I dislike them but people do what they like.

      No matter what your character is, it's a lie. If you're a male and your character is a male it's still a lie. The gender might be the same but other characteristics probably aren't. What puts gender as the highest priority characteristic to conform to? If you're against that then you should be against people making characters that have a different skin color than them or a different height and so on. "You're not a robot, why are you playing as one?" It doesn't really make any sense you switch gender with other characteristics, so why would it make sense with gender?

    2. [weeaboo] originated in a Perry Bible Fellowship comic, (seen here: ).it was applied in /b/ as a wordfilter for "wapanese", and 4chan as a whole ran with it as an insult for anyone who likes japanese stuff a lot and/or is dumb about it, which is hilarious when you figure that 4chan is a knockoff of a japanese forum, but I digress.

      let us all feel terrible for having let the festering den of horrors that is /b/ infect the rest of the internet with something.

  4. I came here expecting to find further info on Ideal unit set bonus, and all I could find is a weaboo terminology war?

    Well, I still got a good laugh out of this, so whatever, I guess.

    1. There's a thread or two on the topic on PSOWorld; the TL;DR version is that Saiki >>>>>>>>>>> Ideals.

  5. Ky Repca M is BEST COSTUME

    Got one for 'bout 500K MST on the player shops (what a steal!). Paired with a well-angled Eye Hat and Round Sunglasses, it's even more badass than normal~

    Magnolia Eclair 2 looks like an AWESOME WEAPON CAMO

    But it's rarely on the player shops, and when it is, it runs for about 10Mil+ MST.

    Of course I don't have it, I'm just a beginner who Klotho only entrusts with two TACOs. #MAGNOLIAECLAIRFTW


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