Issue with My Shop, Trade and Photon Gacha (9/30/2020)

Due to issues found, the following features will be restricted until further notice:

  • My Shop
  • Trade
  • Photon Gacha

You can still play the rest of the game normally. They are sorry for the inconvenience.

54 thoughts to “Issue with My Shop, Trade and Photon Gacha (9/30/2020)”

    1. 100% agree. It's not some brain dead action RPG about killing monsters, it's high IQ trading strategy so without trading it's absolutely unplayable.

    2. true, even affixes or fodder items cant be worked on cause …. the whole system is wack if this isnt working, its a important part of the game, and sega decides to run the game without shop ? are they mad or do they want to be ? i'd rather the game be offline until it was fixed, than simply stare at the player shop cause i want to get my fodder worked on…. people are waiting to buy my cheap fodder 🙁 I KNOW IT!

    3. I know for sure MAX was being sarcastic, but I'm not sure about 天才.
      I just wanna sell the garbage I wasted $20 scratching for and hopefully it will amount to something nice.

  1. Noooooo, trading is life 🙁 man was planning to spend my day farming and buying affixes or fodders.

    1. me3, just wondering what kind of stupid mess this is… (´_ゝ`) they haven't mentioned any detail about it ..

    1. I checked on the JP site and found this "We found some issues with trade, my shop, and photon gachan features" otherwise there were no specifications on what the problems really are.

    1. It it got fixed I dont see any post or whatever fuck this ah sorry I cant even acess anything it's ….. well

  2. Someone else having the problem with the newest Tweaker update? I cant even start it I just started the earlier version forgot what the error message was but Windows said something like it's not an operable Windows application

  3. Who are idiots to post screenshot on your Facebook groups.

    Someone these images – "" , maybe they found up…. possible staff checks up your shop, or who's shop sells such weapon, units or etc. such too expensive above 1,000,000,000 meseta.

    That is their problem.

  4. 100% Affix Booster as Compensation… Like was teased a year or so ago (maybe closer to two), and we can forget this ever happened!

  5. Okay, so in game, some friends said that on the NA side, people were trying to or actually dupe(duplicate) items such as Astral, Ether, Mana units and selling them for a good amounr of mes, so I'm guessing the same thing was attempted on JP and so sega is looking into this in JP as well. Can't say it's 100% true since I don't play on NA but what other problem can be a cause to, in other words, "suspend Prem"?

    1. If this is true it's a lotta work for them to backtrack everything so it's understandable. Thanks to the guys who shared this with others. I knew a lot of MMO's where nobody cared and abused something like this. The game econmy went down like sh*t and instead of saying anything they further abused it until well in this case Meseta cap

  6. I'm guessing some people had abuse the SSA capsules from limited AC recycle shop. Those capsules are untradeable, but you can add the abilities on a weapon then sell them. Just my theory though, I didn't get any of those items to actually test it.

    1. That doesn't make any sense, seeing as all of those S-class abilities were already being traded on the MP before the limited AC shop reopened. I think the item duping issue mentioned above is far more likely.

    2. It seems somebody made some high affix units with things like Mark Joyo, Crack V, and Guardian Soul and found a way to dupe them and dump them on the player shops for insane money.

    3. If that was the issue the Player Shops would've went down in August from that exact loophole.

    4. an ac item/badge was around 2.6m at best or more , and the most valuable or useful SSA required around 40 ac/badge items, so its like 104m an item , i dont think the SSA in recycle were valued at those rates on shop, most at 50m-80m at best… except for the unit SSA's but 13* units cant be sold.. so..

  7. I got 630 when doing quest dont now reason so I guess for this bug :V ! anyway I cant even login back they said "server connection too long" 😐

    1. that could be on your end, if you have latency issues or bad ping , else other kinds of ISP issues may also cause that.

    1. er.. wrong, that and this aren't related, the link you posted, is about RMT and account abuse reports and bans, not related to the player shop/gacha stuff bug

    2. theres nothing wrong with what I said, bumped hasn't covered it so I think its something worth posting.

    1. Yeap, this is the probable cause for "Prem suspension" especially that one person with literally one shop full (30/30 items) of Guardian, Ret V Crack V, Absolute units, kinda suspicious knowing that Darker Den is even more rare than ever

    2. Cheating and being stupid about it
      I wonder what are they going to do, hope it doesn't affects the tweaker

    3. Hard to say. Maybe they got stupid on purpose tho show how much their security is lacking countermeasures.

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