PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance (10/2/2020)

Sega has announced an Emergency Maintenance at the following time:

  • 10/2/2020 @ 13:00 ~ 23:12 JST
  • 10/2/2020 @ 12:00 AM ~ 10:12a EDT

Maintenance Contents

  • To correct an issue with Player Shop

Due to the Emergency Maintenance, PSO2 Day will be extended an extra day and the EQs that occur during the time will be rescheduled.

Maintenance is expected to finish at 19:00 JST. However, depending on the situation, it could end earlier or later than scheduled. They are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and will consider some form of compensation. Details will be provided in the future.

56 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance (10/2/2020)”

  1. 30 days of premium content for all. Okay LoL But I hope they take the frustration into considereration everyone was experiencing after using their premium passes. And yeah I used my monthly restricted unlimited pass to play the game normally and now it's f***** -_-

    1. are you for real or are you an oompa loompa ( ' ω' )? . . . feels like the latter is much closer to reality ..

  2. Man people sure doesn't know how to play games anymore, they look for a way to exploit and gain advantage for themselves. Duping is another thing which affects the economy of the game, seriously i cannot understand on how hard for them to grind and farm meseta? So much for my expired shop and unable to access the goods *sigh*.

    1. As mentioned in another place of this site maybe items got duplicated and they took down the feature to even acess your Shop etc.

    1. thats cause they were too pathetic to extend the MT on the MT day and get it fixed before all this mess prolonged ….

  3. I was i the middle of a quest that could have taken more than on hour depending on the people that play this quest. One hour is a piece of shit of a countdown. And dont tell me you're those kinda poeple who are are v

    1. >I'm good enough at it is I cant play every role in every single place at every time and guess what – this is what the is about having fun in every possible situation. Someone has bad equip so what? Yeah I dont complain about it. I support everyone as far as I can that's all. Get gud, hah the only dum shit is you are writing here right now

    2. I don't quite get what you're problem is? Were you're LQ run interrupted? You could always retry again later when the server comes back. The shop's and the pot from an Etoile weapon take priority here.

      You could always help people some other time as this maint was expected since the shops became unusable.

    3. listen up u door knob, just because i run with an 8s mana reverie set and have over 270 atk per unit, i dont sog up my salt all over the place , grow up or grow weed ('ω')ノ pick a lick dun bite..

    4. What the hell man? Do you intend to put me in the same boat as those duplicating piece of shit ?

  4. Free 3 day shop pass XD
    Well at least it is getting settled
    I always find weird their hours to do maintenance or updates
    13:00 to 19:00 is in the middle of the day there
    Do people in japan play only in super late hours or super early? if not why that hour exactly?

    1. @patatas
      School is in the morning and work well it varies
      However dunno how late they go out from school in most animes now that you mention it, they are free until the sun is setting

  5. Good thing they put the game under MT. Hoping they fix the issue so we can have access to player shops already.

    1. I don't think so
      These people were selling affixes at large prices so prices should be safe

  6. SEGA needs to put the freaking freeze animation to be free and not premium. I wan to take some epic pics but I just can't coz I don't have a premium to activate the freeze action feature. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    1. Probably the plugins and also many times the item plugin crashes my client after I select a character to load me on the lobby.

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