PSO2 Item Design Contest 2015 Winners

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It's time to announce the results of the 3rd Annual Item Design Contest. With nearly 2,000 submissions, the judges have narrowed their choices down to the items below.

The official site will be updated with CG models of the winning designs in the future, so check back in the coming months.

Weapon Camos

Enkan-no-sou (Partisan)
First Place
~ Enkan-no-sou ~
Artist: 竹本つかさ


Second Place ~ Gensou Tsuki ~  (Jet Boots)  Artist: pi-san
Second Place
~ Gensou Tsuki ~
(Jet Boots)
Artist: pi-san
Third Place~ Ignition Flare~(Double Saber & Launcher)Artist: Hound
Third Place
~ Ignition Flare ~
(Double Saber & Launcher)
Artist: Hound


Selected Works


First Place~ Nya Pipis ~(Unisex Costume)Artist: 後から見守り隊
First Place
~ Nya Pipis ~
(Unisex Costume)
Artist: 後から見守り隊


Second Place~ Metory Ashin ~ (aka: Metry Assym)(Female Costume)Artist: 歩鈴
Second Place
~ Metory Ashin ~ (aka: Metry Asym)
(Female Costume)
Artist: 歩鈴
Third Place~ Creazio Vestito ~(Female Costume)Artist: 鹿
Third Place
~ Creazio Vestito ~
(Female Costume)
Artist: 鹿


Selected Works


Genesis Mantle
First Place
~ Genesis Mantle ~
Artist: taitai
Metal Quartz Wings
Second Place
~ Metal Quartz Wings ~
Artist: Luyphilt Technology Center
Master Cockpit
Third Place
~ ARKS Master Cockpit ~
Artist: HARU%


Selected Works

Room Items

First Place~ Cleaning Garonpa ~(Floor Type)Artist: ふじふじ
First Place
~ Cleaning Garonpa ~
(Floor Type)
Artist: ふじふじ
Rappy Deep Fryer
Second Place
~ Rappy Deep Fryer ~
(Floor Type)
Artist: OHAGI
Stairs & Loft
Third Place
~ Stairs & Loft ~
(Floor Type)
Artist: かなん


Selected Works




13 thoughts to “PSO2 Item Design Contest 2015 Winners”

    1. So wait selected works don't get created? Aw that is lame. I was looking forward to the costumes by Noah and シユウザク

    2. All works that are on this post (first, second and third place winners AND the selected works) via Bumped will be created for the game and released in an AC Scratch in the coming months, anything that did not appear in this post will not be available. That said, the scratch will probably be divided into two parts again just like last time, considering how many items were selected.

    3. About to say that kinda would've been a weird thing to do by SEGA. Hey here are the winners of the item design contest and here is a few you aren't going to get but we felt like showing you them to bum you out lols.

    4. Akemi said "first, second and third place winners AND the selected works". Don't think ALL works posted here would be created, just the selected ones (at least is what I get from her words)

    5. everything mirrored above is getting made. that said, if you go to sega's pages for the contest, you'll see a lot of stuff that got nominated that they skipped. as usual, most of the better entries got skipped.

    1. I heard once that about 70% of all player characters are female. It seems to match up, given that majority of the characters I've seen and partied with happened to be female too.

    2. Fair enough, guess i've noticed there being significantly more females than males, though still…seeing the male characters get a nice batch of awesome outfits would be nice ever once in a while. As a guy myself i love female nudity as much as the next guy. But there are moments that i want my character, which is male, to be able to look like a badass while also being original, god i miss the days when we could just put costume parts on our characters…you know…how it was is on both phantas star portable 1 and 2.

    3. If we're to use cirnos database dated 29th of july, we can find that original costumes with all Looks and C versions and all color versions, they are going even (around 220-240 for each gender), while SP costumes come in 1:2 proportion – about 500 male costumes against 950 female ones. The number is fairly blown up by the amount of color versions (for every extra costume the difference in numbers will rise by 5-6 points), but yeah.
      As for cast parts its surprisingly even, about 200 parts for each gender.
      In all fairness, we have to compare hundreds of these costumes to PSO2 fursuit collection, which is measly 49 costumes total.

    4. This is true. But hey the reason casts don't have this insane imbalance of customization is cause of what you can do with them, hell almost everybody is trying to make either a Gundam or Technoman(Tekkaman). Human,Newman,Duman have an amazing imbalance in outfits and actually customization in general. But i guess thats just the way it's gonna be. Just gonna have to look forward to the upcoming halloween update, that male vampire outfit looks pretty awesome as well as that marine outfit.

  1. Metory Ashin looks adorable. Like…REALLY adorable. I bet it's gonna be cheap since everyone is going to gravitate to the underboob dress.

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