Item Lab – Add Special Ability and Player Shop Disabled

Emergency Maintenance has adjusted the schedule of certain events.

Event Rescheduling

Due to the Emergency Maintenance, the following events have been rescheduled.

  • Mining Base Defense: VR – April 11th @ 15:00 JST
  • Raging Dark Arms – April 12th @ 15:00 JST
  • Requiem of the Specter's Grudge – April 10th @ 15:00 JST
  • Casino Event – April 10th @ 08:00 ~ 10:00 JST

Web Panel Reward Rescheduling

PSO 10th Anniversary Web Panel Reward #2 will run until Maintenance on April 21st.

  • Grinding Success+20%
    (Old Types/Units/Skill Ring)
  • Affixing Success+20%
    (New Types/Old Types/Units)
  • NT Grinding EXP+25%
  • Earned Battle Coins+200%
  • Challenge Mile+200%
  • Gathering Fever Rate+200%
  • Casino Boosts
  • 0 Grind Cost Campaign
  • Recycle Shop Discount(30%OFF)
  • SG Recycle Shop Discount(30%OFF)
  • Login Stamp +2 (~4/22)

AC Scratch Rescheduling

The Spring Support Item Selection will now run until April 21st Maintenance.


Previous Notice

The feature at the Item Lab [Add Special Ability] and the [Player Shop] have been disabled until further notice. Dudu is tired of affixing.


  • Due to finding an error while adding Special Abilities with items bought off the Player Shop, both functions have been disabled

Sega will extend the duration of the Reward Period accordingly once they've fixed the issue. Details will be announced at a later time.


12 thoughts to “Item Lab – Add Special Ability and Player Shop Disabled”

  1. Is this also related to frequent disconnection when the maintenance had ended a while ago? I keep on getting random disconnection either on the log in screen, character selection or even at lobby.

  2. wait …. will this be longer than a week to fix? what about the boost week ? i still need many unit to affix with that 20% boost T_T

    1. What a joke. Maybe Sega should spend less time pumping out scratches and try to maintain a functional game, for once.

  3. I'm sure they try to hack my shop again. I was seeing on reddit an image of a shop with very rare things to get, there are many new players after all.

    1. Most likely error 2110 is related when you're trying to affix with the 'duplicated' items.

  4. I bet most of the dev team is just working on NGS full time, while a couple of old drunk nerds are in charge of keeping PSO2 on life support.

    1. Pretty much, all they are really trying to do is keep this shell of a game afloat so they can keep releasing very questionable scratches in order to keep milking their extremely gullible playerbase

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