Little Wing License and Reporting Online Cheaters in Phantasy Star Portable 2

Well if you've been playing Phantasy Star Portable 2 (US/EU) version online, you may have noticed a few shady players who somehow "magically" reached to level 200 with type level 30. Or maybe you noticed enemies are regularly dropping Tumikiri Hyori even when Shizuru is nowhere to be seen. It appears Sega will actively support the international servers by removing hackers and cheaters online.


Little Wing License Updated

The Little Wing License is a code that enables you to access the Online Multiplayer portion of the game. The Little Wing License was supposed to disallow those with illegitimate versions of the game from connecting online. The License is now updated to only allow those with a valid code to play the game online.

All users now need the code granted within the retail copy of the game or which was automatically awarded when purchased digitally to access the online servers.  [Ruby Eclipse]

If you have already entered the code and are still having problems logging on. You should try to redownload the Little Wing License from your Playstation Store or Account Management Transaction History.

In my personal test I was able to connect without having to redownload the Little Wing License.

Where is the Code?

The code can be located within your game case and must be typed at the redeem portion of the Playstation Store. If you digitally downloaded the game, the code is automatically applied to your copy. To view if you have an active Little Wing License,..

  • View An Active Little Wing License
    • From the XMB on the PSP highlight Playstation Network
    • Select Account Management
    • Select Transaction Management
    • Select Services List

The Little Wing License should appear on this list.

If you have bought the game used where someone has already activated the code:

For those playing on used copies, there is currently no additional method to purchase a code individually…
[Ruby Eclipse]

So unfortunately there is no way to purchase a new license at this time.


Reporting Online Hackers and Cheaters in PSP2

Ruby Eclipse GM of PSU posted this earlier today:

If you guys spot anyone cheating or hacking in the game, please submit a ticket to us with their ID# at . If you could include pictures or other proof that will prove they're cheating beyond a doubt, it would also be extremely helpful.

Our teams will then check to verify if the user has been cheating, and if we find evidence to prove so, will ban them from the game. [Ruby Eclipse]

For the Japanese version, Sega has already set up a website for those to report "wicked users". As to some suggestions taken from the Japanese website on how to report players, try this tip. Whip out a cell phone camera and take a picture of the offending user in action. You can also include their online ID displayed above their character.

  • To Display Online IDs
    • Press Start
    • Click System
    • Click Option
    • Click Player Data Display
    • Select Online ID.

Write a report on the offending action taking place and be as descriptive as possible.

Unfortunately, online cheaters who are the party leader can affect your data as well. We are unsure of how Sega will handle reports of users who's save files were affected. It's best to make daily backups of your save file by connecting your PSP to the computer through a USB port. Then copy this folder to your computer:


(x is represented by drive letter)
(ULUS10529 folder name WILL be different for EU version)

umikiri Hyori

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