MHF-Z x PSO2 [Web Panel Rewards]

Hunt down the Elder Dragon [Elzelion] to contribute points to the Web Panel. Elzelion can be found wandering around either at the Free Fields, or the top of the [Tower] in his own Trigger Quest.

The higher the difficulty, the more points you'll gain per kill. Check out the Event Scoring section for more information!

Panel Rewards

1000 FUN Ticket (x1)
+100% FUN Acquired
+1 Login Stamp
50 Fishing Stamina Drink (x2)
50 Collecting Stamina Drink (x2)
+100% Fever Occurrance Rate
Casino Coin Pass (x5)
Casino Super Boost
20% Off Recycle Shop
Perched 2nd Gen. KK
Perched Persona
+100% Challenge Miles
+100% Battle Coins
Grind Skip (→5) (x3)
Great Success Grind Rate +50%
Lambda Grinder (x30)
+100% Tribooster
Free Salon Pass
Color Change Pass
Perched Quna
Perched Hadred
+10% Grind Boost
+10% Affix Boost
+15% NT Grind EXP
(Jan. 1st, 2019 ~ Jan. 9th, 2019)
+150% EXP Boost
+150% Meseta Boost
Double King's Crest Campaign
+150% RDR Boost
+150% Rare Enemy Occurrence
Star Gems based on Final Points Boost to Forest, Volcano, and Coast Exploration based on Final Points
(Dec. 12th, 2018 ~ Dec. 19th, 2018)

~ Current Score ~



Web Panel Event 11/07 ~ 12/05
Client Order Campaign 1 11/07 ~ 11/14
Client Order Campaign 2 11/28 ~ 12/05
Reward Period
Reward Period 12/26 ~ 1/09
Item Rewards 12/26 ~
Screenshot Contest 11/07 ~ 11/28
Character Contest 11/07 ~ 12/05

Event Scoring

The scoring will be based on how many Elzelions have been slain.

Elzelion from Free Fields

Normal Hard Very Hard Super Hard Extra Hard
2 points 4 points 6 points 8 points 10 points

Elzelion can be found at most free fields except Enchanted Forest.

Elzelion from Trigger Quest

Normal Hard Very Hard Super Hard Extra Hard
3 points 6 points 9 points 12 points 15 points

Hunting Stones Exchange List

JP Name

EN Name

Hunting Stones

こんがり肉 Cooked Meat Yellow (x2)
エルゼ・レプカM Elze Repca M Red (x10)
エルゼ・レプカF Elze Repca F Red (x10)
エルゼヘルム Elze Helm Red (x10)
エルゼヘアー Elze Hair Red (x10)
エルゼヘッドアクセ Elze Head Accessory Red (x10)
*灼零エルゼソード *Elze Sword Blue (x10)
*灼零エルゼデュアル *Elze Dual Blue (x10)
*灼零エルゼスパーダ *Elze Spada Blue (x10)
*灼零エルゼガンツェ *Elze Ganze Blue (x10)
*灼零エルゼアクス *Elze Axe Blue (x10)
*灼零エルゼアロー *Elze Arrow Blue (x10)
Monster Hunter Frontier Z Blue (x5)
Monster Hunter Frontier G Blue (x5)
氷と炎の輪舞 Blue (x5)
猛る灼零 Blue (x5)
困難を超えし英雄 Blue (x5)
セレファウルス Ceres Fouls Yellow (x100)
セレアグラトル Ceres Agratol Yellow (x100)
セレクルオニス Ceres Culonis Yellow (x100)
セレオステルフ Ceres Ostelv Yellow (x100)
セレアフセロス Ceres Afceros Yellow (x100)
セレファソンテ Ceres Fasonte Yellow (x100)
セレラウィール Ceres Rawheel Yellow (x100)
セレダーサウロ Ceres Dasauro Yellow (x100)
セレスピラドン Ceres Spiradon Yellow (x100)
セレイヴァトス Ceres Ivatos Yellow (x100)
セレハドロフス Ceres Hadrophs Yellow (x100)
セレシオステガ Ceres Siostega Yellow (x100)
セレジノニクス Ceres Zinonicks Yellow (x100)
セレフォノプス Ceres Phonopus Yellow (x100)
セレディクテウス Ceres Dicteus Yellow (x100)
セレイグナトス Ceres Gunatus Yellow (x100)
セレネクオルス Ceres Neckors Yellow (x100)
セレシオコプス Ceres Siocopus Yellow (x100)
リア/セレケラトリプス Rear/Ceres Cheratripus Yellow (x100)
アーム/セレアルローン Arm/Ceres Alron Yellow (x100)
レッグ/セレマウニア Leg/Ceres Maunia Yellow (x100)
ラムダグラインダー Lambda Grinder Yellow (x10)
フォトンブースター Photon Booster Yellow (x10)
グラインダー Grinder Yellow (x1)
シンセサイザー Synthesizer Yellow (x1)
黄色の狩猟石 (3) Yellow Hunting Stone (3) Red (x1)
黄色の狩猟石 (3) Yellow Hunting Stone (3) Blue (x1)


Qualifying Enemies


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