Races and Classes in IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga


IDOLA features six major races in the world of Vandore. While Phantasy Star fans might be able to instantly recognize who they are, IDOLA switches things up a bit by using a more traditional naming scheme.


Human Race

The race with the highest population. They engage in various classes.


Elf Race

The next highest population after humans, and known for their pointy ears.


Lycan Race

A human-animal hybrid of various species, such as wolves, rabbits and cats, etc.
Visually, men are closer to animals while women appear more human-like.


Gnome Race

While they may be diminutive in size, many of them are skilled in magic.


Demonic Race

This race is known for their distinctive horns and skin color.
They tend to be persecuted often due to their unusual appearance.


Machina Race

A rare race whose bodies are machines.
You may encounter them as enemies at the ruins.


IDOLA Class Outline

IDOLA classes are split into three categories: Law, Neutral, and Chaos.

  • Law: Knight / Archer / Saint / Elementor / Paladin
  • Neutral: Brave / Grappler / Bard
  • Chaos: Berserk / Wizard / Assassin / Dancer


Law Classes

Archer Deals heavy damage with skills that shoot at the enemy.
Knight Plays the role of the party's shield thanks to its high defense.



Saint A rare class that cures status effects and heals.
Elementor A good energy source for the party that increases elemental values.


Chaos Classes

Berserk A hyper offensive class that deals heavy damage by putting their bodies on the line.
Wizard Excels at magic that can attack several enemies together.


Assassin Seizes the first move in battle with rapid strikes and are also skilled in followup attacks.
Dancer Bolsters allies through dancing and provides support effects.


Neutral Classes

Grappler They fight with their own fists and are skilled in using their energy to strengthen themselves.
Bard A musically trained class with a skill that naturally heals allies.


Special Classes

Brave Can raise his own ability after an attack
Paladin Stella's native class that heals, defends, and attacks.


Fate Divergence

Your party's composition changes with the Fate Divergence system. Nadia, who's normally [Law], can switch alignments and be the healer for the [Chaos] side. Melissa, the [Chaos] Wizard, can switch alignments and strengthen attack power on the [Law] side.


30 thoughts to “Races and Classes in IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga”

  1. You're right I'm angry. Newman and CASTs have such a rich backstory, and then suddenly in the 5th installment of the "Saga" they get shifted to the most generic thing possible? And not only that, but we're getting more fanservice over game quality. Rozalinds initial design looked SO good, then of course they sexualize her just with every other god damn female on PSO2/ES/Idola. PSO2 really divulged the roots so far off you might as well rename the franchise to "Waifu Online 2"

    As someone that's heavily into Phantasy Star lore, this is a major disappointment to see how far they go to get money out of perverts instead of creating a compelling story. Listen. I don't expect the same stuff as the previous RPG installment, but I do wish they toyed more with the actual canon material rather than making what's basically a hentai rated game now.

    1. I really agree with you. I'm not touching this. Still, it would be cool if they put some these outfits in PSO2 (especially the featured cast/machina/whatever).

    2. Waifus and sexy girs is a staple of Phantasy Star franchise.
      As soon as PS2 in 1989 you're running around with cute half-naked newman waifu.
      If you're angry about tits and moe, you're missing the point and probably shouldn't even care to begin with.

    3. You do realize that this is Japan right? It's a different culture and view point. The game is being made for a Japanese audience, not us. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

    4. @Shade Don't assume "Japanese = lewd". First, some can take it offensively, second, it's not true (or, as people call it in the Age of Internet, it's a "personal truth" or "alternative fact").

    5. Shade, that's funny as I thought PSO2 was made for the Japanese audience.
      This game looks nothing like PSO2.

  2. Gee, that example bard looks familiar…
    Hmm, What singer do we know with purple tipped hair, that's heavily part of the PSO2 mythos?

    1. Who is voiced by Mao Iichimichi aka M.A.O. well established songstress, perfectly fitting for a Bard job.

  3. psst the setting is on "Different planetary system" so it should be okay in (segac's) theory. Though to be honest i prefer they sticking to old name. Trying to bring new people into the franchise is a good thing, but changing race's name isn't that good of a thing. It's like playing final fantasy but all name and terminology isn't related at all to previous games.

  4. NEW man, they are fucking created by humans in pso lore just like casts just like beasts just like deuman, if anything the phantasy star series reminds me of anarchy online, where humanity has engineered diffrent human offshoots for diffrent tasks or diffrent specialties, elf? gnome? LYCAN??? what the fuck this game dosent even deserve the term IDOLA let alone phantasy star.

    1. You do realize PS lore doesn't carry over between games and, in PSO2, *every* playable race was engineered by now long dead Precursors (for the purpose of basically cleaning up the huge mess they made, fucking Photoners) in the first place…?

      Not like Squeenix didn't press hard reset on settings and lore between successive FF games too.

  5. I have a hope that the story is going to pull something that links things to normal PS stuff, and that all of this is just a civilization that went off in it's own direction without the usual stuff… aside from Dark Falz, of course.

    1. I just finished all the available story minus some of the gaiden stories because the lack of AP recovery items and the reference is earlier than what i expected. So all the race other than human is implied to be the usual race on previous PS games. The planet itself originally only have human in it until the Heavenly Being came in fighting the DF. At first there's only Human, Elf and Demonic then they created Makina, Lycan and Gnome, with Gnome being implied as a Weaponoid.

  6. NGL, looking at the Lycan race is dishearting because it embodies a trope I don't like about a lot of games with settings like these. Like, the men are allowed to be full on furries, but the women are just humans with kemonomimis. I'll still give the game a chance, but overall I am far from sold on the setting.

  7. My thing is the class system. So am I locked into a class by categories? I don't want to be a chaotic dancing queen or even a chaotic wizard.

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