Mission Pass Comes To The PSO2:JP Server!

September 16th, 2020


Mission Pass

Mission Pass is a new feature that was first introduced in the "Global" version of PSO2. It functions similarly to what's known as a Battle Pass in many online games. 

ARKS Missions will now have a new category called [Tier Missions], which allows players to complete various tasks each week to earn a set amount of [Stars]. Gathering enough Stars unlocks Tiers in the Mission Pass sheet. From here, you'll have the option of collecting rewards for each Tier you've unlocked.


To earn even more luxurious items, players can purchase a [Mission Pass Gold Ticket] from the SG Shop. This will allow you to obtain "Gold" rewards from the Tiers you've unlocked.

Some Gold Rewards Include:

  • *Bode Gray (Sword Camo)
  • *Exacronov (Rifle Camo)
  • *Lumi Drablo (Rod Camo)


Certain tiers will reward you with [Mission Badges]. These badges can be used at the [Mission Badge Exchange] for the following items:

  • Add Ability: Astral S
  • Add Ability: Ether F
  • Add Ability: Mana Reverie
  • Sage Crest
  • Cobalt Medal
  • Gold Prize Medal
  • Weapons Badge 2020
  • Grind Cap +1
  • and more!


Mission Pass: Season 1

Season 1 of the Mission Pass will be kicking off between Sept 16th through Oct 14th. Arks will be able to obtain the [Evo. Device / Chibi Rela], Costumes, Weapon Camos, and more!

  • Evo Device / Chibi Rela (Mag Device)
  • *Bode Gray (Sword Camo)
  • *Exacronov (Rifle Camo)
  • *Lumi Drablo (Rod Camo)
  • Odango Style Hair(Hairstyle)
  • Kabukimono Armor Shadow(Male Costume)
  • Kabukimono Armor Mysterious(Male Costume)
  • Humar Repca Shadow(Male Costume)
  • Humar Repca Shadow C(Cast Male Costume)
  • Arks Jersey M Mysterious [Ba](Male Basewear)
  • Arks Jersey M Winter [Ba](Male Basewear)
  • Himekabuki Armor Summer(Female Costume)
  • Himekabuki Armor Snow(Female Costume)
  • Hunewearl Repca Snow(Female Costume)
  • Humar Repca Shadow C(Cast Female Costume)
  • Arks Jersey F Shadow [Ba](Female Basewear)
  • Arks Jersey F Snow [Ba](Female Basewear)

Evo. Device / Chibi Rela


New Successor Class: Luster

The new flashy successor class will be arriving along with this update.

⚡ Learn More About Luster


Additions / Improvements

Prize Medal Exchange Shop

The [Luminmech Grainne Crystal] has been added to the Prize Medal Exchange. Additionally, the purchase limits for ★15 Weapons and ★13 Units have been increased to 99.

Cobalt Medal Exchange

The purchase limits for ★15 Weapons and ★13 Units in this shop will also increase to 99.

Player Shop

Players can now sell a majority of the ★14 weapons in the Player Shop.

Recycle Shop

Now you can get rid of all those ★13 units cluttering your storage by swapping them for EXCubes at the Recycle Shop.


Balance Adjustments

Gunslash is finally getting some buffs! Check out all the Balance Adjustments below.

Balance Adjustments


Integrate Luster (AC Scratch)

Dress up your cast in sci-fi inspired ninja parts, and dress down into the lustier Sophis ensemble for your female characters. Japanese gothic themed outfits along with matching weapon camos will also be available in the scratch lineup.


Autumn Time! Support Item Select (AC Scratch)

September 23rd

The Support Item Select Scratch is returning right before Autumn starts! Grab yourself some Grand Capsules, Element Changers, Ability Protection (7slot or lower), and more!


Goodbye PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita service will finally come to an end on September 16th, 2020!


27 thoughts to “Mission Pass Comes To The PSO2:JP Server!”

  1. Please can someone clarify this for me:
    "To earn even more luxurious items, players can purchase a [Mission Pass Gold Ticket] from the SG Shop. This will allow you to select a "Gold" reward from a Tier you've unlocked."
    Is this saying that i can spend 100sg to choose a SINGLE reward from any 1 gold tier that has been unlocked?

    1. probably gonna need Ricardo to clarify, but in NA I know it says it's by "Season". I can't see JP doing it by tier, not for 100 Sg anyway. The whole pass system is meant to be a time sink to boot, not necessarily a massive money maker.

    2. You get rewards each tier, only certain tiers though you pick the reward from a selection. The 100SG is a one time payment to have the Gold Pass for the Season.

      It's only for Tiers like the Jersey one in the picture. Most tiers you'll be able to get all the rewards listed in the Gold Pass.

  2. This is terrible. Mission pass is terrible.
    Mission pass is blatant bait for SG sinking, which, reminder, you can buy with real money, but items you get from mission pass are not tradable. And it's time limited.
    So if you can't play for a while, items gone forever and you can't even get them from other players.
    And if you are playing, it turns into second job because sheer amount of stuff you must to do to get full rewards (after you paid SG mind you) is similar to nightwave from Warframe, which is just as terrible.
    As if SG scratch already wasn't bad enough.

    Expect Fresh Finds shops next.

    1. You should have looked into how the thing actually works on Global. The thing basically completes itself just by playing, so it's free items as long as youre playing. And if you aren't, why do you want the items so badly anyways?

    2. I played for 100 hours on global just to check these new systems, I know how they work.
      Also time is not free. If you're forced to grind for thing, it's not free.
      Also "playing the game" doesn't mean playing content I don't want.
      You'll need to run ride quest a bunch of times to get ride points for it. I hate ride quests, why do I have to run them? Because screw you, we want you to buy SG AND to play our game more, than you normally would.
      Do not defend this.
      Battle passes and the like is predatory business practice, exploiting players' Fear of Missing Out.

    3. You don't have to do ride quests. If you actually knew how the system works (you don't) you would know that you can easily beat the entire mission pass and have around 10 Tier missions to spare by the end. Doing all of them is not required and missing one a week isn't going to destroy your ability to complete the mission pass.

    4. This isn't NA our options are completely different, as well the items in this pass already exist and can be got on the market. If your gonna complain about game you don't enjoy or understand just stop playing and move on

    5. What items are already in the game? New camos? Such as *Exacronov?
      Don't think so.
      But of course something p2w like grind cap +1 is surely in badge exchange!
      Stop defending this with false information.

    6. I could exactly say the same to you. Also, battle pass here in JP is much better. You get nice materials and the cost of the gold tier is half of NA. 100 SG per season, something that anyone can do imo.

    7. In what way is Grind Cap +1 p2w? They dropped in UHFF a few months back, and they drop in Tokyo Rainbows. If you're trying to say Tokyo Rainbows are p2w, they're not. We've gotten more free Tokyo Rainbows than there has been paid.

    8. Grind cap+1 can potentially drop in the Tokyo [Rainbow] Bonus quests. Just sayin.
      Also, yeah, some of the items I'm looking at already do exist. Maybe not in NA(?), I'm assuming your research only goes as far as looking for lists under a singular region. JP definitely has more stuff than NA.

      Also, being forced to play stuff? Please. No one is threatening you to run ride quests. No one is adamantly denying your freedom to play a game you don't seem to have any real interest in and they're certainly not forcing you to take money out of your wallet and put it into a game just so you can sit pretty in the lobby and laugh at the players who are running around making real efforts to get gud.

      Still want to cry about a feature that others might find to be neat?
      Hey, you're free to do so. >.>

    9. Max, you get your SG back from completing mission pass Gold.
      After the first 200SG (which is very easy to obtain by just playing the game) the mission Pass basically pays for itself.
      Getting Grind Cap+1 is so easy nowadays compared to just a year ago where they were pretty much PVP exclusive rewards.
      How is any of this p2w?

    1. >100SG
      Also it's more about practice similar to those shitty "free" to play games. It's other f2p games that should borrow from PSO2, not the other way around.

    2. > 100SG
      I make 135sg weekly by just letting idola play itself while I do anything else and getting 10sg from Casino by just existing. Mission pass is a 4 week thing and rewards SG too.
      Meanwhile the mission pass actually gives you objectives that incentivizes playing the game instead of just afk lobby sitting waiting for the next EQ to happen. What an awful business practice :sleepermatoi:

  3. I do not agree with the mission pass crap.. same garbage is on NA and I didnt like it, I rather willingly spend my money on game I like rather than being pushed closer to a wall like this.

    1. with transfer affix pass, now can add these op affix upsloting by transfer with boost item adding old and new affix to new unit without making catalysis anymore

  4. Oh! im stupid! i thot those pass thingis were stuff u needed to do other things, but after som reding i c its just free stuff for playing! OUTTA THA WAY IM GRINDING DOSE PLANETS TILL THEY ROUND SMOOTH n' SHINY LIKE BABY BUTTOCKS!
    (love the title: Are you stupid?)

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