Mission Pass Comes To The PSO2:JP Server!

September 16th, 2020


Mission Pass

Mission Pass is a new feature that was first introduced in the "Global" version of PSO2. It functions similarly to what's known as a Battle Pass in many online games. 

ARKS Missions will now have a new category called [Tier Missions], which allows players to complete various tasks each week to earn a set amount of [Stars]. Gathering enough Stars unlocks Tiers in the Mission Pass sheet. From here, you'll have the option of collecting rewards for each Tier you've unlocked.


To earn even more luxurious items, players can purchase a [Mission Pass Gold Ticket] from the SG Shop. This will allow you to obtain "Gold" rewards from the Tiers you've unlocked.

Some Gold Rewards Include:

  • *Bode Gray (Sword Camo)
  • *Exacronov (Rifle Camo)
  • *Lumi Drablo (Rod Camo)


Certain tiers will reward you with [Mission Badges]. These badges can be used at the [Mission Badge Exchange] for the following items:

  • Add Ability: Astral S
  • Add Ability: Ether F
  • Add Ability: Mana Reverie
  • Sage Crest
  • Cobalt Medal
  • Gold Prize Medal
  • Weapons Badge 2020
  • Grind Cap +1
  • and more!


Mission Pass: Season 1

Season 1 of the Mission Pass will be kicking off between Sept 16th through Oct 14th. Arks will be able to obtain the [Evo. Device / Chibi Rela], Costumes, Weapon Camos, and more!

  • Evo Device / Chibi Rela (Mag Device)
  • *Bode Gray (Sword Camo)
  • *Exacronov (Rifle Camo)
  • *Lumi Drablo (Rod Camo)
  • Odango Style Hair(Hairstyle)
  • Kabukimono Armor Shadow(Male Costume)
  • Kabukimono Armor Mysterious(Male Costume)
  • Humar Repca Shadow(Male Costume)
  • Humar Repca Shadow C(Cast Male Costume)
  • Arks Jersey M Mysterious [Ba](Male Basewear)
  • Arks Jersey M Winter [Ba](Male Basewear)
  • Himekabuki Armor Summer(Female Costume)
  • Himekabuki Armor Snow(Female Costume)
  • Hunewearl Repca Snow(Female Costume)
  • Humar Repca Shadow C(Cast Female Costume)
  • Arks Jersey F Shadow [Ba](Female Basewear)
  • Arks Jersey F Snow [Ba](Female Basewear)

Evo. Device / Chibi Rela


New Successor Class: Luster

The new flashy successor class will be arriving along with this update.

⚡ Learn More About Luster


Additions / Improvements

Prize Medal Exchange Shop

The [Luminmech Grainne Crystal] has been added to the Prize Medal Exchange. Additionally, the purchase limits for ★15 Weapons and ★13 Units have been increased to 99.

Cobalt Medal Exchange

The purchase limits for ★15 Weapons and ★13 Units in this shop will also increase to 99.

Player Shop

Players can now sell a majority of the ★14 weapons in the Player Shop.

Recycle Shop

Now you can get rid of all those ★13 units cluttering your storage by swapping them for EXCubes at the Recycle Shop.


Balance Adjustments

Gunslash is finally getting some buffs! Check out all the Balance Adjustments below.

Balance Adjustments


Integrate Luster (AC Scratch)

Dress up your cast in sci-fi inspired ninja parts, and dress down into the lustier Sophis ensemble for your female characters. Japanese gothic themed outfits along with matching weapon camos will also be available in the scratch lineup.


Autumn Time! Support Item Select (AC Scratch)

September 23rd

The Support Item Select Scratch is returning right before Autumn starts! Grab yourself some Grand Capsules, Element Changers, Ability Protection (7slot or lower), and more!


Goodbye PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita service will finally come to an end on September 16th, 2020!


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