Luster Volts Into PSO2 On September 16th!

The newest successor class [Luster] will be releasing on September 16th. It's an energetic high speed class that freely utilizes both gun and blade of the iconic Gunslash. Even though the class cannot use Technics, it still has access to several supportive effects thanks to a variety of skills. In order to unlock Luster, you'll need to have two classes at Level 75+.


Countdown to Luster

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Luster Showcase


Three Styles of Battle

Luster has access to three styles, with each style based on the weapon's element.

Fomel Style

Fomel Style activates when you equip a Gunslash with Fire or Dark element. It's an offensive style that excels in close-range combat. With the skill [Fomel JA Advance], quickly performing a Just Attack with a PA will activate an effect that prevents you from flinching!

In addition, if you hold down the normal attack button, you'll store three floating blades. Each blade is released upon activating a PA, which causes a Jellen effect on the enemy.

Hold the weapon action button to continuously thrust at the enemy. The power of the attack rises as you consume all Gear.

Zandi Style (Move Arts Enhancer)

Zandi Style activates when you equip a Gunslash with Wind or Lightning element. This style is more speed oriented with wide area attacks and suction effects. In other words, it's meant to be used on groups of enemies.  With the skill [Zandi Dodge Advance], successful evasions causes PAs that hit the enemy to release an additional attack.

In addition, holding the normal attack button creates a suction that could stun enemies.

Holding the weapon action button generates a field that expands as it consumes gear. Enemies within that field will get hit all at once by lightning bolts.

Baran Style (Stay Arts Enhancer)

Baran Style activates when you equip a Gunslash with Ice or Light element. It's a defense oriented style that excels in guarding and long-range combat. Baran Style enhances the distance and guard frames for Stay Arts. Therefore, an attack that might not reach a far away enemy under Fomel Style, will likely hit them under Baran Style.  With the skill [Baran JG Advance], successfully guarding an attack will reduce the damage received for a limited time.

For normal attacks, Baran Style will add an extra shockwave attack to reach far away enemies. In addition, holding the normal attack button generates a field that spawns several drones that attacks enemies while [Binding] them.

If you hold the weapon action button, you'll release a long distant high powered range attack that can evolve into a gigantic blast as you consume gear.


Luster Weapon Actions

Weapon Action: Evade Shoot

Evade Shoot allows you to simultaneously dodge and shoot.

Weapon Action: Enhance Shoot

Holding down the weapon action button activates Enhance Shoot. Here you'll perform a special move depending on your Gunslash's style.


Luster PA System

Move Arts / Stay Arts

Move Arts and Stay Arts are two different styles for each PA. They are activated depending on if you're moving or stationary.

PA: Flechette

Advance towards the enemy and follow up with a slashing attack. The Stay Art variant performs a piercing attack on the enemy at lightspeed.

PA: Brand Extension

Perform spiraling slashes while in motion. The Stay Art variant unleashes relentless slashes ahead.

PA: Slug Scatter

Ascend into the air and sweep the enemies below with bullets. The Stay Art variant blasts the enemies while retreating.

PA: Hollow Point

Hop into the air and shoot a piercing bullet. The Stay Art variant accurately shoots.

Smart PA

Smart PA automatically selects the next PA for you based on the situation such as distance from the enemy and previous PA used. 


Luster Class Skills

Luster Voltage

Voltage is a stat that accumulates each time an attack hits. This provides bonuses to attack power and damage reduction. If you stop attacking after a while, the voltage will reset and recover HP and PP in proportion to the Voltage reset.

Luster Time

Damages the surrounding area upon activation and provides increased PP recovery and reduced damage taken for 30 seconds. Activating the skill again will release a devastating finishing move.

Slash Rise

This skill will add a slashing attack if you jump during certain attacks.

Style Purge

Quickly using the weapon action twice in a row will blast the enemy with an elemental explosion. This attack temporarily puts you into a non-elemental style, and a special Enhance Shoot can be performed.

Luster Step Slide & Step Slide Advance

Activates a special attack upon the second evasive action. Its performance changes based upon the directional input.

Extra Attack

Changes the fourth normal attack into a more powerful attack.

Quick Shoot

Allows for an immediate [weapon action] attack after an [Extra Attack] or during certain timings for each style.


Client Orders

After acquiring the Title in which you level two classes to Level 75+, you can head to Koffie to unlock the Luster class. Remember to clear the Level Cap Trial Client Orders from Koffie while spamming EXP Tickets to level the class.


Luster Ring

Get yourself a shining ring to show you dedication to the new Gunslash Class.


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