Luster Volts Into PSO2 On September 16th!

The newest successor class [Luster] will be releasing on September 16th. It's an energetic high speed class that freely utilizes both gun and blade of the iconic Gunslash. Even though the class cannot use Technics, it still has access to several supportive effects thanks to a variety of skills. In order to unlock Luster, you'll need to have two classes at Level 75+.


Countdown to Luster

- Day(s) | - Hour(s) | - Minute(s) | - Second(s)


Luster Showcase


Three Styles of Battle

Luster has access to three styles, with each style based on the weapon's element.

Fomel Style

Fomel Style activates when you equip a Gunslash with Fire or Dark element. It's an offensive style that excels in close-range combat. With the skill [Fomel JA Advance], quickly performing a Just Attack with a PA will activate an effect that prevents you from flinching!

In addition, if you hold down the normal attack button, you'll store three floating blades. Each blade is released upon activating a PA, which causes a Jellen effect on the enemy.

Hold the weapon action button to continuously thrust at the enemy. The power of the attack rises as you consume all Gear.

Zandi Style (Move Arts Enhancer)

Zandi Style activates when you equip a Gunslash with Wind or Lightning element. This style is more speed oriented with wide area attacks and suction effects. In other words, it's meant to be used on groups of enemies.  With the skill [Zandi Dodge Advance], successful evasions causes PAs that hit the enemy to release an additional attack.

In addition, holding the normal attack button creates a suction that could stun enemies.

Holding the weapon action button generates a field that expands as it consumes gear. Enemies within that field will get hit all at once by lightning bolts.

Baran Style (Stay Arts Enhancer)

Baran Style activates when you equip a Gunslash with Ice or Light element. It's a defense oriented style that excels in guarding and long-range combat. Baran Style enhances the distance and guard frames for Stay Arts. Therefore, an attack that might not reach a far away enemy under Fomel Style, will likely hit them under Baran Style.  With the skill [Baran JG Advance], successfully guarding an attack will reduce the damage received for a limited time.

For normal attacks, Baran Style will add an extra shockwave attack to reach far away enemies. In addition, holding the normal attack button generates a field that spawns several drones that attacks enemies while [Binding] them.

If you hold the weapon action button, you'll release a long distant high powered range attack that can evolve into a gigantic blast as you consume gear.


Luster Weapon Actions

Weapon Action: Evade Shoot

Evade Shoot allows you to simultaneously dodge and shoot.

Weapon Action: Enhance Shoot

Holding down the weapon action button activates Enhance Shoot. Here you'll perform a special move depending on your Gunslash's style.


Luster PA System

Move Arts / Stay Arts

Move Arts and Stay Arts are two different styles for each PA. They are activated depending on if you're moving or stationary.

PA: Flechette

Advance towards the enemy and follow up with a slashing attack. The Stay Art variant performs a piercing attack on the enemy at lightspeed.

PA: Brand Extension

Perform spiraling slashes while in motion. The Stay Art variant unleashes relentless slashes ahead.

PA: Slug Scatter

Ascend into the air and sweep the enemies below with bullets. The Stay Art variant blasts the enemies while retreating.

PA: Hollow Point

Hop into the air and shoot a piercing bullet. The Stay Art variant accurately shoots.

Smart PA

Smart PA automatically selects the next PA for you based on the situation such as distance from the enemy and previous PA used. 


Luster Class Skills

Luster Voltage

Voltage is a stat that accumulates each time an attack hits. This provides bonuses to attack power and damage reduction. If you stop attacking after a while, the voltage will reset and recover HP and PP in proportion to the Voltage reset.

Luster Time

Damages the surrounding area upon activation and provides increased PP recovery and reduced damage taken for 30 seconds. Activating the skill again will release a devastating finishing move.

Slash Rise

This skill will add a slashing attack if you jump during certain attacks.

Style Purge

Quickly using the weapon action twice in a row will blast the enemy with an elemental explosion. This attack temporarily puts you into a non-elemental style, and a special Enhance Shoot can be performed.

Luster Step Slide & Step Slide Advance

Activates a special attack upon the second evasive action. Its performance changes based upon the directional input.

Extra Attack

Changes the fourth normal attack into a more powerful attack.

Quick Shoot

Allows for an immediate [weapon action] attack after an [Extra Attack] or during certain timings for each style.


Client Orders

After acquiring the Title in which you level two classes to Level 75+, you can head to Koffie to unlock the Luster class. Remember to clear the Level Cap Trial Client Orders from Koffie while spamming EXP Tickets to level the class.


Luster Ring

Get yourself a shining ring to show you dedication to the new Gunslash Class.


45 thoughts to “Luster Volts Into PSO2 On September 16th!”

  1. Question:
    S4:Genesis Ring: The active Element of the Weapon changes to that of the currently equipped "Guard" Skill Ring.

    So, if weapon is fire elemental but use s4 with guard frozen skill ring will make it ice elemental, right? So, this make it easy change style with wear different guard rings?

    1. Well, to able play all elemental play style, you need at least 3 elemental gunslash to use it. But if have that S4: Genesis Ring on Altas Ex, Ayer or Cras, maybe can save some costing and able to test training for all style on rockbear training.

      Most everyone got light gunslash, and changing elemental item for weapon also affect enemy's elemental weakness dps

    2. Luster has a skill that ignores elemental weakness regardless on what attribute your weapon is. Your R-ATK will increase to make up for the potential damage loss.

    3. They're not talking about elemental weakness, they're talking about the three "styles" based on the element of your weapon. That Successor Gimmick™ where they all "need" three weapons to shine but people usually only use one or two(or, hopefully, rings in this case lul).

  2. lmao after reading this it i feel little confidence
    thanks for the info as always
    i got scared watching the new system in the trailer
    Fomel style here we go!

  3. Sorry guys wanna confrim something, its about weapon gunslash its color orange right ?, it mean gunslash use S-atk. But when luster use it, the colour become blue it mean gunslash use R-atk ?. So which affix it will be better for luster ? S or R ?.

    Thanks for advance

    1. Apparently it will havea skill that will make it so the highest stat between S or R is used,like the Wand skill in Etoile tree

    2. The ATK that Has the Higher stats will be the one the one that will be convert to Damage output
      Meaning Both S-ATK and R-ATK are fine,
      Just choose which is the most available to you right then, If it's S-ATK then S-ATK if you're R-ATK main,
      Then that's your Go to, Because this class favor R-ATK to reduce some Damage loss.

  4. I lose almost all the hype when my brother told me that Luster needs to farm 3 gslash with different elements to have access to all PA. :v(

    1. Luster will have something that will be able to switch between Styles,
      But just if you're a man of the word "Just in Case" like me, Then make 3 Gunslashes you have nothing to lose except your time an Soul…. ..And Meseta

    2. @GOHAN Go there and do full affix and spend a lot of time and meseta for affixing 3 same weapon just to change your PA/style. o.O

    3. all you have to do is the limited arks missions theyre giving you everything 2 gunslashes (3 if you choose to not to fully upgrade the two novels) just keep your 2nd novel gunslash til you've found a replacement. they are also giving element changers through arks missions.

    4. I understand your pain because the worst part about having to use 3 weapons of the same type is that we have to do full affix on all 3 if we want to use all styles. some people didn't realize it cuz the high hype for the new class.

    5. The problem is not how many GS they're giving, and yes the goddamn affixes
      You gotta do the same thing 3 times plus changing the element of it.
      Not everyone in this game have money to buy AC and sell fashion stuff for quick money, or 9493859204 alts with weeklies '–'

    6. What do people even mean when they say that you 'have' to affix anything?
      I just use default affixes that are already here on campaign gear. They're pretty good, there is no reason to mess with them.

    7. @Max they are overreacting, you can decently affix weapons these days with a low budget. You don't need to put +300 ATK and Skilled Strike 2 on every weapon to be a hightier/top player. +100 ATK with either Offensive or Powering Intent or both is good enough which on SHIP10 will cost you around 5 million. (And that's without SAFs, with those it will reduce the cost drastically.)
      So for 3 weapons it will cost you a max of 15 million, which is pocket change these days.

      The only semi-nuisance these days is to up slot weapons to 8, depending on the amount of S-Ability slots that can either be a piece of cake or indeed annoying.

    8. @GOHAN Oh do you play ship 10? That's why you're defending them. Try to migrate to ship 2. This will be fun with all these super expensive items. Just try simple affix and see how much you are going to spend. :^D

    9. lol let me as you guys this, did you guys make and fully affix all weapon categories on the classes that you use? If NO then there's no need to make 3 GS for Lu, if YES then there's no fkin difference between Lu and those other classes. Styles here are the same as weapon categories in other classes.If you're lazy or dumb enough to waste all of your resources on cosmetics then just pick one (or two) style that you like the most and be done with it. "B-but then i'll end up with 3 GS that i can't use on other classes!" But you can use GS on other classes too and weapon categories change on Zieg is a thing unless you're masochistic (and dumb) enough to create 3 Stil GS.

    10. @STALONE COBRA It doesn't matter on which SHIP you play you still can get decent affix with a low budget.
      And 'smart' players should have gotten a bunch of useful SAFs by now, just by playing this game over the years. Drastically reducing the cost of affixing even more.

    11. @GOHAN You clearly don't know what you're talking about. Most items in ship 2 are twice the price of other ships. I already forgot how many times my friends made fun of it in discord when they ask the bot to show the price between ships and ship 2 always shows twice the price of the items. lmao Take for example a grand shoot that was 19m before Luster appeared. This now costs + 70m.

    12. why are y'all protecting sega like that? I still think that it's useless to get 3 weapons to use on a single class one, plus the affix stuff. Like seriously, there's no excuse to this, everything on ship 2 is expensive. What about the ppl who just started playing, or the ones that are coming back?
      Luster will use techniques as a base for the PA's, so why we can't use it for our own good? that doesn't make sense at all, it would be really easy if they did the same thing as bouncer or techer, where you just gotta use a technique and It'll change the element of your weapon, without wasting 39538539 meseta for it, or just using shift, it would be way better for everyone.

    13. @STALONE COBRA Like I said, you don't need to put +300 ATK on your weapons to be a good player. Grand affix is not needed.
      I am talking about decent affix which again can be achieved with a low budget. Again I am not talking about High-end affix.

      Yes, on SHIP2 affixes are overal more expensive than on SHIP10 but even on the most expensive SHIP you can easily make decent affixes with a low budget.
      I made a character on SHIP 2 and looked at decent affix prices myself and you can make good affixes with this list:

      SHIP2 costs of decent affix: (Below 1M)

      S1:Offensive Intent = 300K (SAF of Val Ars. Everyone should have gotten a bunch of Val Ars's just by playing this game.)
      S1:Brilliant Intent = 50K (S1 Add:Brilliant Intent.)
      S1:S1:Sturdy Intent = 420K
      S2:Powering Intent = 150K (SAF of Mars Weapons Series.)
      S2:Double-Edged Sword = 200K (S2 Add:Double-Edged Sword.) or 735K (Via weapon.)
      S2:Brilliant Intent = 100K (S2 Add:Brilliant Intent.)
      S3:Offensive Intent = 90K (The Omega Luther EQ drops a ton of them.)
      S3:Skilled Intent = 900K
      S3:Vital Intent = 52K (S3 Add:Vital Intent.) or 525K (Via weapon.)
      S3:Furious Inspiration = 400K
      S3:Double-Edged Sword = 190K (S3 Add:Double-Edged Sword.)
      S3:Powering Intent = 55K (S3 Add:Powering Intent.)
      Astral Soul = 350K (8 Slots Union Double Saber.)
      Astral Soul = 525K (8 Slots Union Jet Boots.)
      Astral Soul = 400K (8 Slots Union Lance.)
      Astral Soul = 730K (8 Slots Union Launcher.)
      Astral Soul = 370K (8 Slots Union Rod.)
      Astral Soul = 830K (8 Slots Union Sword.)
      ARKS Fever = 315K (8 Slots.)
      Modulator = 735K (8 Slots Grandia.)
      Sentence Power = 315K (8 Slots Gix Jhikdrenn.)
      Sentence Power = 735K (8 Slots Gix Zelvran.)
      Sentence Power = 315K (8 Slots Gix Disanga.)
      Sentence Shoot = 250K (8 Slots Gix Shadoke.)
      Sentence Shoot = 420K (8 Slots Gix Verata.)
      Sentence Shoot = 400K (8 Slots Gix Viset.)
      Sentence Tech = 800K (8 Slots Gix Ernoe.)
      Sentence Tech = 840K (8 Slots Gix Karina.)
      Execour Glare = 157K (8 Slots.)
      Varuna Glare = 210K (8 Slots.)
      Mitra Glare = 210K (8 Slots.)
      Shiva Glare = 840K (8 Slots.)
      Origin Glare = 250K (8 Slots.)
      Elder Reverie = 500K (8 Slots.)
      Loser Reverie = 130K (8 Slots.)
      Phrase Weak = 400K (8 Slots Fornis Ronbell.)
      Phrase Decay = 210K (8 Slots Basilis Agus.)
      Phrase Decay = 500K (8 Slots Basilis Cadint.)
      Phrase Decay = 200K (8 Slots Basilis Enad.)
      Phrase Decay = 200K (8 Slots Basilis Equilion.)
      Phrase Decay = 200K (8 Slots Basilis Ganak.)
      Phrase Decay = 160K (8 Slots Basilis Heres.)
      Phrase Decay = 200K (8 Slots Basilis Medister.)
      Phrase Decay = 200K (8 Slots Basilis Reode.)
      Power VI = 300K (8 Slots Seikaiser Sword.)
      Power VI = 270K (8 Slots Dim Sword.)
      Power VI = 200K (8 Slots Dim Lance.)
      Power VI = 160K (8 Slots Dim Partizan.)
      Power VI = 160K (8 Slots Dim Twin Daggers.)
      Power VI = 190K (8 Slots Dim D. Saber.)
      Power VI = 190K (8 Slots Dim Knuckle.)
      Power VI = 580K (8 Slots Dim Katana.)
      Power VI = 210K (8 Slots Dim D. Blade.)
      Shoot VI = 210K (8 Slots Dim Slash.)
      Shoot VI = 210K (8 Slots Dim Rifle.)
      Shoot VI = 300K (8 Slots Seikaiser Launcher.)
      Shoot VI = 200K (8 Slots Dim Launcher.)
      Shoot VI = 190K (8 Slots Dim Twin Machinegun.)
      Shoot VI = 370K (8 Slots Dim Bow.)
      Technique VI = 420K (8 Slots Dim Rod.)
      Technique VI = 250K (8 Slots Glycina Lithos.)
      Technique VI = 210K (8 Slots Dim Talis.)
      Technique VI = 210K (8 Slots Glycina Cane.)
      Technique VI = 290K (8 Slots Dim Wand.)
      Technique VI = 210K (8 Slots Glycina Keyless.)
      Technique VI = 190K (8 Slots Dim Jet Boots.)
      Spirita IV = 130K (8 Slots Nox Destime-NT.)
      Spirita IV = 490K (8 Slots Nox Dinas-NT.)
      Spirita IV = 270K (8 Slots Nox Placis-NT.)

      Half of these affixes and SAFs can easily be gathered by yourself without the need of buying them, just by playing EQs and Divide Quest you should have gotten numourous/several of 8 slotted Basilis, Dim, Gix & Ray/Union weapons.

      And there are several Add Abilities Affix items in the 3-4M range as well.
      Add Ability Spirita Boost = 3.1M
      Add Ability (Tenora) = 3.5M
      Add Ability (GRM) = 3.9M
      Add Ability (Yohmei) = 3.1M
      Add Ability (Tech&PP/2) = 2.6M
      Add Ability (Tech&PP) = 2.9M
      Add Ability Tech Boost = 2.9M
      Add Ability (Shoot&PP) = 3.1M
      Add Ability Shoot Boost = 3.5M

      You can buy 8slotted weapons with around 100-120 ATK for 150K on SHIP2's playermarket. Ability transfer it and you got yourself a decently affixed weapon as well. (100 Ability passes.)

    14. +70M? You're sure? There are 9 Grand Shoot add abilities below 70M on Ship2.

      1x 63.000.000
      1x 66.649.999
      6x 68.250.000
      1x 68.250.000

  5. btw it actually doesn't matter you can use either 1 s-atk or r-atk i have a pure s-atk mag and it will still work gunslash is both striking and range

    1. Seems might be the case at, least to me. I notice in the trailer the sword use style was similar to hero, rifle was similar to phantom and beam attack looks similar to etoile wand beam (forgets the name). Who knows tho I could be mistaken

  6. Gunslash will be 100% hybrid class for solo combat that's a shame and here I hoped for something like well rods spear etc. (dont get me wrong, the class itself seems cool enough but it's strange hwo they took this way if they ever did give a damn about their community is this now the right thing to do? I dunno.

    1. Why wouldn't a class in a game with solo content not be solo friendly? Especially when the current Expert requirements are solo quests, as well as them announcing via the Road Map that they'll be implementing a new solo quest.

    2. I meant it in the way someone can actually contribute something to others in some way. For example I use a solo build offense and defensive so it's more suited for solol combat english not ma native language sorry

    3. Techer, Bouncer and Force are already powerhouses in support. You just have to know what you're doing.

  7. Really, sis? what about the player who started to play a few months ago, and doesn't know NOTHING about SSAF and stuff?
    and the others who didn't have time to play, and wants to come back after this update?
    i bet y'all rich .-.
    again, ship 2 affix stuff is really expensive due to the new class, don't say "you can do affix with ez monies" because we cannot. Grand S on ship 2 was 19m before, now its +70m or so, And even the other ones, like Noble, they're too expensive!

    1. If you can't buy it then don't use it? Extra 10atk 20hp compared to grace isn't gonna help you much aside from e-peen. It's your own fault for not being able to read the market, newbie isn't supposed to use this end game stuff anyway unless they bruteforced it using real money and obviously the game gonna favor people that plays regularly over some one who go on hiatus. Next week we'll be getting another support scratch anyway so the price will be going down a little.

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