Monster Hunter Frontier Z Collaborates with PSO2

After waiting an entire year, the Monster Hunter Frontier Z collaboration with PSO2 has finally been announced! PSO2 content will be included in an update for Monster Hunter Frontier ZZ.


A teaser of the update was revealed through a screenshot of the A.I.S!


That's not all that was announced. More information about the PSO2 x MHFZ collaboration will be revealed during the PSO2 Station Live Stream on July 24th @ 21:00 ~ 23:00 JST.

11 thoughts to “Monster Hunter Frontier Z Collaborates with PSO2”

  1. It's amazing how capcom keeps releasinge PS2-engine monhuns even after their triumpth with World.
    I wish their other products were treated as good.

    1. uh… what. Z is just the most recent major nameplate-altering update of monhun frontier, which has been around since 2007. it's not a new game at all.

    2. At least Frontier supports 4k unlike PS2 version 😀 So it looks better just bcuz of such minor change 😀

    3. I didn't imply it's a bad thing.
      A lot of PS2 games still look quite good in HD and some even 4K.

    4. >Yes? That’s exactly what “releasing PS2-engine monhuns” means.
      what are you on about. there is no new release involved here. it's an MMO, it's making money, it gets updates. they aren't "releasing PS2-engine monhuns", they have a team completely seperate from the main monsterhunter dev teams whose entire job is "make/update this game".

      what, did you expect that they were going to randomly shitcan an online game that's still making them money 11 years later…? capcom does a lot of stupid shit, but monsterhunter is one thing they generally try to keep their brains plugged in for.

    5. Monster Hunter XX (now known as Generations Ultimate) is also still use the PS2 MH engine, but HEAVILY modified. Cut that shit out, seriously. Thats a bad mentality

      MH Frontier is an MMO– just like PSO2, you cant easily give an uplift to the game's engine

    1. I'd like Magyuru Armor 🙂
      And I hope it won't be just outfit/camo collaboration…
      FFXIV Collab added F.A.T.E. feature with Odin and even his own secret area that has unique cave texture design.
      Maybe SEGA adds [WARNING] feature with some badass Wyvern-type boss intruding your battlefield or even EQ [and Partner cards].

      Sometimes [always] I get too many ideas that never get realized in games. T_T

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