PSO2 Station #21 Recap

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Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

July 7th Stream

Sand Park Arkuma Land (July 11th ~ July 25th)

  • Enemies mainly weak to Fire
  • Omega Apprezina will appear!
    • [Appress Grudge Omega] supports S2 and S3
      • Factor: S3:Immediate Profusion
      • Potential is the same as the Old Type
  • 6th Anniversary Exchange Shop Lineup will receive some adjustments.
  • Apostolo Dragon does not appear in this quest.

Mountain Stream Team Room

  • It will be implemented correctly on July 25th

6th Anniversary Revival Scratch

  • Runs from July 17th ~ July 25th
  • Contains popular hairstyles, accessories, and lobby actions

Apprentice Emergency Quest (8 Players)

  • You must protect the particle cannon or you'll fail.
  • In the latter half, when you switch to Luther Form, if you die, you'll automatically revive after some time.
  • You'll have a better shot at getting Phobos series in this quest.

EP5 Side Story [My Hero]

  • Mainly deals with Stratos
  • It's sort of like EP1 Battle Tournament.

Bringer Rifle

  • With the potential, using the weapon action stocks 6 bullets, and the normal attack becomes powerful.

★13 Allure Series

  • Its potential deals with the Apprentice Dark Blast Form.

Lumiere Series

  • They plan to have an upgrade for the Lumiere Series in the future.

OT Austere Upgrade

  • Yes there's going to be a method to upgrade the OT Austere

It could be quite hectic at the beginning of the month to participate in PSO2 day! Can you add extra days for it, like on the 12th or the 22nd?

  • In the future, we plan to give a PSO2 Day equivalent boost on the "22nd" for Premium Set users. However, we have not come to a decision if Arks Rappies will appear.

Will we be able to obtain the [Dia] series outside of Driving Rain?

  • It's going to be a bit further ahead, but we're planning another opportunity to re-obtain them.

Will Dark Empe Rappy and SOROKING D appear outside the story?

  • We have plans to implement Dark Empe Rappy, but SOROKING D is not currently scheduled to appear. It seems, however, this character is pretty popular, so maybe it could come at some point?

What does the "EV" special ability stand for?

  • Evolve

Lostbob's Question:
Are we getting Nyau Suit Mini and Kakwane Suit Mini?

  • Unfortunately, we currently don't have plans for a Kakwane Suit Mini.
  • However, you can expect to see a Nyau Suit Mini down the road.

Late July Adjustments

AC Scratch Adjustments

The following items will no longer be offered in the Regular AC Scratch.

  • Grind Risk Reduction (Complete)
  • Attribute Changers (Each Element)
  • Add Special Ability (PP)

The scope of this adjustment only applies to [REGULAR] AC Scratches.

Items other than [Add Special Ability PP] will continue to be offered in [Support Item Selection] Scratches which are available for a limited time.


The following scratch pull rate will be adjusted.

  • Great Success Grind Rate (100%)
    • From 12% to 1.3%~1.4%

Mag Support Extend Device and Mag Food Device Release Schedule Rotation Changes

  • Food Device [SATK][RATK][TATK][DEX]Mag Support Extend Device


Booster Adjustments

Rare Drop Boosters Purchase Adjustments

  • NEW: Rare Drop +400% (Costs 900 AC) (6 Hours)
  • Rare Drop +300% (Costs 75 SG)
  • Rare Drop +300% (x3) (Costs 200 SG)

October Balance Adjustments

Sacrifice Bite:

  • Sacrifice Bite will remain on the sword upon switching weapons
  • The effect of Sacrifice Bite will be revised.

Sword (Hu)

  • Normal Attack and PA Power Buff

Launcher & Twin Machine Guns

  • You can now cancel with Jump and Dive Roll when using Dive Roll Shoot.


  • Revised the effects of [Element Conversion]. The [Other Element Conversion Rate] will become 45% at Level 5. Along with this, the potential [Eternal Operation Device] and Ability [S4:Refined Providence] will be adjusted.

Bullet Bows

  • Added evasive and movement behaviors to some PAs

Jet Boots

  • Made changes so that the element no longer returns to its original element even if you have 0 Gear when the element was overwritten.

Dual Blades

  • Distract Wing will now be able to turn during the rushing phase.

Customized Disks

  • Can now be sold in My Shop

More to be added…

Jet Boots Behavior Changes



June 23rd Stream

Players can receive prizes by answering the quiz question in regards to the 20th episode of BEATLESS airing next week.

Prize List

  • Female Lacia Voice Ticket (CV: Nao Tōyama)

If you complete the following phrase and say it in chat, you'll receive the above mentioned items. This phrase can only be entered between June 29th @ 26:00 JST ~ July 11th

  • 最後にレイシアがいたのはバスルーム

The answer will be revealed when the 20th Episode of BEATLESS airs next week. You must fill in the X's with the correct Japanese characters.



June 19th Stream

Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase in chat 六周年はアークマ推し to receive:
    • 66 Star Gems as Tickets
    • +100% Tribooster  (x6)
  • You have until June 27th's Maintenance to complete this task.


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Mega Mecha!
  • +200% Enemy Damage (XH)
  • +100% Enemy HP (XH)
  • +80% Elemental and SRT-ATK Resistances
  • King Vardha (XH Only)
  • +250% Rare Drop / + 350% EXP Boost
  • Increased Dark Blast Gauge Rate
  • Added Drops: 13★/14★ Weapons/Conqueror's Crests

June 19th @ 23:00 JST (P5D Concert First)



July Update

  • Tanabata 2018 Event & Lobby (~7/25)
  • Tanabata Bingo (~8/8)
  • Mother & Deus Emergency Quest
  • Fight Mother first, then Deus.
  • Items which can add [S4] S-Class Abilities can drop


July Update

  • AC Scratch: Battle Line Clash
  • Border Break Collaboration Ahead of its PS4 Title Release
  • Shining Star's Cast Parts & All-Race Suit
  • Hati's Outfit and More
  • Weapon Camos, Visual Mat, and Poster too!


July Update

  • Battle Line Clash AC Scratch
  • Black Knight themed Outfits
  • Japanese Style Punk themed Outfits
  • Drunken Fist, Sit 5, Dance 52 Lobby Actions


July Update

  • 6th Anniversary Event Quest Part 2
  • Sand Park Arkuma Land (~7/25)
  • An Enemy Rush Quest where you aim for a High Score
  • Omega Apprezina first appearance in a 12-Player Quest.


July Update

  • 6th Anniversary Event Quest: Sand Park Arkuma Land
  • Omega Apprezina first appearance in a 12 player quest.
  • Omega Apprezina drops the ★14 Weapon:
    • [Appresgrudge Omega] (You can suggest a better name)
  • 6th Anniversary Exchange Shop Update
    • Lobby Action: Yui & Shaku 3
    • Arkumami Accessories
    • And More…


Late July Update

  • Team Room: Mountain Stream Base (You can suggest a better name)
  • Enjoy a beautiful scenery of night and day


Late July Update

  • AC Scratch: Proud Monarch
  • Outfits from EP5's Story Characters
  • Lobby Action: Margareta Pose
  • Lobby Action: Elmir Pose


Late July Update

  • EP5 Gaiden (Side Story): My Hero
  • What happens on the Arks Ship between battles?


Late July Update

  • New 8-Player Emergency Quest:
  • Defeat the queen lurking underground.
  • Advance through the subterranean cavern while escorting the high powered photon particle cannon! Collect sparkling demon stones to heal the particle cannon.
  • As you advance through the stage, the attacks become more intense. Will you be able to protect the cannon until the end?


Late July Update

  • The 2nd half is Apprentice's Complete Form [Omega Falz Apprentice]
  • Battle through the sky utilizing Luther's Dark Blast form.
  • Finish her off at the end as you fight on the ground!


Late July Update

  • Queen's Nightmare Collection File
    • ★13 Allure Weapons (Gunslash, Bow, Takt, Rifle, Twin Daggers)
  • New ★14 Weapons: Phobos Series
  • New ★12 Units: Phobos Series
  • Four other unique ★14 weapons will also appear.
    • Katana, Double Saber, Rifle, Gunslash


PSO2es Season 3 Announced

  • Brand New Characters!
    • Akhtar (Left) (CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa)
    • Khorshid (Right) (CV: Yukana)
    • Lien (Lillipan) (CV; Minami Takahashi)
  • As always you can suggest better names. (They might be Persian)


PSO2es Update

  • BEATLESS Collaboration Chips (6/27 ~ 7/11)
    • Lacia
    • Kouka
    • Snowdrop
    • Mariage
    • Methode


PSO2es Update

  • Nemesis Calibur (7/18)
  • Ares Boots (7/4)


PSO2es Update

  • Vitol Orbit (7/4)
  • Seiga Shield (7/11)
  • Nemesis Chain (7/18)
  • Slave Saber (6/27) (Eternal Tower Ranking)


PSO2es Update

Side Stories

  • Ares Kaiser (7/4)
  • Queen Viera (7/18)

Ares Story Quests

  • Episode 5 (6/27)
  • Episode 6 (6/27)
  • Episode 7 (7/4)
  • Episode 8 (7/4)

Weaponoid Potential

  • Queen Viera (7/25)


PSO2es Update

  • Eternal Tower (Round 7) (6/27 ~ 7/11)
    • Slash Dominacio (Gunslash)
    • Bullet Dominacio (TMG)
    • Card Dominacio (Talis)
  • Crys Draal Emergency Quest (7/12 ~ 7/17)
    • Raete Rozan (Partisan) (XH)
    • Gen Oboroyo Chip (XH)


Famitsu Concert

  • Phantasy Star II Music Performance at the Famitsu Concert
  • SEGA GAMES Music Performances
    • Phantasy Star II [At the End of the Restoration] Medley
    • Shining In the Darkness Medley
  • Date: August 12th, 2018
  • Time: 14:00 & 16:00 JST
  • Tickets: Ranging from 1000 Yen ~ 9800 Yen


A.I.S Plastic Model Black Ver

  • Sales Date: August 2018
  • Price: 6264 Yen


Dollfie Dreams X PSO2 Collaboration

  • Name: Dollfie Dream Matoi
  • Price: 92,000 Yen
  • Pre Sales: Hometown Dolpa Sendai 2 (Doll Event) (Aug 19th)
  • General Sales: Volks Store, Website (September 8th)


Dollfie Dream x PSO2 Collaboration

  • Name: Dress Set Patisserie Apron
  • Price: 13,800 Yen
  • Pre Sales: Hometown Dolpa Sendai 2 (Aug 19th)
  • General Sales: Volks Store, Website (September 8th)


Yet Another Collaboration with Border Break

  • Ahead of the title's PS4 release is a collaboration with PSO2
  • This collaboration will be held in July
  • Hati's Cotumes, Hairstyles, And More!
  • [Shining Star] Cast Parts


ARKS Summer Challenge

  • Celebrating PSO2's 6th Anniversary is a 6 Week Stream Event
  • Schedule:  July 23rd ~ August 30th
  • Time: 20:00 ~ 23:00
  • Mondays: Yui Fujimoto
  • Thursdays: Nasunakanishi
  • Streaming Youtube Live and Periscope


Sonic's Birthday

  • PSO2 will be celebrating Sonic's Birthday!
  • Say ソニック誕生日めでたいぜ in chat after June 23rd.
  • Don't Panic! We will remind you again after June 23rd.
    • Sonic Mask B
    • Sonic Knuckle (Camo)
    • Escape From the City (Music)
    • 27 Star Gems


6th Anniversary Marvelous Presents Campaign

  • PSO2 is holding a Twitter Campaign where you can win real-life prizes such as the Dell G3 15 laptop, a Galleria XT desktop computer, signed character artwork, or even varsity jackets. Unfortunately we won't be participating in the Twitter Campaign. However, running alongside this campaign is a secret phrase that will distribute 6 Triboosters.
  • Say 六周年おめでとう after 6/27's maint to receive 6 Triboosters.
  • Don't Panic! We will remind you again after June 27th.


PSO2 6th Anniversary PlayStation 4 Themes

  • You can receive new PSO2 themes for free for a limited time!
  • Available from July 4th, 2018 through July 4th, 2019 at the PS Store!


PSO2 x Frame Arms & Frame Arms Girl Collaboration

  • Original Plastic Model Series Frame Arms & Frame Arms Girl will be collaborating with PSO2 once again to bring you [Gourai] & [Baselard] Cast Parts and more!
  • The collaboration will be released this Summer!



Cloud Boost Campaign

  • Campaign Period: From June 27th ~ August 29th
  • When you form a party with other players on the [Cloud Shared] blocks, you'll experience a CLOUD PARTY BOOST!!!!
  • This will provide a +50% EXP Boost to All Party Members.


Dark Blast: Apprentice Form

~ A New Power Awakens ~
~ Dark Blast Apprentice Form ~
~ Fight alongside Insects Big and Small ~
~ Spin Your Way To Victory This August ~


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