Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Test Playthrough Video

This  third video shows Multi Party Quest.

Now you can watch an introduction of the features in the Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Test with Arisa Noto and Sakai! Auto Word allows your character to say phrases during specific occurrences like at the start or clear of a mission.

In the third video you can see that joining a multiparty-quest is pretty much the same as joining a party with one extra step. After choosing the quest, and choosing the initial party of twelve players, you can join in any of the four parties that already started. Each party shown in the video has up to 4 players.

PSO2 Mouse Pad distributed at TGS.


Bonkohara Confirms TGS version of PSO2 in Tweet

  • The TGS playable version of PSO2 will be the same as the Alpha Test version with some new components like a specially made quest and some new costumes. If you go you can receive that mouse pad.
  • As for the Alpha Test version of PSO2, they will announce improvement plans in mid September at the PSO2 Players Site.

If you've been following this blog, there were some areas of concern in the Alpha Test regarding  Evasive Actions, Armor/Costume, and Game Pad. We hope some areas are changed or improved here. But from that point onward, we will have to update/change older information as we approach the Closed Beta.

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