Phantasy Star Online 2 Character Creation Process

4gamer wrote an extremely long post about the Character Creation process. I guess the point was to showcase how detailed character creation is. Let's take a look at some parts of the article. The following post only features SOME of the features in the character creation process, there were areas that were not covered by 4gamer.

  • Character Creation Process
    • 1. Choose Race / Sex
    • 2. Class
    • 3. Character Base
    • 4. Face Adjustment
    • 5. Hairstyle and Accessories
    • 6. Body Adjustment

There are basically two editing modes. The first mode is called "かんたん" or simple editing, and "こだわり" for those who want to change the particular details for their character.

  • Simple Face Editing
    • 顔ベースタイプ Base Face Type
    • 顔ブレンドモーフィング Face Blend Morphing
    • 顔パターン選択 Face Pattern Selection
    • 瞳パターン選択 Eye Pattern Selection
    • 顔カラー設定 Face Color Setting
    • まゆ選択 Eyebrow Selection
    • まつげ選択 Eyelashes Selection
    • スキンパターン選択 Skin Pattern Selection
    • メイクパターン選択 Make(Up) Pattern Selection

Face Blending

In Face Blend morphing, by moving around the four points you can change your face's shape.

Based on the screenshots the selections include; Cool クール系, Hotblooded 熱血系 , Rugged ガッチリ系, and Soothing 癒し系 types.


Cool, Soothing, Rugged, Hotblooded.

With the Cool face type, the eyes are more narrower with a more determined expressions. With the Soothing face type, the eyes are open with a more wondrous expression and a smile on their face. The Rugged face type has a wider jaw, and a more determined eyes. The Hotblooded face type shows a more wider and almost psychotic looking eyes and expression.


But that's not all, you can select choices from the drop down menu. You can choose morphing that blends the original types as stated above with an "adult-like" or "child-like" face. In the screenshot below you can see an "adult like, hotblooded type" face. This changed the top portion of the eyes to become more slanted, with a more evil expression.


Of course you don't have to choose any of the 4 extremes, you can blend your face using portions of each style.


Face, Eye, Eyelashes, Skin

Currently there's only one face pattern selection for the alpha test. As for the eyes, you can select the iris size from the list of choices, and you can change the iris color. You can select your eyebrows from the list of eyebrows shown below. In addition you can select your eye lashes.


Eyebrows and Eyelashes!


For a wrinkly face, you can select it from the Skin Pattern area. In the makeup pattern you can select your facial hair, or tattoos. Next we'll go into detailed editing of your face.


Detailed Editing of the Face

Detailed editing mode consists of:

  • Detailed Editing
    • 輪郭の調整 Face Contour Modification
    • 顔パーツ配置の調整 Face Parts Placement Modification
    • 目の調整 Eye Modification
    • 鼻のサイズ調整 Nose size Modification
    • 鼻の高さ調整 Nose Length Modification
    • 耳の調整 Ear Modification
    • 口の調整 Mouth Modification

For your face contours, there are 4 points on the editing screen that you can use to adjust the face. The top and bottom nodes are linked together, while the Right and Left nodes are linked to each other. This allows you to change the length of the face by moving the top and bottom nodes up and down. and the width of the face  is edited by moving the left and right  nodes horizontally.

As for the Left and Right nodes, you can also move them up and down, which changes the curvature line of the chin. (For example, you can have a trapezoidal face by moving the left/right nodes downward while extended them outward. In this case, the wider portion of the face is near the chin.)


The face parts placement modification controls similarly to the face contour editing but it's a bit more limited. It adjust the positioning of facial features. Like for example, if you move the points horizontally, it will control the width spacing of the eyes.


Editing the Eyes

  • Top and Bottom Nodes (1 Axis) (Eye Lengthwise)
  • Left and Right Nodes (2 Axis) (Eye Width and Angle)

PSO2 allows you to place multiple panels on the screen at the same time. So in essence you can adjust various features while you are working on a particular area.


Editing the nose

Editing the nose is divided into two areas.

  • Nose Size Editing
    • Top/Bottom Nodes (1 Axis) Nose Length [Front View]
    • Left/Right Nodes (2 Axis) Nose width and shape. [Front View]
  • Nose Length
    • Top/Bottom Nodes (1 Axis) Tip of the Nose size [Side View]
    • Left and Right Nodes (2 Axis) The nose length and circumference  [Side View]

It's kind of hard to describe it but you should just look at the pictures below.


Nose Size Editing


Nose Length Editing


Mouth Editing

  • Mouth Editing
    • Top and Bottom Nodes: (1 Axis) Lip Thickness
    • Left and Right Nodes: (2 Axis) Lip Width Thickness, and raising/lowering the mouth corners



Ear Editing

4gamer chose to skip editing the Human ears because you can see a more pronounced effect when you edit the Newman Ears.

You can change the size and the angle of the ears.



Currently in the alpha test, the bangs are pretty thick and can cover your eyebrows. (Some facial/eye adjustment may be necessary if  you want to see them but you can of course change the hairstyle)



Body Editing

Your body has two editing modes as well. But first let's take a look at the simple editing mode.


Thin, Glamor, Chubby, and Narrow Shoulders


You have four areas to morph around in the menu. Chubby ぽっちゃり, Glamour グラマー, Thin 細め , Narrow Shoulders 肩幅狭め. You can make each part emphasize on the upper portion of the body 上半身強調 or the lower portion 下半身強調 of the body.


The right and lowest area were changed to
細め下半身強調 and 肩幅狭めで下半身強調


Body [Detailed Mode]

Editing the body in detailed mode has the following sub-items:

  • Body Modification 体型の調整
  • Bust Modification バストの調整
  • Arm Modification 腕の調整
  • Leg Modification 脚の調整

For Body editing, the top and bottom nodes control the height, and left and right nodes control the width, in addition you can change the amount of weight that goes towards the upper or lower portions of the body.


Bust Editing

The top and bottom nodes controls the basic shape of the breasts. The left and right nodes control how far out the breasts go and the angle. PSO2 gives you a lot of flexibility in controlling the breast size. You can create enormous breasts or flat breasts with ease.

When you enlarge the breasts and increase the angle, you could even create those impossible rocket like breasts if you wanted.


Arm and Leg Editing

You can set the dimensions of your arm and leg. But 4gamer said that when you place weight on the upper portion of the arm, it looks like the sleeve area is swollen. As for the legs you change the physical balance of the upper and lower thigh.

You can have an anime like look if you increase the length of your lower thigh, which 4gamer seems to be OK with.



Deal and Rose Body Types

As for Casts, their settings aren't as detailed as the humans. Casts will instead choose parts for their body, choices for Caseals include the "Rose" and "Deal" type parts. 4gamer weren't too happy about this limitation but this is the alpha test after all. You can select the size of each part from Super Small (SS)  to Extra Large (LL). But they enjoyed using the paint function. This allowed them to change the main color and 3 sub colors.

You can use the full color picker to change the colors of your parts, including a color saturation slider which is depicted as a horizontal bar.


*Just to note, the screenshots show you can customize the colors of more areas, so please don't think these are the only areas you can customize throughout this summary of 4gamer's report.

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