Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis – Q&A Tidbits

Since the announcement of PSO2:NGS on July 24th, fans have been wondering the specifics of how PSO2 and NGS will work together. Sega on their NA and JP Site has released a Q&A answering a lot of the questions that we've had and more.

PSO2 and NGS will be a single game, this means the same exact graphics engine will be used for both. The minimum specs will change for PSO2 due to this. Moving between each game will be similar to the Block movement feature, allowing you to swap between Worlds easily.


In terms of Fashion, since it's a single game all of your fashion will stay with you. Even Weapon Camos will be usable in NGS.

However, there are a few restrictions regarding fashion from PSO2 and NGS. A major one being Layered Wear and CAST Parts (excluding Head Parts) from NGS you cannot mix and match with PSO2's.

Shared AC/SG Features

Due to being within a single game, alot of features obtained through AC/SG will be shared. However, there are some Features that will not be shared.

Shared Features

  • Premium
  • Character Creation Permit
  • Material Storage
  • Extended Storage
  • My Shop
  • Character Storage Expansion
  • Subpalette Expansion

PSO2-Exclusive Features

  • Item Pack Expansion
  • Additional Skill Trees
  • Order Limit Expansion
  • My Room
  • Mags
  • Support Partners

Friends, Teams, and Groups

The Friendlist, Blacklist, Teams, and Group Chats will stay intact. You'll even be able to use Whisper, Team Chat and Group Chat to communicate with others between PSO2 and NGS. 

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