PSO2 JP: The Primordial Darkness

Update: September 2nd, 2020


Primordial Glare from The Void

The [Primordial Darkness] is attempting to resurrect itself in order to absorb all the the photons across the universe. The ARKS are tasked to head between space and time to eradicate [Primordial Darkness] Gomorroth and Sodam in an epic new emergency quest.


The colossal primordial Gomorroth will attack the platforms to destroy them. Any Arks on the platform during the attack will be rendered unable to fight. Aim for the eyes to take down this foe.

Once Gomorroth is weakened, Sodam will take over the battle. Sodam has the power to change the environment at will. Avoid the obstacles and disperse the darkness to save the universe!

Drops To Lookout For

Defeat the colossal threat to receive drops such as the ★15 [Ayer] Weapons, ★15 [Puras] Weapons, ★14 [Nike] Weapons, ★13 [Cras] Units. In addition, an assortment of Super Parfait and the [S7: Descried Warrior] S-Class Ability Capsule will drop.


★15 [Darkbanisher Ayer] Weapon Series

While the ★15 [Ayer] weapons can drop from the Emergency Quest, players will also be able to trade in [Primordial Darkstone Deimos] and other materials at Zieg for this special weapon.

Materials Needed

  • Primordial Darkstone Deimos (x20)
  • Emerard (x50)
  • Plam Material (x100)
  • Excube (x200)
  • Luminmech Emer Fragment (x200)
  • Ultimate Booster (x30)

★15 [Lightweaver Cras] Weapon Series

The ★15 [Cras] weapons are upgrades to the [Ayer] Weapons. Combine [Darkbanisher Ayer], a Divine Eyestone Graeae, and even more materials to create a [Lightweaver Cras]. The Divine Eyestone Graeae can be obtained from a title after defeating the [Primordial Darkness] a certain amount of times.

Materials Needed for Cras

  • Corresponding Darkbanisher Ayer +35
  • Primordial Darkstone Deimos (x150)
  • Divine Eyestone Graeae
  • Luminmech Grainne Crystal (x4)
  • Diard (x50)
  • Corresponding Class Cube (x300)


Episode 6 Epilogue

Listen to the feelings of the story characters after the long battle.


Arks Last Stand (AC Scratch)

Matoi, Hitsugi, and Harriet's costumes from the final battle will be available in this AC Scratch. Additionally, a new eastern-style basewear is up for grabs!



Oracle Moonlight Collection (AC Scratch) [September 9th]

Fall is right around the corner! Kicking it off is a revival scratch of shrine maiden, bunny girl, and autumn themed accessories, lobby actions, camos, and more!


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