PSO2 JP: The Primordial Darkness

Update: September 2nd, 2020


Primordial Glare from The Void

The [Primordial Darkness] is attempting to resurrect itself in order to absorb all the the photons across the universe. The ARKS are tasked to head between space and time to eradicate [Primordial Darkness] Gomorroth and Sodam in an epic new emergency quest.


The colossal primordial Gomorroth will attack the platforms to destroy them. Any Arks on the platform during the attack will be rendered unable to fight. Aim for the eyes to take down this foe.

Once Gomorroth is weakened, Sodam will take over the battle. Sodam has the power to change the environment at will. Avoid the obstacles and disperse the darkness to save the universe!

Drops To Lookout For

Defeat the colossal threat to receive drops such as the ★15 [Ayer] Weapons, ★15 [Puras] Weapons, ★14 [Nike] Weapons, ★13 [Cras] Units. In addition, an assortment of Super Parfait and the [S7: Descried Warrior] S-Class Ability Capsule will drop.


★15 [Darkbanisher Ayer] Weapon Series

While the ★15 [Ayer] weapons can drop from the Emergency Quest, players will also be able to trade in [Primordial Darkstone Deimos] and other materials at Zieg for this special weapon.

Materials Needed

  • Primordial Darkstone Deimos (x20)
  • Emerard (x50)
  • Plam Material (x100)
  • Excube (x200)
  • Luminmech Emer Fragment (x200)
  • Ultimate Booster (x30)

★15 [Lightweaver Cras] Weapon Series

The ★15 [Cras] weapons are upgrades to the [Ayer] Weapons. Combine [Darkbanisher Ayer], a Divine Eyestone Graeae, and even more materials to create a [Lightweaver Cras]. The Divine Eyestone Graeae can be obtained from a title after defeating the [Primordial Darkness] a certain amount of times.

Materials Needed for Cras

  • Corresponding Darkbanisher Ayer +35
  • Primordial Darkstone Deimos (x150)
  • Divine Eyestone Graeae
  • Luminmech Grainne Crystal (x4)
  • Diard (x50)
  • Corresponding Class Cube (x300)


Episode 6 Epilogue

Listen to the feelings of the story characters after the long battle.


Arks Last Stand (AC Scratch)

Matoi, Hitsugi, and Harriet's costumes from the final battle will be available in this AC Scratch. Additionally, a new eastern-style basewear is up for grabs!



Oracle Moonlight Collection (AC Scratch) [September 9th]

Fall is right around the corner! Kicking it off is a revival scratch of shrine maiden, bunny girl, and autumn themed accessories, lobby actions, camos, and more!


48 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: The Primordial Darkness”

    1. I'm pretty sure it will be the same thing as with Lightstream, it may not drop from the actual EQ but from a 4 player trigger quest

  1. Honestly, I kind of wish sega gave us the final lvl cap of 100 and perhaps a new difficulty(?) for lvl 100 classes before NGS drops by

    1. Pls no. It almost killed my soul leveling every class to 95, and there is still Edgeslash class around the corner.

    2. Leveling to 95 isn't hard today considering you can, at least, have 3 Gold Keys per week (7 max with 3 charcters).

      If you have spare inventory to keep silver keys and let them rot, you can end up with ~90 silver keys per month, which can be recycled to 18 Gold Keys, excluding weekly gold keys that you might use in between because they expire. Combine that with PSO2 day, EXP 100, Triboost 150, EX Triboost/EXP 100 , Valentine/White-Day/Nasu Donut, and Tree Boost (Toss in PSO2 Donut if you want to see 4M+ exp per Gold Key Izane), you can jump from 75 to 95 quick. (Considering you EXP-ticket your character from 1 to 75, but starting to key at 60 can also do).

      The run should take you about 60-90 mins, depending on how fast you clear the Tokyo Gold.

      If you're speaking on NA server, however…

    3. @perseonn wait you can recycle expired keys?? I thought I tried it, I remember that it doesn't work for me.

    4. What, now way, now a days a full run of seasonal EQs can lvl you up once and in some cases even twice if you use the right boosts, besides we got a bunch of those "EX" boosters from the web panels, 150 "Tri"s 100 "EXP"s from the login campaigns and so on, it shouldn't be that difficult, unless you spent them already that's that's a different story

    5. @ALOE You cannot recycle Tokyo Gold Keys that haven't expired or that are about to expire, otherwise all other keys can be recycled although I'm not sure about Tokyo Rainbow, but why would anyone even want to recycle them unless expired

    6. @Aloe

      Yes, as BlazeKidz saida bove, you can recycle expired keys to Tokyo Gold Keys. Gold Keys can only be recycle once expired, but Silver Keys can be recycled regardless of expiration date.

      Rainbow Keys is an unknown issue, since I never let one expire (and why would you (◯Δ◯∥) )

  2. 15star Puras weapons drop? Now we're talking second best version is still better when switching between them for a change for fire damage, ice damage, etc. 300 SATK is not worth the effort farming divide quest for years lol

    1. "Cras" sounds similar to "Crass" which means stupid, and not "stupid good", but "stupid stupid".

      Imagine entire weapon set named "Stupid Blade", "Stupid Spear", etc.

    2. I mean game also has a weapon called "Illegal Negro", that one always gets a puerile giggle out of me…

  3. it didn't sound as pretty as I had hoped but the words ayer and cras are real and have related meanings so I can no longer convince myself the romanized name is something else

  4. The Ayer weapon is too easy to get for 35+ nowadays, like we got tons cap grind +1 from rainbow key right? Or buy cap +1 cheap from shop, buy plam material from shop and just need 20 darkstone from eq to get it. We're done divide quest so many times got lots lumitech frag and ultimate booster, or get free from event or titles

    Although the name Ayer and Cras has meaning "yesterday" and "tomorrow", these two name kinda lame tbh, any better name that has same meaning of "yesterday" an "tomorrow"?

    1. Tons of grind cap+1? I got only ONE and it wouldn't cost like 9-10mil if players would get a ton of it…

    2. the only better names I can think of is "Past" and "Future," but in the end it would still be the same thing, wouldn't you think? "Past of Yesterday"/"Future of Tomorrow"

    3. The previous endgame weapon lightstream, celestial and profound's weapon describes the "past, present and future". Profound for past, celestial for present and lightstream for future.

      I think new dark weapon describes something wandering the past with despair, while light weapon describes something move towards the future with determination

      To ME: I got 3 grind cap +1 total from 6 run rainbow key with full rdr boost with 450%, its possible get it, and it's 8m for ship 2. Neo pso2 won't carry over meseta, its about time to spend something beside fashion and lobby action

    4. "its about time to spend something beside fashion and lobby action".

      I guess you never affixed before? Let me tell you how that can magically erase a couple billions of Meseta in mere seconds. You should try it.

    5. To GOHAN: 2 "3 words", "ability affix transfer" and "affix event boost"
      Not everyone doing affix everyday, do you? Everyone prefer wait few months for +10% +15% boost to do it. Everyone can do collect 40 transfer pass per month, transfer old to new gear with 6 slots affix barely need 25 pass, 7 for 50 pass.

      And by the way, something rumors that light weapon is support 5 ssa, only need 3 most powerful affix to do, this easier than affix liberate weapon. Just do 100 pass transfer exceed energy and divine order with grace or grand item for 8 slot affix with 5 ssa

    6. I can see your point, it depends how many classes you play. I tend to play all classes and try to maintain high weapons and units for all of them. (22 Weapons and 4 sets of units.) Sadly my OCD makes me 8 slot every weapon and unit I use. (All my units and weapons have between 250-300 ATK affixed on them) Ability transfer sadly isn't an option to cover everything, too few passes to transfer all of my 8slot weapons and units. So I need to spend quite a lot of Meseta on affixing from time to time to optimize min-maxing on all classes aside from already using Ability Transfer. A couple billions Meseta per year is the average amount I spend on affixing. Of course how I play the game is most likely far to divergent from the average.

    1. Back in the day almost everyone was a little more social like today. Not because of corona, it happened before this shit. There were so much japanese guys out there who were cappable to even write something – not only "Thanks for party" or something. My recent experience was even worse man. It seems everyone is abusing others to get the most experience or social ah what do you call it in english? you know what I mean I hope. F*ck this. If THIS COMMUNITY ever get's over to New Genesis I'm definitely out. Go feel yourself pleased would you?

    2. I never bothered to thanks anyone for party over 6 years.
      If you want to socialize go to discord or something.
      This game is about killing space bugs, not talking to randos.

    3. Si you say the purpose of a MMORPG is to kill some random bugs but not to socialize? What the fuck man?

    4. In other words every I can have every trash on the market with best end product but it's worth like trash especially in this game? I can have the best affixes in offense or defense (in my case) but it's nothing ever appreciate because they hate me because I have better affixes they cant accept? … so hatred is the better way to get recognized?

    5. True, compared to old days lot of player are still friendly, and now theres bunch of rude peeps everywhere and this peeps always think they are better than anyone and love to get praise.

    6. Maybe. I forgot alot since I writed this. But I think I mostly talked to myself thinking beforehand someone would reply and thus I replied to myself. Yeah I think this was the case

    7. PSO2 is not an MMO. Massively Multiplayer means hundreds or thousands can play in the same zone server – or more traditionally, a persistent world.

      PSO2 is like the old days, limited to 12 players lol

  5. I watch the video over and over again. I don't see Nike weapons mentioned in the video. What the hell is that?? Was it only mentioned in the livestream?

    1. It was mentioned in the Dengeki Article along with the mention of the S7 and Puras dropping.

  6. Games are for having fun, no matter how you do, some ppl have fun talking, some people killing enemies… theres people for everything everywhere

  7. Is it worth to grind such weapon with 300 atk difference.. and shyyyitt that primodial boss look alike relinquished

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